This is classic. As are the follow-up comments.

It’s true that I come from a place where interracial relationships are definitely not the norm. There’s a lot of, “she married a Mexican???” kinds of attitudes. The lack of interracial dating in my hometown means that I tend to notice pairs of different colors more than most people might.

The most frequent pairing I’ve noticed in DC and surrounding areas – and I live in a VERY mixed neighborhood – is white male/Asian [note: when I say “Asian” I mean east/southeast Asia] female. One day while I was walking around in Georgetown, it was like WMAFPD (White Male Asian Female Pride Day).

When I first moved here, I tried to figure out what it is about Asian women that turns men on so much. After all, there’s a lot of noise about European and Latin women, but you don’t hear many men talking about how they only want to date Asians from now on. I’ve never heard a man say, “I want Asians because they are such good cooks” or “Asians are small and cute and not greedy fatties” or “Asians dress better than whities”. So, what’s the appeal?

My theory is, it’s the exotic. Why would you notice an Asian girl more than, say, a blonde girl? Think about it. If you only had the choice of hamburgers (brunette white girls) or hot dogs (blonde white girls) or the occasional steak (redheads), you’d be pretty excited and intrigued when someone offered you General Tso’s chicken. Asians are different, not just in looks but also the entire history of their civilization. Say what you want about how Latin America is different, it’s still America.

Anyway, I don’t begrudge the Asian ladies their white men. The only thing that bothers me is that Asian men have a bad rap for their small size, and those bitches got the long end of that stick. Pun intended.

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  1. virglekent

    My roommate ?the Flurry? is currently banging I mean dating an Asian woman. His second in two years. I?ve asked him why he so in love with Asians because I didn?t get it. To me their too tiny and have the body of a pre pubescent 12 year old boy. I figured he was gay and actually liked 12 year old boys.

    His response to his infatuation with Asian women was. ?As a culture Asian women are extremely faithful and don?t cheat on their men. Most of them make enough money on their own so there?s no need for game playing and gold digging. Plus they buy you shit from Burberry?

    After that I started seeing Asian women in a new light. Asian Mistress if you read this call me at 703 98?


  2. Asian Married to a White Guy

    One reason asian women might marry a white guy is b/c the probability of stumbling into a white guy is pretty darn high- considering it is America. Seeing that I’m married to a white guy & I’m asian (petite, but I don’t think anyone would mistake me for having a body of a 12 year old, nor would anyone describe me as remotely docile)- it is very sad to see many white women with weight problems bitch and complain about how we’re stealing their men.
    When I walk around the streets, I’m amazed by how many fat white chicks contaminate an otherwise gorgeous day.
    My white husband married me for the same reason any man chooses a wife- b/c he finds me attractive, thinks I’d make a wonderful mother for his children and secretly thinks that asians are smarter than white people…and yes, I did get an academic scholarship for college and yes, my brother was a talented violinist growing up.
    For more information on this trend of white guys looking elsewhere for love, go to:

  3. Anonymous

    The media/ hollywood probably has something to do with it. So many Asian women say they would never date Asian men. Why Not? “Just not my type” is the answer I always hear but I think it’s because Asian men aren’t portrayed as sex symbols, so Asian women date white guys as their next-best-thing-to-Brad-Pitt, as opposed to having no best thing in the first place.

    On the flip side, Asian women are White Guys’ next-best-thing-to-Lucy-Liu (and I’ve seen plenty of asian girls who look as-good, if not better, than Lucy Liu).

    One could argue that there are plenty of famous WHITE women sex symbols, but the truth is the disparity between the sex symbols and the real life white girls, is just too vast. Even the best looking (non-famous) white girl is below-average, at best, in comparison to Charlize Theron or Angelina Jolie.

    Easiest solution is to just go Black, You know how it goes: “The Blacker The Berry…

  4. Kathryn

    Speaking of Ms. Liu, a long time ago I read an interview where she said she never dates men who have previously dated Asian women. She said once they start dating Asian women, they develop a fetish and won’t date anything else. She claimed it had something to do with how soft Asian women’s skin is.

