Everyone knows a girl who is a size queen. There is at least one in every social circle. I’ve had the privilege of meeting girls before they became size queens, giving me a raw look into their development.

At first, the size queen doesn’t realize she likes size. This is probably because she has been with men who are average. She has been satisfied in the bedroom and may even please herself with an extra big black dildo, but size is still not high up on what she wants from a man. Then she meets a guy who is big, whether it be girth or length, and she realizes that the extra size has its benefits. She likes the idea of working with something large – having “something big in my hands” – moreso than the extra sexual pleasure it may or may not bring. It’s mostly mental. It’s an emotional attachment similar to how people obsess over consumer products. For instance you may be a person who swears by a morning cup of coffee from Starbucks. It’s not necessarily the best coffee, but you have developed an unreasonable attachment to it for reasons which are ultimately minor, like convenience or consistency.

Once the size queen gets a taste of this large size, she hypes it up and discusses it with her friends. In a sort of groupthink, these girls come to the conclusion that bigger is better. Then the stereotyping begins. She looks at her big stud and tries to classify him to help her identify what other guys are big. Maybe he has big hands, a strong bone structure, or he comes from a specific background. If her stud was Ukrainian, she will start to think of Ukrainian guys a little bit differently. Her next hook-up may very well be a Ukrainian to see if her crude stereotype holds. It usually will not because her small sample size of one is not predictive.

The next step is inevitable. I have seen it several times with my own eyes. She will date a black guy for the first time. The stereotype that black guys are big is extremely powerful in this culture. I knew a girl in college who was obsessed with size. First she started dating tall guys and guys with odd features. Then she devised theories on how to tell size without touching. Many years after college word came back that she exclusively dates African men. Very large African man. She is just one example of many. It is after the black man that she knows once and for all if her obsession is real or fleeting. Most girls realize that their adventure with size was only short-term, something fun and exciting like riding one of those roller coasters that blasts you from 0 to 60 in 3 seconds. They revert and place things like cars and money back on their list of most desired qualities. But how about the other girls, the 20% that realize they need it big? Well, they need big for life.

P.S. I’m huge.

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  1. holy shit people, give it up.

    Wow people, who gives A shit what women want, you really should care alot less about how much you’re pleasing them.

    Just bang the chick and split, there is always more where that came from, and hell you might even find A crazy chick who can’t handle the reality of A fuck-and-run and she’ll keep trying to make your hers ( with sex or w/e ).

    The point being is women ( even some of the ugly ones ) Go through life waiting for some guy to come talk to them, or make A move on them. . . .

    Most women these days arent worth the shit you stepped on as you walked across your lawn, treat them as they act, like sluts.

    If A women is single and living by her self and even half way pretty, expect her to be sleeping with several men, possibly at the same time.

    I’m sure I’ll get some silly replies from the women on this blog, but thats only because the truth hurts, HA.

    Quote away women.

    P.S. Size doesnt matter to all women, its totally pathetic to think that every women on earth is exactly the same.

    This is how it works,

    Fat women with low self-esteem – 5% chance she will cheat on you.

    Fat women with some confidence for some reason ( maybe she has A nice set of tit or something ) – 15% chance she will cheat on you.

    Normal size women with O.K. self-esteem – 35% chance she will cheat on you.

    Normal size women who is unique/beautiful – 50% chance she will cheat on you

    A gorgeous women with A flat ass or missing A part of tits – 85% chance she will cheat on you.

    -45% chance she will consider cheating on you atleast A few times.

    A hot piece of ass with some great T&A – 99% chance she will cheat on you.

    -90% chance she will consider cheating on you or fucking someone else, DAILY.


  2. Happy to be Hung

    Excuse me “holy shit people, give it up” but where exactly did you get these so-called “facts”?
    What study was done, by whom, where, and who paid for the study that gave these so-called “facts”? My guess is it is pure rubbish. Because of your attitudes expressed you have just told the world you have been dumped, probably several times, and never got over it, and are still intensely angry about it. And at least one of the females told you that you have a small, unsatisfying dick, which you probably knew all along. BTW, girls with low self esteem, sadly, come in all shapes and sizes. Some of the most beautiful women I have ever met had low self esteem.

  3. G

    I think ability can make more than a bigger dick but I’m just an average man so I can’t really tell but in my experience average and skilled can produce better reactions than bigger and just bigger. A girl I was recently with admitted that I am not absolutely the biggest she had, she talks about “the big one” she had time ago who was really convinced he is the best lover on earth; well, she also admitted that she “only” came two times, first time with one “smaller” than me and then with me; now that I know her I can make her come whenever I want, important it to have a feel and to know who is lying next to you. The “big one” didn’t last for more than 5-10 minutes and was just thinking about his pleasure, same for all the others; my first concern is her pleasure, I’ve ended so many times without coming but to see the pleasure in her eyes when she was coming was an incredible feel.
    My opinion is that, yes, a big dick is important, maybe most for men than for women, but if you don’t care about who is next to you no big dick can satisfy her.


  4. Scorpion

    Those that need the big one tend to be fat obese cows. However fat women I noticed cheat more then the hot ones to justify they are hot. So Holy Shit, you are pulling stats out of you ass.

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