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Write something about short guys and dating. I’m 5’9 (not really that short) and it still causes me problems because I am not 5’11” to 6’4″ I can only imagine the plight of the guys who are 5’6″ and below.

Dear Short Reader,

There are two ways to look at it…

Typical female response: Don’t worry about your height, it’s all about the confidence. I’ve seen a lot of short guys with hot girls and as long as you don’t think about it, you will be fine. I mean, look at Verne Troyer and his hot model bride.

Real world answer: You have been genetically shafted. Not only will you make less money than the average tall man, but your pool of available women will be limited to the tall man’s leftovers. Hint: they keep the good ones. Life goes on though, and just like in poker you gotta play the hand you are dealt. In this case, it’s 3-4 off-suit…EVERY HAND.


6’2 and still growing

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  1. Q

    Height??? The last time I thought about height was either 4th grade or when I fell off my dinosaur – can’t remember which. I’m 5’8″ and my wife is 6’2″ (in bare feet). Being prejudice against someone because of their height is about as ancient as being prejudice against someone because of their race or religion. PUHLEEEEESSSSEEEE, this is sooooooooo last EON!

    For those women who are thussly prejudice, they would miss out on Brad Pit 5’7″, Tom Cruise 5’6″ and many others.

    Sleep well America – Q.

  2. Bruno


    I’m a 5’3″ male. I beat up taller men 5’7″ plus consistently in my Brazilian Jiujitsu and Muay Thai classes every week. I pull in 90K a year and have a master’s degree; to top it all off I just bought a really nice car. Call short guys Napoleonic, but when they do claim their credentials they’re just stating the facts. If that frightens some of you tall people go back to your measuring tape to make yourself feel better.

    However, the world should be my oyster with women right? Wrong. Girls would rather date the weak unemployed asshole that is 6’0″ with a crystal meth habit over guys like me. It’s true, ladies. Your bigotry really doesn’t make me laugh nor win my friendship.

    So. Go back into the arms of someone who makes you feel “safe” (whatever that means) and have fun. There are plenty of good gentlemen you’re missing out and deservedly so since you’re shallow to begin with. Finally, fellas? If you want to take on some of us Napoleonic short guys in a fight, go to any of your Jiujitsu classes nearby and prepare to roll. Otherwise, go f*ck yourselves.

  3. 5'6"

    thats it im so disapointed with my short statured life that i am going to get back on track with the drinking all day and eating lots of vicodan.
    hopefully i will be driving drun and run over a buch of tall people and there kids.

  4. francisco

    Bruno, You couldn’t be a better example of a guy with a napoleanic complex if you tried.

  5. Anonymous

    I just sit back and laugh because I know that it is a proven fact that for every inch taller you are your IQ will be an average of 4 points lower.

    5’4″ 162 IQ
    5’5″ 158 IQ
    5’6″ 154 IQ
    5’7″ 150 IQ

    These are typical

  6. scott

    I’m just under 5’6″, 28 years old, and have never had a girlfriend. The same thing happens on every date I’ve been on: they want a taller guy. My female friends agree, they say I’m at a serious disadvantage, and they try to sugarcoat it by telling me I’m “good looking though.” IT DOESN’T MATTER if you’re good looking if you’re short. So what in the living hell is a short guy supposed to do when NOBODY wants to date him? Seriously, there is NOTHING I can do about my height. Sometimes I just feel like ending it all, since apparently I’ll never have a girlfriend at this rate. Wouldn’t you be pissed if this was happening to you?

  7. James

    Hey guys Im 5’5 and one of my best friends and roomates in college was 6’2 and had a penis like a porn star, I had never seen anything like it. Still yet I always hooked up with the hotter girls, more frequently than he did. About 15 for every one he hooked up with. Women would always go for me over him at parties, ever tall girls like 5’9-6′.

    My roomate was a realy cool guy and all but he had absolutally no confidence. He was kinda punie and pale with frekles and kinda goofie face/ receeding hair line. I was more of a jock pretty boy on the soccer team. Most people would say I had a very attractive face.

    I mean if my roomate looked and acted like me he would have probably bagged 100 times as many women as me.

    So I would probably say that if a woman had the choice of a hot tall guy or a hot short guy she would probably choose the tall guy. If she had the choice of a hot short confident guy or a tall, hideous, unconfident guy, the short guy would win out. The only thing a ugly tall guy would beat out is a ugly short guy. So pretty much if your ugly and short, you are screwed.

    I can conclude that tall is perfered, but looks/personality and confidence is perfered a little more.

    Any thoughts?

