I’ve met most of Kelly’s friends so it’s not that exciting when I visit her photo galleries. But at her latest party there was a new girl who was in half of the photos, out-competing the old-time veterans. New girl is on the right.

The girl on the left is actually cuter than this picture. She rarely smiles though, but it could just be me since I have a bank account that doesn’t even impress my eight year old brother. I’m vaguely turned on by the fact that their breasts are smushed together.

12 thoughts on “SCENE NEWCOMER

  1. DCB Post author

    reminds me of some friends… hangs out with you until they find someone and then ditches you for the hot sex.

  2. Rainbow

    nice – lol – she is not a newbie dcb… kinda like a “Som” – in the scene then got a bf, now they broke up, now back on the scene … someone has to fill my spot, since I am checking out 😉

  3. nick

    HOT! HOT! HOT! These two ladies balance each other perfectly. Each one has something the other doesn’t, and it’s great. A blonde and a brunette. Check out those green eyes on the girl on the right! Where do these girls go/hangout? I have got to bump into them? Any more info on them?

  4. Tim

    Seriously doubt she needs your cock dude…I’ve seen her in person and she’s hot….huge boobs for a slender athletic body. Think she played a sport in college? White skin looks better any day than a fake and bake tan.

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