The Senator has retaliated. He has decided to counter yesterday’s embarrassing revelation by modifying his personal ad with a photo of… me and him in embrace. I’m glad you people get to see one of his great comebacks in action.

Adam: I see your posting of my picture on, and raise you some front-page exposure on a Spanish radio station web site. Have a look.

Here’s a screenshot.

Suddenly relevant: Cleveland Park Gay Men’s Club


  1. smash

    I like how he changed the profile to be a lame, unsuccessful attempt to make fun of you.

    “DCBdoesn’t have to make too much money. (He says he “lives with roommates,” but that really means he lives with his mom.)”

    You can practically hear the tears dripping off his chin as he struggles through the pain of embarrassment, desperately trying to be funny to get revenge.

  2. The Florist

    The stars have aligned. It is an omen that the spanish station tried to use your bandwidth earlier this week. Someone find the Senator’s myspace account.

  3. Adam

    DCB, You have actually received winks and this email below:

    Hello, i am just some days old on as i was
    broswing thru the web site …i came aross
    your profile which says all the qualities and manner
    of a responsible man.i stop and go thru it once again
    coz this is wht have been looking for since the
    breaking up btween me and my Ex boyfriend..i dont
    really have much time doing with men coz they like
    hurting some one feeling..and which i will never let
    it to come my way again till the end of the
    type of some one who is always busy all thru but since
    i have come to reliase that i need some one who can
    help me in carring my shoulder also..before we can go
    into any more discussion and emailing each other..i
    will like to hear from u if only u are intrested..coz
    of the limted time i have on i dont want to
    keep my profile for so long.i will suggest that you
    email me to my direct email Address{sorry, DCB, I know you think she sounds hot}, ok after that we can start a
    conversation on how we can get one another contacted
    if there is any delay in replying ur email u will have
    to relax coz am having some problem with my store.i am
    a lady with simple tastes.i am looking for a man who
    wants to be pampered and loved. i have a nice smile
    and a pretty good am emotionally stable, honest,and
    loyal-no time for games. I am a very motivated
    individual with long term goals.I’m a great listener
    and value that in another person. I’m a warm-hearted.
    I would just try looking on the internet. I am kind
    and generous and try to get to know a person, who they
    really are, so that I can relate honestly to that
    person. I have a lot to give the right person and
    think that it is a rare gift tofind a person who
    really loves and appreciates the person you u
    have my email, mail me if u are intrested my email is
    up above ..may be u will be match when am back home
    ..coz am out of state right now, hope to hear from u soon.

  4. Audrey2025

    However much I dislike some of your posts, I will always come back to admire your extreme dedication to hating. I have to say, DCB, it’s a talent. The way you bitched the Senator on the Internet a few months ago literally kept me entertained at work for days. Pass the popcorn. This is too funny. My only wish for you is that you gain more enemies.

  5. Vicky_Valencourt

    Ah…this *almost* makes me miss the CPMC. It’s so funny that they had to shut down their site after DCB played them like that, but don’t you just wish you could read one more Adam rant written in Yoda-ese? “Foolish this is. Throwing bananas they are. Cool are Swami picks. Classy my inverted writing is. Call my mother and cry now will I.”

  6. The Captain

    You know, I really never thought The Senator was that bad of a guy, though he really does seem to have pissed a lot of people off. I really don’t think the entire CPMC should be indicted though. The Chef certainly wasn’t a bad guy, and MPL was a good person.

    The one thing that I remember really being annoying was the way he tried to solicit dates for his buddies, but that’s not really so awful. This whole thing seems unnecessary, but I also don’t know the entire story, I’ll make that admission and leave the comment at that.

  7. Anonymous

    The problem with the CPMC can be boiled down to two things – letting the two dumbest and most annoying members continually post on their blog. Whatever distaste people have for the CPMC is directly attributable to Capo and The Senator. Hopefully the Senator will learn from this most recent round of public bitch slapping and finally just go away. To the best of my knowledge, Capo has already crawled back into whatever hole he crawled out of.

  8. The BLS

    Wow. Can I get some of Audrey2025’s popcorn? This really is too entertaining… the CMPC/DC Bachelor feud is turning into one of my guilty pleasures, like America’s Next Top Model.

    Does Adam really think that his lame-ass attempts to make DCB look stupid are going to help his cause? I guess I’ll just have to tune in tomorrow… 🙂

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