I’ve always hated shaving, one of many things I’ve done on auto-pilot for no particular conscious reason other than it’s something I’m supposed to do. Why do most men perform a daily act that is so anti-skin and anti-man? There are two reasons:

1. Men shave to appear presentable to their boss or manager. A scruffy appearance doesn’t match well with Dockers khakis and a button-down.

2. Men shave to satisfy women. I’ve gotten many complaints from women that my manly stubble irritates their chin, so there was actually a time period where I cared and would shave for them before hot date nights. Obviously this was before I became a real man.

From these two points you may agree that men shave for others. But if you consider that the main purpose of work for men is to earn enough wealth and material possessions to impress or provide for a woman, only one conclusion remains: men shave for women.

Take a look at the 1970’s when hippie culture was strong in this country. Did men shave? For the answer just ask your dad for pictures of when he was in his twenties. Chances are the manly essence that is facial hair flows from his face without restraint. Many men didn’t even cut their hair during this period. It was not until the feminist movement gained strength did men start to go from freely displaying their hair to being almost embarrassed of it.

If you want to study cultures where women are treated poorly and men dominate society, the Middle East is probably a good place to start. There, women are forced to cover their entire bodies with cloth and are subjected to various inhumane punishments. Turn on the television to a report about Saudi Arabia and you will see one thing in common with most of the men: unshaven facial hair. I don’t suggest we treat women poorly, but this example shows that men who care little about what a woman thinks will never shave. There is no need to.

I haven’t met a man who liked to shave, for as a gender we’re not born with the urge to get rid of our body hair. We do it because society tells us that an unshaven face is not acceptable. The line between what is masculine and feminine is becoming so blurry that solely feminine acts only a decade ago, such as eyebrow plucking, are now practiced by both genders. I wish for the day when I can go to the beach with my little brothers and we can all be proud of our full hair coverage, while making fun of the American men who not only bring a razor to their face, but to their body as well.

53 thoughts on “REAL MEN DON’T SHAVE

  1. RCR

    True enough. I don’t like to shave, but I don’t like a full beard either – too hot and itchy. If it didn’t matter for my job, I would shave once every 5-7 days.

  2. LaLa

    Preach on, preacher! So glad you pointed this out. So let me just say to all the Ladies: here is our permission slip to not shave as well!


  3. CatCiao

    same goes for ass wiping, deodorant, cologne, brushing one’s teeth and hair, clipping toe nails, etc. etc. This is a slippery slope you are treading on!

  4. Anonymous

    i used to hate to shave, then i started shaving while in the shower w/a fogless mirror, and it is a thousand times better.

  5. krizzo

    facial hair gets dirty and you feel like a grub. ever get food crumbs and shit like that in yours? its gross.

    personally as a college student, i don’t like shaving every day. i only do that when i go work in an office over the summers. but i will shave every 2-4 days so that my facial hair is not long enough to attract stuff like food crumbs, bacteria, oils, and other shit.

    as for body hair, that is out of the question. i will not shave it. women like me unshaven because it is part of my character and attitude of not giving a shit. the one exception is my pubic hair. i shave that for women. i don’t think its to impress them, but more so to get my johnson a little more play than if it was unshaved.

  6. inSOMnia

    In the middle east and primarily in Islam the growth of a beard is somehow getting distorted with dedication of religion.

  7. LaLa

    Damn straight. And you know if we didn’t shave/wax/pluck/beautify, DCB would be the first to insult our appearance and link our lack of grooming to money, intelligence, desireability, etc.

  8. Chase

    DC Cookie and LaLa are right on! Women don’t like to shave/wax/pluck either. We do it for men.
    So, if we have to shave…then so should men.
    Although I don’t like it when guys shave all of their body hair…that’s a bit much. As far as the pubic hair thing…I think guys should keep it trim down there too. I mean, if we women have to control the bush…so should men.

  9. Anonymous

    First of all, most men did shave in the sixties. Only a small portion of the population during that time were “hippies,” and even they shaved, for the most part. It was not a generation of mountain men.

    As for the Middle East. They may grow mustaches or beards, but look under the robes. I have it on the word of three Iranian woman that I know that many men wax their bodies as part of their religious beliefs tied into cleanliness. Yes. Many men wax not only their pubic area, but also their butts. They deem it more sanitary. Threading as a hair removal process is taught quite young in the Middle East and other Islamic cultures, to young girls so they become proficient in hair removal.

