Tight Game Week You’re at the club on a Friday night wearing a crisp new shirt you bought to match your expensive shoes. Your hair is perfect and you are feeling it tonight. You work the crowd a little and have some success, but you know it’s going to be a long night. Then you see someone you recognize. It’s a basketball player from your college, sitting down in the corner wearing sweatpants and a t-shirt. You notice his entourage talking to the hottest girls in the club. Now the cute girl you are trying to talk to is distracted by the spectacle he’s creating. She leaves you to go see what is going on.

Girls gravitate to men who are great at something. And it doesn’t have to involve money. The computer game champion has groupies. The DJ has groupies. The photographer has groupies. The bass fishing champion has groupies. The sidewalk artist has groupies. The blogger has groupies. I don’t care what it is, but if you have a passion for something and do it well, girls will notice and want a piece.

A man fits in one of these four categories:

1. Does not get laid.
2. Average nice guy who sometimes gets laid or has a girlfriend.
3. Horny guy who chases women.
4. “Rock star” who gets chased by women.

Category one guys decide not to take care of their problem, and evolution will probably weed them out as their seed is not spread. Most guys fall in category two. They don’t want to be bothered with going out to “get laid,” and are very content being with one woman for an extended period of time. Many of your beta males fall into this category, sticking with a less-than-ideal women to avoid being single again. Category three is where I’d classify myself and most of the guys I know. We go out where the women are, game them, and go for the lay. We do it for conquest just as much as physical pleasure. We are working on making the jump to category four, rock star status. Here, we sit back and let pussy come to us. While we all have experienced glimmers of this fourth category, it will take continued work on ourselves and our own projects to achieve the state permanently.

A week ago me and two friends all wore the I Pump And Dump shirt and went to some bars in Baltimore. I was sort of curious what would happen if we did this, and made it clear to them that I didn’t have any positive expectations. One friend did voice his concern that we are cockblocking ourselves. But the opposite happened. Girls constantly approached us to ask what the shirt means. They engaged us in conversation. One of us had the idea of saying we are in a band called I Pump And Dump, so we went with that and made up stories for the night. We never got so much attention in our lives. I vividly remember the hottest girl in the bar coming up to us and asking to take our picture with her, thinking we were famous. She had huge breasts. Once you get a taste at how easy it can be, you don’t want to go back.

But what if you are not really good at anything? What if you aren’t a rock star? You grind it out. You take abuse, put yourself out there, and withstand girls long enough just to get in their pants. It’s work, and after a certain amount of experience you may come to a point where you are bored or tired. If by then you have achieved rock star status, then great; there will be quality girls knocking on your door. But if not, it’s going to be a lonely period for you until you hop back into the game.

To be a rock star you need to first have a hobby or career that you love. (Picking up girls doesn’t count.) Then, be AWESOME in it. Kick ass. Be better than most other guys doing the same thing. And make it more important than women.

There is an interesting irony of getting laid that I can’t quite explain. If your main goal is to get laid, you will achieve success but it will be modest. There will be an invisible wall that you can’t quite get past. To be that ultimate pimp, to have consistent success, you need to combine your thorough understanding of game WITH being great in something you love that has no relation to women. Master this combination and you will be unstoppable. You will have 99 problems but a bitch won’t be one.

31 thoughts on “BE A ROCK STAR

  1. O-face

    A week ago me and two friends all wore the I Pump And Dump shirt and went to some bars in Baltimore
    They probably thought you were some new gang…Ms-13, Crips, Bloods, 14th st boyz..Pump and Dump crew.

  2. Jamie

    i applaud your t-shirt making antics, but this is something that my friends and i have been doing for 3-4 years now. i can say that we have always gotten the rockstar treatment. when you’re in a bar/club packed tight full of striped shirts and fcuk tees, its refreshing to see some original thought.

    bravo dcb!

  3. Sweatpants

    If you grew up with holes in your zapatos, you’d celebrate the minute you was havin’ dough.

  4. phi

    Reminds me of the second rule of the Tao of Steve:
    “And this takes us to the second rule of Being Steve: You have to do something excellent in her presence, thus demonstrating your sexual worthiness. “

  5. KassyK

    I have a rockstar friend. He has women crawling all over him wherever he goes.