    It was bizarre.

  5. michelle

    Haha, I’m asian and dating a white guy.

    I thought of that theory, too, that it’s the exotic factor. Because I would always get the “oh I LOVE Asian girls!!!” It’s like why do you like asian girls? What does the guy expect me to say? Something like “OMG You love my people! Oh me love you long time! I’m going to go out with you only because you like me for my race and not for who I am!!!!!” Usually I don’t go for the guys that only want Asian girls. Granted, I am more attracted to white guys but you don’t see me running around going “Oh, I LOVE WHITE GUYS!”

  6. Asian Married to a White Guy

    RE: Sung’s video
    That was a classic. What I really hate are the stereotypes about Asian men. Asian men are fantastic and treat their women really well. For the record, I dated both asian and white, but ended up w/white b/c I liked (gasp) his personality. My ex asian boyfriend was 6ft2 and taller than a lot of white guys.
    I stick to my theory, asian women and white guys end up with each other b/c there are alot of white guys in america. Remember folks, there are a billion Chinese in China and they all date asians. I have asian gal pals who REFUSE to date white guys b/c they think they are cheap and they smell. FYI.

  7. Anonymous

    I work in Cambridge, Massachusetts, a.k.a. the home of the ponytailed, pasty, pudgy, sartorially-challenged geek nerd computer dork. The aforesaid balding (yet ponytailed), badly dressed, sneaker driving, socially clueless dweebs, IF they are to be seen with a woman at all, are seen invariably (and I mean 100% of the time) with an Asian girl.

    This is not because all programmers love Chinese food (also true — on a sunny day in Cambridge, you can take your pick of great ethnic food from the street vendors because everybody’s lined up at the Chinese samonella factory).

    Now, I hope there are no Asian women reading this, but frankly I think that the reason is that no white woman would be seen near losers of this magnitude, and, compared to the Asian guys in the neighborhood (also geeks), the anglo man-skanks are prizes. No top shelf white guy would date most of these women, because, in spite of the stereotype of the Asian girl as hard-partying, whore-dressing (in a good sway) sex-fiends, most of them (at least in this neighborhood) are also totally lacking in grooming, class and social skills.

    In short, each group is landing the best they can get.

  8. Asian Mistress

    My excuse for dating white guys is that I’m basically white.

    I was adopted, have white family, went to mostly all white schools, and have mostly all white friends…so therefore I date white guys.

    I think asians are just thought of as submissive and exotic – that would be real asians, with the culture and all.

    But, times change…

    For the record not ALL asians look like 12 year olds…look at Kelly Hu and China Chow and um…Grace Park.

  9. Pook

    So being Asian and dating a white guy, I feel I can comment. I have many theories on this topic from both sides:

    Asian Females like white men because they are bigger…in body size. It may be a natural “caveman” instinct to pick a guy who can protect you and defend you in a fight if it came down to it. Half of the Asian men I know are shorter than me, and most of them have softer hands than I do. (No, I am not a troll.) That is not attractive to me. I come from a family with (unusually for Asian) tall men, so for me, I expect my guy to be at least 6ft. 6ft Asain men are slim pickins. I haven?t been opposed to dating an Asian guy, but there were not that many out there that I?ve been attracted to.

    I think that white men pick Asian women for a variety of reasons. The old theory was that Asian women are obedient. However, that theory is thrown out the window nowadays with young Asian women being so adamant about breaking that stereotype, they become on the point of obnoxiously aggressive. Myself sometimes included.
    My other theory is that guys want to have something different. Arm candy is arm candy and every guy wants it. A hot blonde walking with a guy will get some looks. A hot brunette/redhead will get less. A hot Asian will get at least attention as the blonde. A hot black girl with a white guy will get the most attention, but I don’t think our society is there yet.
    I don?t really buy that theory of Asian women don?t get fat or old looking?.do guys really care about what their woman (that they are banging now) will look like 10 years from now? I doubt it.