    And ladies? If you want a total wax job and don’t want to settle for the Brazilian airstrip, seek out a shop that has women from the Middle East. They will take it ALL off for you…and then ask you if you have an Arab boyfriend, since they know this is what the men prefer.

  10. Anonymous

    some good points
    but the american shaving tradition at least affects both genders. I dont know about you but I wouldn’t want to go to a beech were every girl looks like she has a llama in a headlock

  11. nabeel

    im not crazy about shaving because of all those nicks and cuts that come with the territory… but i really dislike having a beard because it itches like crazy and is too scratchy on my facial skin.

  12. Heh

    “you pluck a chicken and TWEEZE your eyebrows!

    Comment by anonymous on 09/10/05.”

    Go ahead and check your dictionary there, Sport.

  13. Aja

    Trimmed privates on a guy is ridiculously hot. Beards are good when maintained, same principal as women and their privates. Does a Brazilian wax hurt?

  14. Anonymous

    … yeah im going to have to agree with the guy who posted this on that one… i am hairy and i am proud… i pity the man who shaves his masculinity just to get a girl. Besides… my girlfriend loves my hair… ALL of it.. that’s why we’ve been together for 8 months.

  15. eeek

    men who has hair everywhere: 1.smells
    2.scratches often
    3.sweats like a…
    4.SMELLS!! yuck

  16. reggrettin it

    i just shaved my pubes fo the first time and i aint doin it again, EVER, it itches like crazy. bad idea. girlfiend laughed as opposed to being turned on like i was hoping. left scratching all day and feeling very remorseful. wish i’d never bothered. and i have syrian blood. lol.

  17. ACE

    I do agree with the fact that shaving your pubic hair makes your package look bigger. I wouldn’t shave it with a razor, but if you can just shave down there with a trimmer (be careful not to touch skin), it’s enough to make the area look much more presentable. I shave chest hair, but I won’t completely get rid of it…just trim it enough so it is not too much. I won’t shave my legs or arms…but will trim the top of my shoulders if going to the beach.

  18. WTF

    Whether or not to leave dead fibre strands hanging from holes in your skin, it’s such a feeble thing about which to worry; yet I still get embarrassed when somebody sees the thick patch of hair growing at the small of my back – well, think for age fifteen. My father can be mistaken for an ape, and carrying his genes means that one day, I will too. But the thing is, it develops a lot faster than I would have thought … but while it’s embarrassing, it’d be much more embarrassing if I just shaved it all off.

  19. Anonymous

    This definitely a more American phenomenon. As an American that’s lived in Europe for some while I definitely notice a difference. For as manly as American men like to consider themselves, they are much more likely to trim their body hair. Men here (like I’ve always done) proudly display chest hair, don’t wear undershirts and unbutton shirts to least the 3rd button. They wear longer siderburns. They flirt dirtier with women. And the women here are much less butch and less intent on being bitchy corporate feminazis. And it’s so funny now going to a gym back home in the states, in the locker room the men all walk around covering themselves like embarrassed prepubescent little girls… what the hell is manly about that?!?

  20. Anonymous

    How many of you guys have ever actually TRIED shaving your whole body? I did, just to see what it would be like (yeh … I’m weird I guess). It’s so COOL!

  21. You Are Your Own Person

    Novel concept here: Individualism.

    It doesn’t matter what others think if you’re happy as you are. “Manliness” is as giddy and foolish as being “feminine.” Either way it’s the conformist method of “fitting in” to avoid embarrassment and being who you really are. If you want to shave then shave; and if you don’t want to don’t. I don’t care if women shave anywhere any more than I care if men shave anywhere. It’s all about what matters to you. DO you want to be what your girlfriend/boyfriend wants, or wait until one comes along who respects you enough as an independent and intellectual being to appreciate and respect what you like and don’t like? In my opinion, the neurological differences between men and women are too insubstantial to account for the genders we see as it is, and you “men” shouldn’t be worrying about whether you’re shaving or not just like you “women” shouldn’t. I would LOVE to meet some more brazen REAL women who would dare the world to be HUMAN BEINGS instead of plastic Barbies. I have no doubt that my post will be followed by sexist men doing just as their society tells them and yelling that I have issues and like ugly women or men. First of all, appearances DON’T matter. Secondly, how does having natural hair make a woman or man ugly? We must not forget that we are all humans, and we are all unique, not just women unique compared to men and vice versa. Do what you feel like. If you want to make a partner happy, that doesn’t make you less of a person. If you want to just be you and feel like shaving is asking too much considering how much it focuses on aesthetics, that’s fine, too. The important thing is that you know your decision is not based off of your country, race, sex or religion; but instead off what matters to you.

