Each rejection you get as a man hints to whether your game is improving or not. For instance your game is getting better if you stop getting hit in the face by drunk white girls and instead get hit with fake numbers, though not by much.

Here’s my listing of the most common rejections, in order of worst to best:

-Slap in the face. Nothing says rock-bottom then having to take both emotional and physical pain. Something is seriously wrong with you if there are women out there who feel the best response to your words is violence. You probably need to tone it down a little.

-Stood up. The bad thing about this rejection is that you waste all that time getting ready and driving out to the Panda Express you are treating her at. It doesn’t even matter if you have a magical night planned teaching her how to use chopsticks… you got bitched. This is a result of pushing a little too hard when a girl is unsure of you.

-Fake number. This one stings because you look back at the fantasy world that was your “awesome seduction” and realize it was a sham. Her laughing? Fake. Her supposed interest in you? Fake. It was all fake and you bought it and fantasized about her for the whole weekend. Dick.

-Getting blown out in an approach. You approach a girl in a club and mid-sentence she turns away from you and asks her girlfriend when the hot guys are coming. Or even worse she rejects you on looks alone by turning away right as you open your mouth. Don’t give up hope entirely though… after she has a few more drinks you may be totally back in the game.

-Head-over-shoulder hug. You’re on a date and thinking of going for the kiss, but instead you get a weak-ass hug that makes it physically impossible to kiss her. It’s like she knew you were going to make a move! Unless she’s really conservative, expect her to be busy with washing her hair for the next month.

-No call back. I don’t care how much of a player you are, not every girl will call back. Bottom line is she will call you back if she likes you. Just realize that girls are in a different mind state from when they are giving you their number and from when they listen to your voice message. Sometimes girls call back just as often if you don’t leave a message: an unknown number can make them more curious than your voice and lame jokes ever could.

-The text/email/IM. Instead of not calling you back, a girl will send you a text message, e-mail, or IM with how busy she is with combing through her cat’s hair. One thing technology allows us to do in the 21st century is reject people while avoiding confrontation. Good for them, bad for you.

If you lined up two guys, Persistent Paul and Timid Tim, and told me that Paul got rejected by 100 girls in the past month and Tim got rejected by zero, it would be obvious to me who is getting more play. Though I will admit it’s painful when I see these grimy guys score every now and then with a decent chick because their persistence – and reliable roofie supplier – won’t die.


  1. James

    :laugh: Rejection’s the worst part of the game.

    Being stood up is the worst in my mind. Never been slapped though. But to me, if she would have the guts to mention her flakiness before, it would save you a lot of time and effort.

    And what’s wrong with Panda Express?

  2. kanan

    Being stood up- not sure if it belongs in that order I think it should come way below..

    for me the fone/IM conversations go good..then she tells you she will get back if shes interested and never returns your call when you make plans…UGGGGGGGGGHHH

  3. kanan

    rejection is not so bad … its the fear of rejection thats worse .. think about it !

  4. greg

    Rejection’s mostly mental. Sure it burns at the time, but as they say, the best way toget over someone is to get under someone else.

  5. Anonymous

    You forgot the one about how she can’t go out b/c she is supposed to meet up with a “friend.” (aka: she’s got another date, dickhead.)

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