Two unrealistic characters + two ugly chicks + one dumb plot = Oscar-worthy movie???


I’m convinced this is the critic’s practical joke of the year. Lets all hype this movie and watch the sheep fall in love with it!

Ugh. I want my $11.25 back.

4 thoughts on “SIDEWAYS SUCKS

  1. DCB

    I remembered a NY Times article I read about this movie calling it the most overrated movie of the year. It basically said that critics loved it because the main characters were critics themselves.

    Article is 8th post down.

    In “Sideways,” a good many critics see themselves, and it is only natural that we should love what we see. Not that critics are the only ones, by any means, but the affection that we have lavished on this film has the effect of emphasizing the narrowness of its vision, and perhaps our own. It both satirizes and affirms a cherished male fantasy: that however antisocial, self-absorbed and downright unattractive a man may be, he can always be rescued by the love of a good woman. (What’s in it for her is less clear.)

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