My narcissism goes so deep than I need everyone to know when I’m talked about on another site, even if it’s negative. Here’s a new one.

DCBachelor went from having almost no traffic on his site (hey, I sympathize) to being the topic of conversation on blogger sites that ripped into him

You’re right, the two sites that “ripped” into me really put me on the DC blogging map, especially since they are the pulse of DC and all. We’ll ignore that one of those sites has a daily readership of six people.

But really, to attract attention for being spiteful is one thing; to turn that negative attention into love and kisses is quite another, which is why his next move was so genius. He went on other blogs and made conciliatory gestures, mainly consisting of comments that could lead to a belief that “hating” was a pose, an attitude toward life that was all in jest and could be shed like last year’s fashions (speaking of which, the dude wears a soul patch. ouch.). And as the coup de grace, he invited friend and enemy alike out to a “Haters Happy Hour.” Fucking brilliant. DCBachelor managed to become a central player in a small blogging lovefest that includes the CPMC, the Washington Socialites, and their adjuncts (cpjl, v, butterfly network, etc.). I’m not saying he’s won over all his critics, but the main point is that he have to spend any more Saturday nights wondering why the phone isn’t ringing.

Thank you for making me seem like a master manipulator of DC blog readers, who was duped into thinking that all me and my friends do is make fun of other people, unable to socialize like normal adults.

I noticed that every one of my haters is going for the soul patch, as if they are following a formula from the “How To Hate On DCB Handbook.” And every girl I’ve ever gone out with has hated on it as well. Since I still have it, that kinda tells you how I strongly I feel about have this tuft of hair under my bottom lip.

I feel like this hater tried to be a little nicer to ensure I’d plug him (he did call me a genius). For his efforts… Countersignature.

16 thoughts on “SEMI-NICE HATER

  1. The Senator

    The funny part of this was that I contacted DCist’s Mike Grass to your Haters Happy Hour to show up for posterity. He did. You got along. I think you two might have kissed. And, everyone made up.

  2. CruelHazel

    See, I LIKE the soul patch, but that’s just me.

    Everyone wants to whine abou manipulation, but fucking everyone does it. Hell, my entire major, PR, is pretty much based on the fact that you can manipulate people through words and action without them ever knowing.

  3. J.P.

    funny thing is some of us have been reading this page for 3 years. who the hell are these johnny come lately’s?

  4. Marc

    Furthermore, DCB and his crew have never been influenced by outside factors. Unlike others who sell out, or change who they are to please others.

    Most people are all about doing what makes them cooler in other people’s eyes.

    Not DCB

  5. Eric

    no kidding, the guy acts as if this site is a month old and stirring up drama for hits.

  6. V

    Damn, you’re a real puppetmaster, eh, DCB?

    I guess we are merely pawns in your, um, quest to get us to read about your life / thoughts and um, occasionally drink with other bloggers.

    I feel so used.

  7. DCB Post author

    1999! I started my first blog-like page when i was in college, though it didn’t have any readers until 2000. In 2001 readership really took off on the reopened site. I went private for 8 months starting late 2004, but I have a handful of guys who have been reading me in one form or another for 4+ years. Most of my regulars have been with me for over a year. This is why i laugh at “new on the scene” type comments. New in the “dc blog” scene perhaps.

  8. Heh

    An Open Letter to the Cleveland Park Men’s Club:

    After reading a comment under the Palena entry on DCist today, and after seeing your postings everywhere for the past few months, I feel compelled to speak.

    To tell you that you need to stop speaking.

    Over-saturation, my laddies. I’m not talking about your own site or “shout-outs” in the content on other blogs, Express, what have you. I’m talking about the comment boards.

    You can’t swing a nut in this town without the CPMC commenting on it whether it was the left or the right. Dear God: just stop. Pace yourselves. Stop weighing in on everything from Palena’s roasted chicken to every word Kelly Ann Collins ever published. We (I mean this in the communal and the royal senses) are tired of the CPMC. Give us a chance to love and miss you.

    To turn a phrase from “Fight Club,” “Ubiquitous posting is masturbation.”


  9. greg

    I’m wondering how long this DC blog fad will even last. A year or two from now, nobody is going to care about the bevy of socialite blogs which have the entertainment value of daytime E! television. When this happends, you know DCB will still be blogging away, not caring whether or not it’s hip. If DCB’s blogging is to be considered part of this fad, one must ignore the many of us who have been reading his sharp wit and commentary for years.

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