    Its bc hes gorgeous(movie star beautiful), knows it, but isnt cocky about it. He plays the “I’m kind of shy around you” card and girls eat it up with a spoon. He’s prob had around 200 girls at this point. Nasty but very successful.

  6. nabeel

    I have a friend who has 2 huge dogs, 165 lbs each, danes. Takes him 4 hours to go 6 blocks…

  7. Raincouver

    That’s a good post all right. And the categories sound about right… although I did have a friend who thought his career WAS picking up women. It got so bad he had to leave town… looking for fresh pastures. The man could be the poster child for the CDC. ~brrr~

  8. Stephen

    Shouldn’t there be two categories of horny guys?

    3a) Alphas – Horny guys who practice their game, get laid enough, but hit a wall that they can’t get past often

    3b) Betas – Horny guys without game. Destined to become category 1, or an exceptionally whipped category 2

  9. iron shirt

    Careful, if you combine being arty with being a rock musician all you get are damaged goods. This happens to a friend of mine. Vaginas with teeth for miles. Remember to sell out first.

  10. nabeel

    Agreed with iron shirt… especially when it comes to music or basketball player like wilt chamberlain or somebody like that. Damaged goods galore…

    And there should be another category…

    2a) Nice guy, but rarely gets laid and would do anything for pussy and gets pussy-whipped by a rare girlfriend

    2b) Nice guy who is a gentleman, who actually gives a shit about what kind of women he’s dealing with. this guy will probably get the quality woman (not just in looks, but also in personality) that every guy dreams about, and if he finds her he’ll marry her.

  11. Peter North

    Rouche going all Tony Robbins on the poor nebishes reading his blog…priceless.
    I am going to barf, man, get serious, putting PUSSY on the pedestal like you do will make you go blind, you know that…

  12. Anonn

    This is just one woman’s opinion.

    I always loved shy, intelligent, quiet men, because I am naturally loud and outgoing, and felt like we always complimented one another’s personalities.

    Generally when I am in a club, on a campus or anywhere I never want anything to do with the most attention seeking men. I tend to feel like they are insincere and just looking to get laid, and act “smoothly.” I don’t think I am alone in this mentality. In my opinion, quiet, polite, sweet men are just as deserving of attention and affection from women as the cocky, loud guys who are picking up all the women.

  13. Pagan M.

    “…seed is not spread”

    Isn’t that a good thing? Knock on wood…

    Nice post. In case some of you haven’t heard, chicks like bands.

  14. KassyK

    Nabeel–Most of the good women are looking for a good 2b. That is the ideal for most sane, together women. We all try out the diff types (as men do as well) before we find what’s right for us. Just like DCB and friends say good women are hard to find…so are “2bs”.

    But if you are one…power to you and I hope you find your good woman. 🙂

  15. nabeel

    And kassyk, hope you find your “2b” also 🙂

    Its weird, 3 years ago I’d have thought myself nuts…couldn’t care less. Now? I have much less tolerance for BS, especially the kind that I’ve witnessed firsthand as a result of my brother marrying the wrong woman.

  16. Jane A

    Very insightful post on why women gravitate to highly accomplished (not necessarily financial sucessful) men.

    I had a friend who went out on a couple dates with a “nice” PhD guy in the same subject as her. She thought he was just “eh”. Then she saw him defend his thesis and thought he was very hot in that moment. His brain actually excited her :amused:

  17. hedonistic

    Survive and Replicate. Thanks; I’m gonna use that! Just like guys have this biological urge to spread their “seed” far and wide, we ladies have the urge to ensure our safety from the sabre-toothed tiger, and ensure our offspring will survive to adulthood.

    Landing an Alpha makes us feel all snuggly and safe. Standing next to one, we feel nothing bad can touch us. It’s completely irrational given modern times, and thinking women can overcome the urge. We just seldom choose to.

  18. hedonistic

    Almost as bad as any man, eh, mhm? Status-seeking de riguer within The Brotherhood, but somehow unseemly in a woman, even though both sexes do it equally as often.

    It makes no sense for a man to slam a woman for doing what men do all the time (this applies to the “slut” label as well). It’s irrational and . . . just . . . it’s just weird, ‘kay?

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