Dear female readers,

Some of you need to get a grip. I’ve had conversations related to the post below with women (normal, attractive, confident women) who agree with me.

We agree that:

1. Both men and women physically peak in their early 20’s, and that looks for both sexes fade with age.

2. Women get judged more harshly on looks than men (evolution).

3. Some women do the clubbing thing into their 30’s and cry about how they can’t find a decent man when the have passed their prime.

This isn’t even opinion… it’s right there on the surface. For some reason you continue to think that we hold you to the same standard that you hold us. Unlike you, we don’t care about “ambition”, career, wine tasting ability, luxury fashion sense, or anything else that comes with old age. Every warm-blooded male will absolutely break his neck for the hot 18 year old co-ed in the grocery store, no matter how much of a stereotypical gentleman he seems to be.

With love,


P.S. I don’t care if you find certain posts funny or not. I will write about whatever the fuck I want to write about.


  1. jk87

    How great when a loser to imitates one of the most annoying (and least original) people in a commercial (the Tony Sinclair commericals that rank JUST aboe Baby Bob in people EVERYONE hates) talks bad about someone.

    We all know what yopu life must be like to sit at home, watching TV all day, and getting a raging hard on when those annoying commercials come on.

  2. stunned

    let’s be honest here, that post was not very favorable to older women, but to attack younger women with so much venom to me suggests that it hit a bit close to home. why would you attack younger women as a group because someone posted something about their level of attraction? so ridiculous…

  3. dede

    Everyone will get to the OLD AGE!! Some people will still look Hot at 30 and some will look terrible……Some 18 year olds will be “overused” by the time 22 hits! We all eventually just look for whatever we want in a person. Young or old. If people want to go clubing at 30 “more power to them”. If you don’t like it find a new club. Or the other way around. Everyone looks for the kind of person they want….or do we walk aroung saying excuse me how old are you….how many people have you slept with….Get real nobody does that in the beginning. You can be Hot at any age if you take care of yourself. Thank God it’s a free country so you can still go clubing too!! You don’t have to hide cause you are over 30…..

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