    My mother always told me not to date a guy who has dated Asian women before because they have a fetish. My first question I would ask men who asked me out was if they ever dated an Asian girl before. I?ve turned many down. However, I?ve changed my viewpoint over the years because, now I see it of less of a perversion, but more of a preference. There are normal guys who just like Asian women. It?s just like a normal guy preferring blondes.

    Now I turn the tables on the subject and talk about Asian men dating white women:
    I once met an Asian guy who was a hot muscular and tall, and he knew it. He was not that into me, because he was a rare bird and therefore women of all colors were throwing themselves at him. Why stick with your own kind, when you can have an all-you-can-eat pass to the buffet? My brother is the same way. He is 6?2?, can be a model, but ONLY sticks to white women. Sometimes you see a hot Asian woman dating an Asian man. But a hot Asian man will not date an Asian woman.

  10. virglekent

    I stand corrected and feel really bad. Not ALL Asian women have the bodies of 12 year old boys. I hate stereotyping a group of people. Now Asian Mistress, can you buy me this Burberry tie I?ve been checking out?

  11. Anonymous

    No one has suggested that white guys preferring Asian women could possibly be closeted homosexuals. Considering that, on average, most Asian woman are lacking in the breast/ hip department, perhaps these dudes find them the closest thing to a young boy… well, unless they’re Michael Jackson and can build a whole amusement park to attract young boys.

  12. Days of Broken Arrows

    They say The Beatles were the most influential rock band ever. What they don’t mention is that THIS is one of the ways they were influential.

    In other words, forget the hair and songs — dating Asian women is the real trend John Lennon started.

  13. nabeel

    geez, where do people come up with all this stuff? you guys have me shaking my head over here… all it is is a matter of preference. nothing more, nothing less.

  14. holiday

    I can’t believe you guys are even discussing this. It comes up literally every week on craigslist rants and raves.

    As an asian woman, I have to say my favorite pick up lines are “Are you Filipino? Because you look Filipino?” “I’ve been to China before.”

    To which I always reply, “Luckily for you, I have tall white boy fetish.”

    First of all, I’m not Filipino. So it’s not helpful if you’re hitting on me to interrogate me on whether or not I’m actually Filipino, because I checked. I’m not. Also to the guys working at Banana Republic who asked me the same question, and then proceeded to discuss what percentage of Filipino I looked. You’re wrong. Still not Filipino. Literally when I moved to DC, I got asked this question every single week.

    Secondly, congratulations on having been to China and having a deep love for the Chinese culture. While I try to embrace my culture and ethnicity, I’m from Louisiana. I’ve never set foot off the North American continent. I can’t discuss the following topics with you: Confucianism, the Ming Dynasty, Communism. I’m happy to tell you about the history of Mardi Gras or how to properly peel a crawfish. Just because I’m Chinese, doesn’t mean that I was born implanted with a chip on Chinese history. Sorry.

    To be honest, I mostly date white guys. Most of the guys that ask me out are white. I can’t deny that I feel a pang of guilt when I realize that I feed into the white man/asian woman stereotype. However, I don’t have the time to seek out only asian friends or asian guys to date.

  15. Asian Mistress

    I heart you Holiday.

    Virgle – get your own damn tie. Holla back.

    Anon – I’m asian and I have big boobs. Then again I don’t look like a 12 year old boy. So there goes the homosexual theory too. Seriously, where did THAT come in. I think I need to send Dale in on this one…

  16. lady bizness

    Many years ago I had a notion that the concept of beauty in America, though broadening, is still largely defined in terms of caucasian features like narrow noses, etc. This may be why Naomi Campbell and Lucy Liu are considered so beautiful by the general population. So I’d be curious to see a study of inter-racial couples to see if this theory of mine holds up. If white men are dating Asian women who have caucasian-esque features then they’d really be getting the exoticism _and_ the stereotypical ideals of beauty in one fell swoop.

  17. holiday

    I forgot to add another one of my favorites:

    Loser Guy: “Let me guess your ethnicity.”

    Me: “I’d really rather we didn’t.”

