It has already been 3 months. Since her appearance on March 12, Sally has made 16 posts that have received over 500 comments. Of course I’ve taught her everything I know, but she already came in as someone who completely gets it. In other words, she is awesome.

I am pleased to announce her promotion from Intern to Contributor. The change has been noted in the About page.

Her rise to contributor status means it’s time to hire another intern.


-Cute. At least a 6/10. Not fat.
-Local. Able to hang every now and then at happy hours.

You will interact a lot with Sally, who will teach you how to be a DC superstar. If you are interested, email me. If things check out, we will all have a meet-and-greet at a venue of Sally’s choosing.

16 thoughts on “PROMOTION OF SALLY

  1. Raincouver

    I hope they have a good benefits package. Maybe a free “Pump and Dump” t-shirt?

    Can’t give out Chipotle coupons – VK’s got that covered.

  2. Sizzle Lean

    Congrats Sally for pissing off KAC so much that she has to dedicate yet another article in your honor. Thank god you’re a helluva lot prettier and sassier. Sadly, KAC opens her legs to open her doors – like hospital virus.

    Anyway, it’s unfortunate that KAC has to crack on your income- when really she’s just jealous of your age. Where was she when she was 23? A college drop out from W.Va Univ. sniffing old men to get ahead.

    Rock on Sally.

  3. Jinxy

    This is too funny. Like a team of retarded kids playing with a rock….

    From KAC’s comment section:

    Big Head Rob said…
    I hear Sassy Sally is going to train DCB’s new intern. Is that kind of like the blind leading the blind? (No offense to blind people who may be reading this.)

    June 20, 2006

    Anonymous said…
    Hee. It’s funny how the “DCB contributor” who gets routinely mocked on DCB’s own comment board thinks she can play in the big leagues with KAC–who’s been on the radio, in the news, on tons of blogs, and DC Style.

    Team Kelly

    June 20, 2006

    Anonymous said…
    KA C and edit dude Rock!

    June 20, 2006

    Anonymous said…
    KA C and edit dude Rock!

    June 20, 2006

    The Senator said…
    From over here, that was an Ivy League thrashing.

    June 20, 2006

  4. Anonymous

    honest question:

    Can someone give an OBJECTIVE description of KAC and why all of this is going down? A background of KAC would also help (age, studied, why she is important, etc.).

    Not all of us live in the DC area, and us outsiders are curious.

  5. Anonymous

    Forget where Kelly Ann was back when she was 23 how about last year. Evicted from her apartment, no job, shacking up and mooching money from her boyfriend. What a hypocrite, but do we expect any less?

  6. claire

    Congrats, Sally! Now, to be fair, KAC didn’t actually write the article about Sally, it was Ed Dude. (Not that I don’t realize that she probably appreciates it…)

  7. Mai

    RE: The Hi Mai. My husband enjoys DCB’s site and someone told me someone mentioned my name. Hi Adam or KAC- um..that wasn’t me. Sadly, at age 31– I really don’t have time to party hard at clubs or get drunk in public (so late 20s) bc I have my hands full with being a mom and working.
    Sorry to dissappoint, but it wasn’t me who gave the run down on KAC.

    Oops, the meaning in my life is calling aka as a baby, a family and you know..that thing you call a meaningful life.

    Party on though.


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