  8. Kristin_9er

    Guys think just because they are 6’4 and have a 12″ cock they think they are the shit and can get anything. Im like hello, U have a horse face and a unibrow and st-st-stutter:angry:

  9. Nick

    Okay you can’t change the genetics that account for height so might as well stop wondering about that. You also can’t help being bald. Thats also genetics. I suppose you could get one of those Bosley hair transplants or go on a Rogaine regimen but thats $$$.

    Women , in general (not always of course), like tall men which is fortunate since I’m 6’5″. I have benefited from this preference though realize that I had nothing to do with it . Now before some short guy gets all mad , think about guys who are bald at like 22. Tall or short they will have problems pulling women. And obese guys. I suppose being bald,short, and fat would be the worst scenario for anyone.

    Of course if you want to equalize the playing field then get rich or famous. You can always join a band – girls like that.

  10. Anonymous

    Seeing as the female trend to gravitate toward taller men is based on innate evolutionary breeding instincts, why doesn’t the same hold true for men? Shouldn’t men be more attracted to taller women so they could produce taller, more successful kids? The argument might be made that men are just looking to get laid while women are always looking further down the road, but that can’t be all of it.

    At 5 10.5 I’m only focusing on women who are my height from here on out. This will accomplish two things – I’ll increase my own confidence by thinking taller than I am, and I’ll up my chances of bettering my own gene pool. But I better hurry..I’m getting old.

    By the way, I only found this website because I short guy wanted to fight me in a bar last night because he said I was staring at him. So I typed “short guys” into google to see what came up, and after reading for a bit I better understood his anger.

  11. Nora

    Wow. Look , on average, women like tall men just like, on average, they like men with hair. If you aren’t tall then don’t try to change that – just accept it and define yourself in other ways. Yes it is unfortunate that in the bar scene women aren’t going to be looking at you first. Thats reality. So maybe don’t use the bar scene as your primary pick up venue. On the other hand I don’t think that working out and looking like a fire hydrant is the way to do it either. Whenever I see a short guy who is all muscled out I immediately know that he did it to comensate. Just live with it and quit fighting it. Its like bald guys with combovers, we know you are going bald so why bother. Just keep it neat, trimmed, and we’ll respect you for it.

    The wild thing is that women go through these issures all the time. Some guys only want blondes or women with “Big hooters”. The crap you guys are complaining about here is nothing in comparison to what women go through. If you are short then practice self acceptance.

  12. Andre

    Oh dude I work as a bouncer in a club and nine times out of ten its some short guy who starts all the fights. I just bounce them out and recommend therapy.

  13. Anonymous

    I’m 17, 5’8″ and i have a small penis! Life is unfair lol, my dad is 6’2″ but my mum is like 5’0″… omg

  14. 5'5" dude

    I’m 5’5″, 23 and asian. Muscular and lean…not bulky. I have to admit, it does bother me that chicks always prefer tall guys…but the older I get the less I seem to think of it. Most of my friends are 4+ inches taller than me…all you can do is laugh. Many hot chicks go out with loser tall dudes with no money making prospects in the future. If you chicks like guys who are tall, dress nice, cheat on you but have 20 dollars in their pocket…be my guest. Quality women don’t need height to quanitfy the quality of their man.

    I have a beautiful chinese gf, shes smokin’, shes 5’6″, whom I’ll marry, well educated and makes lotsa money…yes, I lucked out. But to all you short guys out there, don’t even think about your height! Just keep working whatever angles are available. Not all quality women are taken, just most of them…haha. To the tall guys, you lucked out genetically…but be nice…many short guys are like pitbulls.

  15. Dugan

    I notice the height thing has only become an issue ever since the invention of online dating since the criteria is soley based on superficial qualities. Unfortunately, online dating is a beauty contest and women (men are JUST as bad) make judgements on dating in this order “Tall” then “handsome”. As long as your tall, everything else seems negotiable. The worse offenders, believe it or not,tend to be divorced women from the age group 40-49. Why? In my opinion, after these women divorce, they have a warp sense about themselves and who they are and haven’t quite grasped they’ve really aged and/or gained weight and have too high opinion of themselves. They actually believe they’ll bag Mr. Prince Charming (Tall, hansome and rich) and these warped perceptions are based on what they watch on television shows such as soap operas, “Sex in the City”, and “Desperate Housewives”.

