9 Tips for Dating a Woman? Or how about 9 Ways To Show you just want sex? DC Bachelor, it appears you aren?t ready to date

Dear mid-twenty-something woman,

It appears you don’t know what dating is really about. It’s an activity that you play to make it seem like you aren’t a loner. In “dating”, you put on that constant show, self-conscious of every move to make sure you are “playing the game” right. It’s fake. I’m sure you don’t forget to update your friends with every development of the new guy you met at the club last week. You never know, this guy could be the one to end the cycle of weekend nights getting drunk, destroying your body.

Dating is like riding a bike. You learn it, get hurt early often, and then get decent enough at it that you are able to go through the motions to enjoy the ride. Every now and then you take a risk by jumping a ramp or trying a wheelie, but you grow out of it eventually. Are you that 19 year old kid smoking a cigarette while riding that little bike around the neighborhood? Dating should not be taken seriously, and you are not special if you date often.

“But wait, if you don’t like to do the dating thing, you’re going to be alone forever!!!”

Americans are not very creative: there are other ways of getting close to someone without going to restaurants and bars. Until you figure it out, I will be coming up with dating observations. And you will keep reading them because they are painfully true.

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