    Loser Guy: “No. Come on. It will be fun.”

    Me: “I just think it’s sort of a bad idea.”

    Loser Guy: “Vietnamese? Laos? Filipino? Korean? No. You’re not Korean. Too dark”

    Me: “I’m just going to save you the trouble. I’m Chinese.”

    Loser Guy: “Chinese. I never would have guessed that. Are you sure? Hey, do you think I could get your number?”

  18. Dale

    I haven’t looked like a 12 year old since I was 9… although I do see some asian queens being all geisha and it sickens me…SICKENS ME…

    This coming from a 6’3″ half japanese gay man

  19. Me luv ya' long time

    White guys love us Asian ladies because:

    1.We know how to please our white men inside and outside the bedroom.
    2.Most of us are smarter than white chicks. Hey, we?re known to be good with numbers.
    3.Our beautiful long silky hair and exotic eyes and not to mention our beautiful smooth baby skin (free of acnes & freckles).
    4.Our slender petite body. Not all of us girls are flat chest, some of us Asian girls have boobs too you know? (Thailand, Filipino, Indonesian, some of the Viet & Laotian).
    5.We?re sexually talented. Did I already mention that? Oops sorry. (Note: Asian girls are freak but we?re not slut).
    6.We usually are polite, nice, sweet, and soft-spoken and yet ? (see #s 1 & 3).
    7.We?re independent, confident, and free of drama.
    8.We?re just a complete perfect package, don?t you white boys think so? 😀

    Notes to white bitches that hate us and always give us dirty looks. Yeah, you know who you are. We know why you hate us, *ahem* because you?re jealous of us. We somehow intimated you white girls. Because deep down you know if we want your white men, we can easily steal them from you. Haha!

  20. DCB

    ^^^^^^^^ very good argument

    “4. Tight pussies. I can?t *believe* nobody mentioned this!”

    Damn you beat me to it. :laugh:

    Asian girls are pretty weird with their mannerisms. They are… annoying. Why are they so obsessed with their cell phones? I’d totally go for a thai or filipino girl.

  21. Chu Mi

    Me Luv,
    Yes and too we can butcher neighbors cat and our white boy no never know we put it in wok with veggie.

  22. paully

    American girls are huge haters. When I walk down the street with an Asian girl and an American girl is coming from the opposite direction, I usually get the stank eye. “Why do you like them? I don’t see what the attraction is.” I get asked that sometimes.

    Maybe it’s because I live in Japan. There are quite a few asians running around here. If I don’t respond to the advances of a [western] woman here, I get dismissed as having an Asian fetish, which isn’t true. Whatever makes her feel better though.

    American women in Japan who aren’t into Japanese guys are pretty hard up, so they turn pretty vicious. They pull their typical American shit (that they can get away with in the states), and get all pissy when the tables turn and they get “the hand”. Sorry sister, there’s a room full of better looking girls who aren’t acting like complete beyotches.

    In any case, saying “Asian women are _________” is pretty ignorant. Lumping a Japanese person and a Laotian in the same “asian” category is like saying a Portuguese person and someone from Moscow are similarly “western”. They’re all different, and for every pro there’s a con. If someone is obsessed with “asians,” it’s probably their own construct and they’re imposing some kind of cultural misunderstanding on a girl with asiatic features. Liking Asian girls for how they look is acceptable. Saying you like them because they’re more submissive/traditional/whatever cultural nonesense is stupid.

  23. Anonymous

    The fate of MOST girls is common … Give it up and then get dumped, the Asian ones are the most fit for this “pumped and dumped” operation – It’s almost like a conquest. They’re usually able to stay getting pumped for a while because decent morals gave them a head start (tighter pussy)- the other whores start off with a major handicap, they’re the ones who “never get called back” it takes ONE NIGHT to pump and dump.

    But Yeah, Asian girls start off real tight until you bang it out several times and then it’s just ordinary and loose and boring and whiney. NEXT.

    It’s the exciting version of RODEO, call it Ho-deo for now – Girls, how long can you remain in the “PUMPED” phase and prolongue your (eventual) fall into DUMPED?

