So the new cool yuppie thing to say when referring to a hair gel, wax or mousse is “product”. The last time I went out to a nightspot without pomade product in my hair was February 18. On that night me, Eugenius, and Insomnia had a pretty good time, even though the minor cold I had turned into respiratory hell a few days after. Here is the best picture of them that I could find from that night:

I lost Insomnia and after ten minutes I find him by the bar. I tried to get his attention by looking at him but I don’t think he sees me yet.

Finally he sees me and I get excited:

Maybe a little too… excited. Alcohol does that.

5 thoughts on “PRODUCT

  1. Dre

    Nice to be back in the hip and cool city that is DC. I’m gonna go product-free I think soon. As you get older you go for more au naturale, or maybe it’s because I have a girlfriend.

    You sure are lacking product in those pics Ringo.

  2. Liz

    Referring to it as “product” isn’t new I thought. I thought that was a metrosexual thing… thank the good Lord that that trend is dead.

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