  22. Jay

    yes i love you man stick it to them
    im striking and not shaving
    im 17, hate shaving and u have given me the encouragement to fight against society and not shave
    cheers man

  23. jo hill hick

    Uh dont shave at all, neva have, neva used a razor, sounds nasty putting a knife to your face. uh fit in better with the hogs and pork anyway, no worries about hair when you work for yourself. the wife lo9ve to be tickled by the beard, is about 15inches lonwng C:|-}}}

  24. Mike

    Im tall, muscular, loud, obnoxious, always have my opinion heard, I eat meat with every meal,and I have hair. Guess what?IM A MAN. Men have hair and im damn proud of it. If women are looking for males without hair, go to a jr highschool and find some boys.

  25. Brains and beauty

    This article is very racist and ignorant in terms of the comment about men in the middle east with beards who treat women poorly. Let me educate the writer of this article:

    People who live in the Middle East are muslims and our Prophet Mohammed (Peace be upon him) kept a beard during his lifetime and it is considered to be a sign of humilty and simplicity in Islam to keep a beard for a man (as it is the opposite of self obsessed vain people) So hence the reason many muslim men also keep beards to try and emulate out great prophet (pbuh). We live in a sexual society hence why God ordered muslim women to cover themselves when out of the house, if they are married they have the freedom to wear whatever they wish for themselves/their husbands inside the house. In public it is wise to cover themselves. Look at all the problems in western society where women are raped, used as a commodity in advertising which cheapens them, eating disorders in young girls, sexualization of young girls this is all due to the manner in which women are disrespected in the western world. If women dressed modestly then things would be better and they would be taken more seriously. Page 3 in the UK is another example, women in western culture are treated in a trashy manner, men don’t even marry anymore in western society, they just live with women and use them to gain financial benefit of 2 salaries, for sex and yet there is no committment. No culture is perfect and there are pros and cons in both western and muslim cultures but the writer of this article is extremely ignorant to have come to the conclusion about why men in the middle east kepp beards and this stupid connection to how they must treat women. There is no connection at all between a mans facial hair and how he treats a woman. Its just daft!

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  27. You Are Your Own Person

    RE: Brains and Beauty

    I fear that you are overlooking a cultural problem to feel better about your religion. The problem with women being raped is the fault of lusty men. Do not deprive women of their freedoms because you don’t want to bother educating the men in a religion. No one is saying that there is a direct correlation between facial hair and treatment of women, but the point I’m arguing on is that you seem to think that women are treated equally or even better than Western societies in the Middle East. Absolutely wrong. Progress is women being able to wear what men wear, do what men do, and not be chastised. The more Westernized nations are far from perfect, and admittedly the current feminist trend of sexualized appearances is not intelligent, but that doesn’t mean that you cover them from head to toe. If a man can go out dressed in a T-shirt and shorts, a women sure as h*ll should be able to. You pretend that there is freedom in allowing a women to dress as she please (a.k.a. is ALLOWED by her primarily dominant husband in the Islamic culture) in “her” house. That is no freedom. That is strapping on shackles and putting someone in a cabinet where is makes them free because they don’t have to wear their shackles to the cabinet. And why force them to wear shackles? Because otherwise the OTHER half of society would misbehave if they decided not to exercise self-control. Men by nature are more sexual. THEY are the primary instigators of sex crimes by every statistical report. You don’t punish the women for the crimes of the men. AND in Middle Eastern societies, marriage is more of a binding agreement set by others for the woman than a mutual love. In many cases she is raped constantly: a sex slave to her husband. That is not equality. No one is perfect, but as for Middle Eastern treatment of women? Westernization is FAR closer to equity for the sexes.

  28. Koolniadi

    I’m a muslim (but not too religious one though), yes our religion orders us (both men and women) to shave our armpit hair and pubic hair. The reason for that is just a matter of cleanliness. Well, to be honest I myself never shaved those above mentioned area, but my wife is. For you guys who fight about who is better Western or Middle Eastern’s culture, the answer is too biase and subjective. They both perfect for the right people.

