Who: Me, Kathryn, hater crew.

When: Friday, May 5, 2006. 7PM.

Where: Science Club. 1136 19th St (Between L and M st’s) NW. Three and a half blocks from Farragut North metro station.

Guest stars: Sally the intern (official debut), Kelly Ann Collins, and a special surprise guest.

Drink specials until 8PM: Beer (Yuengling $3, Amstel Light $4, Heineken $4), wine (2005 Sauvignon Blanc, Veramonte, Chile $5 and 2004 Carmenere, Santa Rita, Chile $5), and regular liquor $4.

For those of you who haven’t been to Science Club yet, it is actually a bar and not a club.

I welcome any fans, blogger or not, to come and tell me how great my blog is, especially if you are cute, young, thin, and female. I noticed in the past that readers who come to these events lurk in the background – like they do on the internet – until they feel comfortable to say hi. It’s similar to how it takes them time to make that first non-anonymous comment.

I’m still washing away shame from making the Senator a featured guest at last year’s hater happy hour.


  1. bettyjoan

    Hooray for Science Club–excellent selection, DCB! If I’m sufficiently packed and ready for my move the next day, I’ll stop by for a drink.

  2. etcetera

    i’m not a dude and i’ll be there. as per DCB’s request, i’ll also do my best to not lurk silently at the happy hour as i have been doing on this blog. (is “lurk silently” redundant in blog-speak?)

  3. Troll Army

    OH Don’t worry we will be there we definitely got the balls, because after we are done beating you down we are going to tbag you on your unconscious body and post it on our website.

  4. Hooligans!

    This is scary! Everyone please just calm down! This is really serious business! Lets take a deep breath.

  5. Joe

    Okay, let me back up here and try to understand this. “Troll Army” actually thinks the concept of setting up some sort of pseudo-organization to randomly troll and spam DC blogs is FUNNY?!

    The joke may have elicited the briefest of chuckles for about 9 nanoseconds sometime last July, but now it’s about as amusing as a pile of chicken carcasses infected with bird flu.

    “Troll Army” is about as funny as Ted Kaszynski’s “Freedom Club” — and about as full of members.

  6. Joe

    Hey Troll Army 1, I actually don’t have a blog. I’m too smart to expose myself to trolls like you. I’m bulletproof! Har har!

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