    I would advise anyone under 6′ to stay away from online dating because they’re NOT the women you want to formulate a relationship with. Relationships start with friendship first and what’s in the heart. I realize you are at first attracted to outside appearence but how many times have you met an attracted person who ends up being a complete jerk or a jackass and he or she nauseates you anytime they’re in your presence? On the flip side, admit you’ve met a person who you aren’t especially attracted too in the beginning one iota but something inside clicks with this person because they fun, hilarious, exciting, considerate, and just a great person to be with! That’s missing with online dating because, unfortunately, the sole perception of who you are is based on your stupid picture and your stats chart.

    Note to women – I know many married men who are 6′ and over that play the online dating game for a quick lay because they KNOW they’re in demand. Realize the stats are in their favor. Men 6′ and over comprise only 14% of the population (leaving 86% out). Break that stat down and you realize of that out of the small 14%, you have to figure out who aren’t already married, who are non-commital, and who is just looking for a good time. The makes your pickings even slimmer.

  16. You won't now

    im one of those tall married guys whose obsessed with online dating ladies. i’m 6ft-3in and online dates are the easiest place for a quick lay. Women lack the logic to know they’re being played so its easy pickins. hey most of the time theyre jumpen my bones first!

  17. Justin

    Easy to see the double standard in Nora’s post. It’s okay for women to change themselves if they’re too short (wear pumps or high heels),or gray (dye your hair) or balding (wear a wig). But if you’re a short guy, accept the way you are damn it!

    Using Nora’s logic, the next time I see some fat ass broad, I’ll tell her she has a fat ass and three chins and she needs to accept the way she is. I’ll also mention that on average guys like thin model type chicks and she needs to get used to it.

  18. Lisa

    Justin, I don’t see a double standard in Nora’s post at all. Actually her message is helpful to guys who are struggling with being short – accept the physical aspects of yourself that you cannot change and define yourself in other ways. That is good advice for men and women of all sizes so I don’t see a problem. As a woman I can tell you that we endure much more harsh criticism for our looks since we are under never ending scrutiny by men and women. Be skinny ! Have big boobs ! Sure there is surgery though one has to wonder if its worth it. For me it isn’t but then again I’m comfortable with the “cards” I was dealt. They aren’t all good by any means but I’ll work with them and hope to meet someone who is going to appreciate me for things other than my looks.

    Back to the height issue. That cannot be changed so its not really something that can be addressed with surgery which is why agonizing over it will help. If you are a cool guy then it will come through regardless of your height.

  19. profitessa

    Justin, The so called “fat ass broad” can in fact change ,(if she so wishes), by losing weight whereas height is something that cannot be changed so I’m not following your logic. I’m quite certain that what was being said was that it would be helpful for the short man to accept what he cannot change (his height) and find other ways to define himself and develop his character. I realize that it is of little consolation to point out various successful people who are of small stature but there are plenty of guys under six feet who have distinguished themselves without worrying about their height.

    Everyone has something about themselves that they wish to change so its not like being short is some kind of death toll. For example there are lots of guys who are bald and feel massively insecure about themselves. Of course there are surgical atlernatives but its never the same. But I see many bald men who do well in life without getting hung up on the fact that in general women like men with hair. Some do (most I’ve found) but there are plenty who look beyond that. Its the same with height.

  20. dan

    Justin is right on. There IS a double standard with height/men weight/women.

    I’ve heard women say “I don’t date shorties” but then are offended when men point out they don’t date a certain woman because she’s too fat. That’s pure bull crap.

    Superficial attitudes work both ways. Sorry Missy. You can’t have your cake and eat it too.

  21. Nica

    In your eagerness to be bitter you too fail to see the problem in your “logic”. The so called “fat woman” can , if she so chooses, lose weight and return (if she ever was) a thinner state. A person, male or female, cannot change their height which is in fact why I surmise that Nora suggested that people should accept this reality about themselves and quite making it the source of insecurity. On the other hand after reading your post it is clear that some people just want to be bitter no matter what. Your height isn’t the problem its your nasty attitude.

  22. Samwell

    Dan, You need to chill out dude. You aren’t doing much to dispell the stereotype of the short guy. Every person has something about themselves that they don’t like. Being short is just one example. Like others have said here, what about bald guys ?
    Doesn’t matter what height you are, women always seem to prefer guys with hair. You might want to find a way to deal with the cards nature dealt you and move on.

  23. Ariana

    Umm, I don’t know of any woman who expects a man to be happy dating an obese woman. There are plenty of obese women who would very much like men to ignore their girth but at the end of the day they know very well that very few men -prefer- the company of a large woman. But the average woman doesn’t sit there and get angry because our heavier “sisters” are being passed over.

