This is classic. As are the follow-up comments.

It’s true that I come from a place where interracial relationships are definitely not the norm. There’s a lot of, “she married a Mexican???” kinds of attitudes. The lack of interracial dating in my hometown means that I tend to notice pairs of different colors more than most people might.

The most frequent pairing I’ve noticed in DC and surrounding areas – and I live in a VERY mixed neighborhood – is white male/Asian [note: when I say “Asian” I mean east/southeast Asia] female. One day while I was walking around in Georgetown, it was like WMAFPD (White Male Asian Female Pride Day).

When I first moved here, I tried to figure out what it is about Asian women that turns men on so much. After all, there’s a lot of noise about European and Latin women, but you don’t hear many men talking about how they only want to date Asians from now on. I’ve never heard a man say, “I want Asians because they are such good cooks” or “Asians are small and cute and not greedy fatties” or “Asians dress better than whities”. So, what’s the appeal?

My theory is, it’s the exotic. Why would you notice an Asian girl more than, say, a blonde girl? Think about it. If you only had the choice of hamburgers (brunette white girls) or hot dogs (blonde white girls) or the occasional steak (redheads), you’d be pretty excited and intrigued when someone offered you General Tso’s chicken. Asians are different, not just in looks but also the entire history of their civilization. Say what you want about how Latin America is different, it’s still America.

Anyway, I don’t begrudge the Asian ladies their white men. The only thing that bothers me is that Asian men have a bad rap for their small size, and those bitches got the long end of that stick. Pun intended.

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  1. iknow..

    Asian woman throw themselves at white men.Its like some prize to prove how attractive they must be. And their familys support that-but not non white men-THAT’S WRONG!
    White men who can’t attract beautiful white woman can get beautiful Asian woman.What famous Asian woman is not dating a white man-or married to a white man?..Julie Chen,Connie Chung,JuJu Chang,Luci Lu,..all the way down the list you NEVER see them with Asian men. Its a little pathetic.

  2. sean

    once you date an asian girl you cant date a white girl again. asian girls drip with sensuality. young white girls are basically curvy boys-no thanks. to all white guys, dump the man hater and get you some good luvin.

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