  29. Anonymous

    i am 14.5 years old Boy and i just atarted developing armpit hairs and hairs all over my body about a year ago. And you’re right man. I mean it’s just too much work shaving everything specially in cost man . All guys should keep their armpit hairs and be proud of it .

  30. Anonymous

    Not true, I actually like men with some facial scruff, it is my boyfriend that likes to stay clean shaven and it pisses me off sometimes. I think he looks sexy with some stubble, but he disagrees. 🙁 I actually like guys with beards as long as it isn’t overly exaggerated mountain mannish. I think a guy with a huge beard looks almost ridiculous, the least you can do is keep it by combing it or something. And I don’t think you are a real man for shaving or not shaving. Its all a matter of opinion.

    Besides this..women have it so much worse. Yes, I am sure shaving your face hurts like hell, but we have to shave our legs, armpits, tweeze eyebrows and any other facial hair, remove lip hair (yes a huge majority of women have it, they just remove it before you notice), tweeze out any random weird hairs and shave our pubes. I kind of wouldn’t be bitching because, if we wanted to go on strike and not shave, I am pretty sure all of you would have a cow. Either deal with it or learn what works for you. Not every woman wants a clean shaven guy. But some of you who grow out your beard look like ass and it just doesn’t work for you. Some people just don’t look good with a beard. Learn what looks good with your face and decide from there. Screw what other people think.

  31. Anonymous

    / \

    Above poster gets kudos. My bf also doesn’t like hair and I think some amount of beard/stubble is sexy. Its all opinion, and definitely not really about true maleness. Last time I checked, you still have balls when you shave. You are a man. If we want to debate the social gender construct, well.. you can argue over what color the wool over your eyes really is, or you can realize that there’s a bunch of wool over your eyes.

  32. Joseph

    before posting this article more reasearch should have been done. Arabic people dont’ shave because it is part of their religion. In North American countires they are forced to shave due to the preassure of society that looks at them in a crude and racial way. As for the women, that too is part of the religion, where they have to cover themselves, it’s not the men that force them to cover themselves in such a way. THanks for trying though!

  33. lol at ignorance

    I’m 17, 18 this week. And I shaved my crotch. Why? Because I want to please my woman and be fair. She’s shaving for me, so I’m shaving for her. I have only ever shaved my face. Why shave your face? It makes the hair grow in coarser, and therefore “manlier” as some of you idiots would put it. Am I less manly for shaving my crotch? HELL NO! I’m smarter! Now that that nasty hair, which trust me, pubes in the mouth is nasty and ruins the moment, is gone, she’s willing to “teabag” me. And, since theres no hair, she won’t be stopping to spit out loose hairs.

    All of you IM A MAN I HAVE HAIR need to shut the f&@# up. You are being ignorant dumbasses. It’s really manly to not even care if your partner is being pleased. Yeh. You are totally the person we should all go to for advice. I’ll bet you think the faster the sex , the more pleased you are. Long, drawn out sex is the best, and not having your hairs get pulled and shit really helps.

    And it’s really sad that one reason a lot of you don’t shave is because of cuts. Go cry me a river you panzy ass yet manly posters.

    Shave if you want, don’t if you don’t, but don’t start telling everyone your choice is the best. Very pathetic if you go through tons of girls all because you refuse to shave your crotch. You’d be a great dad. /sarcasm

  34. Kay

    I dont remember adam and eve coming down to earth, engaging in the fashion world trends and then cutting there pubes. I a lady and I honest don’t care about hair as long as it’s properly maintained and the guy im dating stays clean (has a bath daily! if not twice a day!).

  35. carla

    ok, first of all this post is total bullshit. I’m american and i lived in the middle east. If you took the time to talk to the women there, they wil tell you that they think american women are mistreated!!. Everything is relative in culture. Second of all, guess what? Not all arabs have beards, that is ridiculous. Only the really religious have a full beard. And Saudi’s are famous for having perfectly shaven goatess, not beards stupid. Facial hair is considered masculine and sexy and a tradition for arabs. the women love it. So stop posting lies….

  36. Graham

    Well Man for most Swimmers they have to shave everything.. bikers only have to shave there legs if they are competitive.

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