  24. tight asian girl

    “Pumped and dumped”? Us Asian girls? Nah, NEVER. Ay white boy, you got that wrong. We became “whiney” because we had new victims (white boys) in mind. Ha! We pretended we were whiney so you dumped us. laugh: = We like to make our white boys (even the ones with small penises) think they are in control even when we’re not interested with them anymore. It’s a culture thing, you know 😉 Oh yes, we’re very tight if you found us loose because of your small microscopic penis. hump: =

  25. Joe

    It is NOT the “exotic”, DCB! That’s the conventional wisdom, i.e. what the mass consensus wants everyone to believe.

    In DC, the large numbers of White Guy/Asian Girl pairings has to do with the fact that a very large chunk of white girls (in the looks range of 5 or 6 and up) have made themselves inaccessible to the vast majority of white guys (i.e., in the looks range 7 and down). Simply put, white girls in DC are massively stuck-up!

    I hate to say it and I’m the furthest thing from a racist, but the next rung “downward” from white girls on the PERCEIVED ethnic hierarchy, to most white guys, is Asian girls.

    (Prob is, in DC, most US-born Asian females are almost as stuck-up, arrogant, and full of themselves as their white counterparts, and generally MUCH less social and outgoing, so it’s a wash — they are for all intents and purposes almost as hard to date.)

    I never had the “problem” of fantasizing about Asian women because I find African-American and Hispanic women much more attractive (note: this is MY preference, NOT a dis on Asian women!)

    During my 9-year stint living in the DC area, I had a pretty hot, very smart black girlfriend for about 6 months.

    I also found it was damn near impossible to get a date with Hispanic women (although I tried), because most of the ones in the DC area (Salvadoran and South American) were extremely culturally programmed to date only inside the Latino community. And Latino men keep their women on a VERY short leash… Just looking at, or practicing my Spanish with a pretty waitress in a Salvadoran restaurant in Arlington brought hostile stares from about 15 of her compatriots from around the room.

    This is not a racist comment (although I’m sure to be excoriated for it), but just about all those white guys you see with Asian girlfriends would rather date a white girl in a hearbeat, but are rejected the vast majority of white chicks who are any better looking than average (b/c all these white chicks are only dating the best-looking white guys). The white guys who are dating Asians are doing it because they’re resigned to. It’s the “next best thing”. They’d drop the Asian chick for the first blue-eyed OC-type who batted an eye at them. But they don’t have to worry about that, because in DC, it won’t happen unless the guys is an uber-stud, 9-10 in looks, and/or majorly bucks up.

    I know the hataz will all come out of the woodwork now and attack me for being racist, etc. (I am the furthest thing from racist if you know my political beliefs.)

    I’m just dropping some science about REALITY here, not the justifications people give like Asian girls are “exotic”, etc.

    Proof: one of my best friends was a typical DC policy wonk, two master’s degrees, not that good looking. Big Startrek fan, geekish as can be, awesomely intelligent but a pocket-protector kind a guy if you feel me. For years, he dated NOTHING but a long series of Asian girls while living in DC (multiple Taiwanese, Koreans, Malaysians, etc.)

    Gets a job in Russia and WHAM! Within 4 weeks he meets the love of his life in a nightclub, a gorgeous blonde hair, blue eyes, 5’8″ chick, and they’re married within 6 months.

    Said the dynamic between male and female in Russia is EXACTLY the opposite of DC.

    In DC, the white girls make all the rules and call all the shots in dating and sex. Consequently even rather plain and average girls are able to command dates with the hottest guys. If you look carefully enough and take your blinders off, you’ll see this.

    In Russia, the guys call all the shots. 85% are players and alcoholics and are too drunk to fuck, but if you happen to be SOBER most of the time, you have your pick of the most stunning women.

    Walk into any Moscow nightclub and you can literally choose almost any single, hot chick and take her home, because the power dynamic is skewed toward men, not toward women.

