I grew up next to Roy Rogers, an East Coast fast-food restaurant inspired by a famous film cowboy. I remember at age 12 my friends and I would bike up there, get a kids meal, and then sit down for an hour to free drink refills while management dissaprovingly stared us down. I eventually was able to buy adult items, usually the delicious roast beef or Gold Rush chicken sandwiches. So it was very upsetting when many of the Roy Rogers in Maryland started closing in the late 90’s (even the one in College Park got replaced by a McDonalds), though they seem to be making a comeback. I wonder if they stopped cooking french fries in the same oil vat as the fish sandwiches.

In honor of Roy Rogers, I recently made a roast beef sandwich with Mexican rice. The rice was alright but the sandwich was a little bland, even with homemade barbecue sauce.

This was the only time in my life I wish I had a free toppings bar.


  1. Brother Kojak

    Yea…I grew up in Arlington and I loved Roy Rogers because 1.) it was perfect for post-soccer game meals 2.) in middle school we’d get free burgers from my man who worked there after school. 3.) you could make the ugliest burger on the face of the earth without your mother getting pissed off.

    I’m new to your blog, I’m feeling it so far!

  2. Kanan

    good to know theres another vegetarian on this blog..I’m not a big meat person and friends look at me like I’m some hyppie and give me crap all the time.

  3. Brian Drew

    Damn, I miss Roy Rogers. I drive between Maryland and Long Island for college all the time, and I always stop on the New Jersey Turnpike for Roys, though the comeback they are experiecing is kind of nice, as in ones within 30 minutes of home now, still wouldn’t mind having the one within 5 minutes back.

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