The DCist people have struck back. Because they are not allowed to talk about me on DCist for fear of being fired, they are using Big Head Rob to voice their dissatisfaction to my recent comments.

?I?d say that?s indicative of trouble in his own house,? said Jason Linkins, aka the DCeiver, who writes about sports at DCist. ?When he decided to launch his own one-third assed version of Screenhead under the authorship of his cat, my reaction was: ?Oh. He?s over.??

The only trouble I have in my house is a moth problem. Even though it was well-received, it’s safe to say that Furball’s blog will not be going on my resume. Since I’m not a corporate entity hungry for eyeballs, a “failure” on my end still allows me to sleep at night.

The editor, whose firing I called for, was a little bit more feisty.

Cripes, Rob, who the heck is D.C. Bachelor? I think I may recall having heard of his site once or twice before, but after looking it over just now, it?s by no means clear to me why I should take anything he says seriously ? by all evidence he appears to be a self-proclaimed misogynist and all-around disgusting creep.

Has she been talking to my ex’s?

I mean he is selling a T-shirt that says ?I Pump and I Dump? on his site, and in his ?Hall of Fame? posts includes something called ?Girls Lack Conversation Skills.? Ick. Enough said. It seems obvious we are not catering to readers like him, so I?m not surprised he doesn?t like our site. I couldn?t care less.

With that kind of bitter attitude, it’s just a matter of time until she writes in to FDDC asking, “Why can’t I meet a man???” We get them all the time. I would like to extend an invitation to her for the Lovers Happy Hour; it’s much more fun to call me a disgusting creep in person than on the internet. I know girls who have done it and they tell me how great it made them feel.

I think in their haste to attack me, they forgot to address any of the points I brought up explaining their slow death. I’m sure they will get to it soon — after the next classical music agenda installment.

21 thoughts on “PROXY HATING

  1. Murdoc

    DCist is a bunch of hack wankers who have never been popular.

    That ugly bird also said something about your happy hour… don’t they do events, too?

    Interesting, that, eh, mate?

  2. Isabel

    I think you should work out less and start smoking camel filters. Still loving your long ago post about mediocre women wanting hot men. Call me sometime.
    French Women Don’t Get Fat!

  3. p

    excellent work dcb….DCist are obviously a bunch of pushover fairy-knockers, and its a waste of valuable ATP energy to consider anything else to say. biiitches…….

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  5. The Senator

    I invited you to basically do the same thing last May, but you didn\’t.

    Now you invite the DCist folks to do what you couldn\’t?

    Why do you think that is?

  6. Oface

    No Mark Foley…..Its a good site and it helps me keep up on current events even though they didn’t do jack shit to report it. I do wish they would hire more people with diverse backgrounds because theirs more to DC than gawddam classical music and Fenty/Williams………….. But if your a wasp and blue blooded…Dcist is definitely for you…

    P.S.–wtf happened to Miamist?????????????? Whats that story…

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