    In the US, particularly places like DC, men have bent over backwards to accommodate to women and we have emasculated ourselves. Consequently you have this distorted power dynamic where the women make all the rules.

    It ain’t about being exotic, it’s about being AVAILABLE. Asian chicks are more wont to make themselves available.

    Sorry if I’ve offended anyone.

  26. Boomhauer

    Why do I stick with my asian girl? Because she’s the kind of woman that DCB thinks women should be: smart, friendly, non-materialistic, dances well, doesn’t cheat, actually appreciates small romantic gestures, insists that I don’t spend lots of money on her, cooks well, dresses conservatively but sexy, and fucks amazingly.

    Some other items:

    First, Yes, it’s mostly true that Asian women allow white guys to date “above their paygrade”. I’m a case of this. I should be dating in the 5.5-6.5 range. My current girlfriend is a 7.5. There is something to that theory that attractive asian women will date less attractive white guys.

    Second, I’ve noticed a scale of desireability, at least among guys who are into asians:

    1. Japanese
    2. Chinese
    3. Filipina
    4. Vietnamese/Thai
    5. Korean

    I’m biased because I’m dating Japanese girl, but she is right in saying that a lot of Korean girls in the U.S. are stuck-up, bratty, materialistic and won’t give non-Koreans a chance.

    Third, I hate it when I mention that I date a Japanese girl because people immediately think I have a fetish for Asians. People seem pretty ready to label men who date asians as having “yellow fever”. Somehow saying a guy has “yellow fever” is fine, but having “jungle fever” isn’t.

  27. Egg Shen

    How did I miss out on this conversation?

    I only date the Asians because they make uncomplaining, obedient slaves.


  28. i'm asian and proud of it

    you guys are pathetic. you still think the white western civilizations still rules this world. don’t you know everyone else has their eyes on the other part of the word now: asia (india, china, everywhere else). and that pretty soon, you stupid, smug,self-serving people in america and europe will be drowned in your own pathetic self importance. china is getting ready to invade the western world, and emasculate you white men.
    that being the backdrop of my argument: i just wanna say:
    white women, who fear asian women are stealing their men, should relax.
    white men aren’t such a prized values in other parts of the world as they think they are. you white men may think you’re all that, but really your skin is so unattractive, your dicks are not as big as black men, and you (white men and women) wrinkle so fast that by the time you’re 27, you look like you’re 42. with asians it’s vice versa, we’re 42 but still looking like we’re 25.
    oh, and asian men do not have small dicks. i’ve dated men of all races and my husband’s dick is still comparable to my former black boyfriend. yet bigger than some of the white men i’ve dated.

  29. newhus

    How about a post about the slew of super hot redheads and blondes that date Korean men and their motorcycles and video games?

    That’s a mistifying one, i’ll tell you.

    I’ve dated 3 gorgeous girls who had just divorced or broken up with korean guys. Ah, they were so happy with my ____. Hahahahha. A freind of mine says they date korean cause they want to try exotic, but not too exotic….

    Has anyone else noticed this? Or is it just me?

    -1/2 swedish 1/2 chinese feller

  30. Joe

    While I was at GMU back in the 90s, there were a lot of Korean guys with attractive white girlfriends. In fact, I guessed the same thing as your friend, newhus. A lot of the Korean guys were “different”, but still fairly Westernized, knew enough about American slang and trends to be halfway “cool”, and I think for a lot of these good-looking women dating them was tantamount to making a “statement”.

  31. White boy with Gold Tooth Smile

    Asian girls in DC are too americanized, they just have a different look but act the same as white chicks. A little more of the gossip side as well.

    I think Asian girls that aren’t too americanized like to date white guys because we take better care of them (not drunk, abusive, gambling type as the asian guy is. Asian guys don’t like to lose face so they act like total dickheads). As long as you take care of the asian girl and family (very important) she will treat you great. Just my two yen!!!

  32. asian guy

    To all my fellow asian brothers:

    I’ve seen many websites with essays (mostly written by asian men) bursting with anger towards the ‘sellout’ asian woman. We cannot change the fact that there are a lot of sellout asian women. Sellout asian women have their own reasons for not dating/marrying asian men. Asian men like us writing angry essays won’t solve anything. Attacking sellout asian women will just create MORE sellout asian women.