    I’ll date whomever I want and I’ve dated tall men, medium height, and once a guy who was shorter than me so its not like I’m operating with a mind to -exclude- anyone. On the other hand I make no apologies for liking the type of man that I do just as no man should have to make apologies for the type of woman he would like to date. Yes. it would be great if we could all be movie star good looking but the reality is that we aren’t. So we have to work with what we were given.

  24. Anonymous

    It seems like your all missing the point, from what girls have told me, most prefer height for 2 reasons, want someone who is at least taller than them, and height is typically proportionate to dick size.

    Girls is that typically the case, taller=longer? Now maybe shorter guys can make up in girth, and obviously skills, but only u ladies know this…

    I don’t think most will only date that way, but many tall girls prefer it. Everyone has their preference and/or requirements…

  25. cj

    I used to like taller guys but I’m actually advised to see short guys as a positive feature. As someone who’s looking around for husband-to-be, I would choose someone short over someone tall.

    Ladies, think about it. If everyone wants a tall guy, don’t you think other girls would want YOUR tall guy? I’m the type that gets jealous easily so I don’t see shortness as being something negative. The fewer girls like my short guy, the better. =)

  26. Anonymous

    look up tom cruise, bow wow, t.i.’s height. bow wow’s like 5’4 and t.i.’s 5’7 and they get plenty of women.

    i’m 5’8, working on the fame and the money haha

    nah, but i seriously have a problem. i dont think it stems from being short tho. it’s just one of those things u gotta overcome. i’ve never had a problem being short in highschool, it’s college. games on, competitions on.. but what am i gonna do with a small ass frame and body like a girls. thank god i have a 7 inches under the belt

  27. someguy

    Tom Cruise ? Celebrities who are short don’t have problems attracting women because they are rich and famous. In the case of celebrity it rarely matters what you look like or what your height is because there will always be attractive women who want someone with money, connections, and fame. Lots of short guys go into entertainment and music for this very reason. For example there are LOTS of short guys in the world of rock music – e.g. Mick Jagger, Axl Rose (incidentally both wear some form of hair pieces , plugs, transplants) which points to another male insecurity which is baldness. When you think about it all, it very much seems that men are equally as sensitive and concerned with their looks as women.

  28. Mika

    What I think is odd is when men think it okay to classify women purely on a physical basis (e.g. big breasts, blonde, brunette, big booty) yet they get angry when women want a tall man. You can’t have it both ways guys. Either quit specifying women as if they were built on an assembly line strictly for your pleasure or don’t whine when we want a taller man. You can’t have it both ways.

  29. Nomanu

    Mika, EXACTLY ! Guys want to classify women in terms of purely physical characteristics but they can’t handle it if we do the same to them.

  30. Anonymous

    I am 5′ 7″. I like tall girls around 6′. I like to walk with my arm around her waist and hers around my shoulders, in her high heels. Its much nicer when the girl is taller.

  31. Ron

    am 5′ 7″. I like tall girls around 6′. I like to walk with my arm around her waist and hers around my shoulders, in her high heels. Its much nicer when the girl is taller

  32. david blaze

    im about 5 6′ and i have been out with models.. actresses…. my ex was miss teen usa
    i fought two guys with bats in thier hands and i still won………. i was in the Marines .. i been in the movies ……. ive done a lot .. im not bragging ….. just letting all u short guys know
    if u are short .. u can still get the girl
    not every girl .. but yeah u can still get the girl….. the important thing is to be happy.. and why do u have to be the object of every woman’s desires to be happy? if u are 5 foot… be the baddest 5 foot mofo around

    David Blaze has left the building lol

  33. Anonymous

    5’7 I get choice of girls because I always make good choices. Variety is good tall guys but think about your shorter son because you didn’t think about her breed. Don’t be a bully dance with a partner maybe two if you see more you like. And if you see a quiet person tall or short let them chill. This is all an illusion in one way or another. Privacy respect dignity strength, learn. The funny thing is women can be so social that expect to get to know you all at once or expect that a short guy maybe self concious. We are all protagonists in our stories. I pulled girls more than anyone in high school college now. That’s not all I care about achomplishing. I want to hone my own demeanor intelligence more than my body at this point, but seriously guys every crew needs a tough shortish guy. We all want to feel like we are invencible I’ve been there for my friends when a girl broke their heart or just flat out rejected them real knights never fall off the horse. No one should go into a big event with less than 5 to 8 people and expect to be loud and make a scene WHILE YOU’RE YOUNG!

  34. Anonymous

    I’m sure Tom Brady and Wes Welker share a deep friendship. Wes welker; leads in touch downs 5’7 Tom Brady; most completions 6’4.

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