You know how you might have a celebrity crush on someone, and you totally join their fan forums and read all about them in Us Weekly, and think they’re so cool, and then you meet them in person, and they’re completely worthless?

I feel that way about Miss KAC.

I started reading her now-defunct DC Socialites blog shortly after I moved here last year. She seemed so fun, and awesome, and always doing cool stuff, and going to bars that I didn’t yet know existed. I checked out all of the links to other blogs (which is how I first came upon DCB), I wondered why Windy mysteriously vanished, and I got kinda bummed when the blog folded forever.

But after meeting her in person and seeing her, uh, “revamped” blog, I feel sorry that I even wasted my time.

First off, her blog is a piece of shit. “Ask KAC” and she will respond with obtuse, trying-to-be-flippant, Paula Abdul-on-painkillers answers. I’d rather eat glass. That incredible pile of feces was strike one.

Second, KAC must have the worst judgement in people. From what I hear, she hangs out with the most two-faced, execrable idiots imaginable which explains why none of her friendships ever seems to end well.

Third, I guess she has some kind of bodyguard because she’s gotten death threats or some such nonsense. Her blog makes me want to kill myself after reading it, not her. If she’s so worried about threats to her safety – and not, oh, some kind of bizarre head case – she should STOP BLOGGING. If you, dear readers, think I’m an uppity bitch, you should try coming to a blogger happy hour, where KAC will no doubt bring the world’s biggest douche as her date and then barricade herself in a corner and not even try to be friendly and then leave early to go to some “hot” other place… full of pretentious snoots like herself.

Finally, yeah, I did say her hair looked like troll dolls styled it, and I think anyone at that happy hour would be hard-pressed to deny it. But so what? I’ve had that and worse said about me (mostly in the comments section – thanks guys). I mean, WHO CARES? GROW UP! Isn’t she over 30? I guess her spinster-dom requires no explanation.

Look for a response on her blog, likely some form of ridiculous, devil-may-care deflection… accompanied by one of her trademark stock photos meant to suggest the utter fabulousness that she is terminally lacking.


  1. chicgirl

    i thought dcb and this girl were buds? So how will this all play out? I read her old blog and just scratched my head I will admit. She portrayed a social life that I am not sure really exists in DC, maybe LA, NY but DC????

  2. Rudy and Blitz

    De-linked! Enjoy the ride (back) into obscurity, KAC… I hear West Virginia is lovely this time of year.

  3. slade

    i think celeb worship in the states is sad and pathetic i mean look how popular that that sour faced bitch J-LO is in your cuntry

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  5. Piter Devries

    KAC always shits her nest. She’s always willing to throw her “friends” under the bus for the drama of watching them get crushed. Thank baby Jesus she’ll never reproduce.

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