    My proposed solution:

    Do not focus your attention towards sellout asian women because it will only make you angry. Not all asian women are sellouts; therefore, focus your attention towards non-sellout asian women. The hard part is finding them. You can’t really tell if an asian woman is a sellout or not just by looking at her, or who she hangs around with. Get to know her first, then you’ll find out. Whether she’s a sellout or not, be nice to them either way. Creating conflict will just make it worse, and you will never get along. When it comes to dating, you’ll know who to approach.

    Many asian women would say that they don’t have to date/marry only asian men. Therefore, asian men don’t have to date/marry only asian women.

    To all my fellow asian brothers and sisters:

    We know that interracial relationships are okay, but becoming a sellout is the main cause of many asian men and women not getting along. Don’t be a sellout.

    Remember your roots.

  33. asian guy

    Sellout Asian Women

    The ?sellout? asian woman issue is something that just won?t go away. Until now, it is still being talked and debated on. I have seen many websites and forums of people (mostly asians) expressing their views and debating on this topic. In this blog, I?ll be using asian women and white guys as an example because statistically, sellout asian women are usually with white guys. And there are a lot more asian women with white guys compared to asian men with white women. For instance, whenever I go to the mall, I always see tons of asian women with white guys and very few or no asian men with white women. The common reaction of an asian man whenever he sees an asian woman with a white guy is that he would think of the asian woman as being a ?sellout?, and would think of the white guy as having a ?fetish? towards asian women. Well, according to some of the websites and forums I?ve seen, this may or may not be the case.

    Of course an asian woman can have relationships with any guy she wants; but if she totally excludes asian men from her relationships, then she is a sellout (and stupid). As for the white guys who have participated in the forums, they all claim not having a fetish towards asian women?yeah right, they just don?t want to admit it. But I don?t really give a rat?s ass about what white guys think.

    One of the reasons that I think that sellout asian women are not attracted to asian men is because of North American media. I blame North American media because of how they are negatively stereotyping asian men in movies/TV shows. Asian men?s? role in the media is very limited compared to their white counterparts.

    How North American media usually portray asian men in movies/TV shows

    1. The Martial Artist ? He could be a ninja, samurai, assassin, monk, cop, or just an ordinary guy. His role is just to kick some ass. Examples would be Jackie Chan and Jet Li. Do you every see them NOT fighting in hollywood films? Or do you even see them f**king some chick? Nope!
    2. The Convenience Store Owner ? He is usually an old asian man who speaks very little english with a thick accent. He has a very short role in the film. He is seen as a joke.
    3. The Chef ? He is usually seen in oriental restaurants. Just like the convenience store owner, he speaks very little english with a thick accent. He has a very short role in the film. He is also seen as a joke.
    4. The Geeky Nerd ? He is usually short, thin, and has thick glasses. He is good at solving complex problems. He can never be a stud and he cannot get any pussy.
    5. The Herbal Medicine Doctor ? He can magically heal people no matter how severe their injuries are.
    6. The Gangster – He always plays the villain and he usually has some back up. They have tattoos all over their bodies. They carry guns and knives. Their role is just to start some trouble and end up getting their ass kicked by the ?good guys?.
    7. The Rich, Bad, Cocky Guy ? He?s always well dressed and owns a very expensive car and cellphone. He also has his personal bodyguards wearing expensive suits. Their role is also to start some trouble and end up getting their ass kicked by the ?good guys?.
    8. The Breakdancer ? His role is just to do some crazy ass breakdancing and act as if he was black.
    9. The William Hung ? William Hung is seen as a big joke. He doesn?t really appear in TV anymore because we all got tired of him. But whenever he appears on TV, people just laugh at him. William thinks that people are laughing with him, but people are actually laughing AT him. I?m not sure if he realizes this or he just doesn?t care. He has made asian guys look really bad. Now many people would think that asian guys are just like William Hung. William Hung is a disgrace to the asian population.

    But when it comes to a white actor for instance, he can play any role he wants. He could be a stud, action star, sports star, sex symbol, scientist, astronaut, superhero,?you name it! North American media give asian actors limited roles. They used to give limited roles to asian actresses as well, but now, asian actresses in Hollywood films can play roles that are equally the same as their white counterparts (like Lucy Liu). How come they can?t do that with asian actors? Oh I know, because it is mostly WHITE guys who produce and direct Hollywood films. They have been stereotyping asian men in their movies/TV shows for years. We need more asian producers and directors to be involved in Hollywood films to break all the stereotypes on asian men.

    We all know that the media can have a major influence on people. North American media are always showing negative stereotypes of asian men and keeps on portraying white guys as number one. Therefore, a sellout asian woman would think that an asian man is less likely to be their man. So she would rather pick a white guy because of how the media have portrayed them as being the ?better man?, and also seen as being more ?fuckable? than asian men. North American media is BS!

    As for me, I do not choose by race when it comes to relationships. And you shouldn?t either. Just don?t be a sellout.

  34. Anonymous

    “In DC, the white girls make all the rules and call all the shots in dating and sex. Consequently even rather plain and average girls are able to command dates with the hottest guys. If you look carefully enough and take your blinders off, you?ll see this.”

    Joe, that’s because the hot guys are really pussies and don’t want to work at getting equally hot women. They go for low hanging fruit – the average girl. That is, so long as she’s white.

  35. J Man

    My wife and I discuss this topic periodically (we’re both American-born Taiwanese) and I’ve come to the following conclusions:

    1) Yes, the American media poorly portrays Asian men, and this adversely affects how women view Asian men. As China increasingly becomes a political and economic threat to America, we should expect more negative potrayals of Asian men in the American media. After all, it’s the men in China that pose the real competitive threat to America, not the women (function of a male-dominated society). In the 1980’s, when Japan was a huge economic threat to America, do you remember how many anti-Japanese movies came out? “Rising Sun”….”Black Rain”…

    2) This is going to be controversial to my fellow Asian men:

    Dating is a competition, and the average Asian man in America is not working hard enough to be competitive. Yes, I know this sounds superficial, but in dating, the book cover should look good if you want lots of people to open the book. This sucks, but it is the reality.
    So, if you’re a man (Asian or not) in the dating scene, ask yourself the following questions:

    1. What aspects of my physical appearance do I have control over and can improve?

    – Dress well. Women in general love a well dressed man. Don’t always wear drab clothes (e.g. jeans, t-shirt, and sneakers). Ask your females friends for clothing advice if necessary.

    – Body. Every guy can get into shape and look strong. Women in general like strong men – so hit the gym hard. I’m naturally lean by nature, but even I can bulk up after going to the gym for a few weeks.

    – Get a good haircut

    – If you have glasses, trade them in contact lenses or at least make sure that the glasses you choose make you look better, not worse.

    2. Am I conveying confidence to others?

    Again, women in general prefer a man who has the “can-do”, successful attitude. Make eye contact, smile, and be sociable with both men and women.

    If people give you shit, do you just take it or do you stand up for yourself?

    Drop the weak-assed modesty that plagues Asian Americans. This puts you at a competitive disadvantages in America – both in the dating scene and in the workplace.

    Be assertive – there’s plenty of books on this.

    3. How often do I ask women out?

    Aggressive males are more likely to get dates.
    If you don’t ask, you don’t get.

    4. Seek out other ways to step up your game.

    Instead of complaining, more Asian guys should be asking themselves “Am I doing everything possible to be competitive in the dating world?”.

  36. Sophie

    Im white, and im very attracted to africans, afro-americans, and asian men. Most of them are soo damn hot. just thought i’d say that??

  37. wildcat

    Can anyone tell me truthfully if they find asian womans pussies tighter than white girls. I’ve been with at least 10 white chicks over the last 5 years and all of them have such loose pussies it ain’t satsifying at all.

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