You know how you might have a celebrity crush on someone, and you totally join their fan forums and read all about them in Us Weekly, and think they’re so cool, and then you meet them in person, and they’re completely worthless?

I feel that way about Miss KAC.

I started reading her now-defunct DC Socialites blog shortly after I moved here last year. She seemed so fun, and awesome, and always doing cool stuff, and going to bars that I didn’t yet know existed. I checked out all of the links to other blogs (which is how I first came upon DCB), I wondered why Windy mysteriously vanished, and I got kinda bummed when the blog folded forever.

But after meeting her in person and seeing her, uh, “revamped” blog, I feel sorry that I even wasted my time.

First off, her blog is a piece of shit. “Ask KAC” and she will respond with obtuse, trying-to-be-flippant, Paula Abdul-on-painkillers answers. I’d rather eat glass. That incredible pile of feces was strike one.

Second, KAC must have the worst judgement in people. From what I hear, she hangs out with the most two-faced, execrable idiots imaginable which explains why none of her friendships ever seems to end well.

Third, I guess she has some kind of bodyguard because she’s gotten death threats or some such nonsense. Her blog makes me want to kill myself after reading it, not her. If she’s so worried about threats to her safety – and not, oh, some kind of bizarre head case – she should STOP BLOGGING. If you, dear readers, think I’m an uppity bitch, you should try coming to a blogger happy hour, where KAC will no doubt bring the world’s biggest douche as her date and then barricade herself in a corner and not even try to be friendly and then leave early to go to some “hot” other place… full of pretentious snoots like herself.

Finally, yeah, I did say her hair looked like troll dolls styled it, and I think anyone at that happy hour would be hard-pressed to deny it. But so what? I’ve had that and worse said about me (mostly in the comments section – thanks guys). I mean, WHO CARES? GROW UP! Isn’t she over 30? I guess her spinster-dom requires no explanation.

Look for a response on her blog, likely some form of ridiculous, devil-may-care deflection… accompanied by one of her trademark stock photos meant to suggest the utter fabulousness that she is terminally lacking.


  1. KassyK

    Ouch. I dont know her so I bizarrely have no comment but I have met you Miss S and having taken a shot of yaagermeister with you at Happy Hour will say that I do find you quite entertaining…Did something happen to spur this on?

  2. Anonymous

    Well, glad you caught up with most of the rest of us. Douchebaggery is not limited to men.

    Two-faced, execrable idiots… haha! Couldn’t you tell from her photos that she likes greasy guido poseurs?

    You’re starting to redeem yourself, Sally.

  3. KAC

    LOL. Miss Sally, you are just mad because I called you out. Diff here is that my comment affected you. Such hate. Tsk, tsk. What you did only made me laugh and reminded of a cigar-sucking Monica. I’d think you would be more interested in finding out which HHH guests ratted you out. Blog on, KAC

  4. O-face

    Paula Abdul-on-painkillers answers
    Now thats funny…..Oh how the blood will pour from this post…Like doing push ups over a plate full of pins-pulled grenades.

  5. Anonymous

    Grow the fuck up, KAC. Pick on someone your own age. That is, IF anyone over thirty still bothers with pathetic shit like this. Most grown women have better things to do than to desperately try to get famous for blogging. You’re going to have to come up with better ways than that to get your fame.

  6. Over It

    Like you I became facinated with the socialites blog before moving to DC even becoming inspired to start a blog of my own. To say I was disappointed with the “scene” Miss KAC described would be the understatement of the year. Reality isn’t perception, it’s truth and the reality of the socialite scene was that it lacked any substance and was full of false fun. Pity that she is still hanging on to her lies and staying in the scene.

    Bravo to you.

  7. Ayla

    How is KAC “picking” on anyone? She responded to a post about her. That’s called standing up to oneself. And, granted, she mentioned a few things about what Sally said about her at HHH, but, again, that’s responding to what was already said, not “picking” a fight.

    Just sayin’.

  8. Anonymous

    Yes, and Sally was only making some observations, and accurate ones at that. Just sayin’.

  9. Chaco

    I guess we now know that DCB gives Sally complete editorial freedom.

    For the record, I have met KAC a few times in various clubs and she was perfectly pleasant on each occasion.

  10. M

    What were the comments about Sally that started the whole thing? KAC’s link didn’t provide any answers.

  11. Pagan Marbury

    Kelly Ann inspired a generation of bloggers, including me. She is personally responsible for DCB’s launch, and he in turn is launching you, so keep that in mind.

    It’s frustrating that she plays so close to the vest about her personal life (the excommunication of Windy and Luke Duke, the will-they-or-won’t-they dance with the Senator), but hey, I’m a fictional character, so I have no room to talk.

    Her new blog is probably a nice departure for her- fun and easy to maintain. It fulfills her blogging addiction without making her a slave to her computer.

    Sally, I think you rock, but there’s an old adage: “If you’re going to shoot at the queen, you’d better not miss.”

  12. Windy

    excommunication??? :rolleyes:

    regardless of whether you agree, disagree or don’t care, this post has certainly made for an interesting reading day. Carry on …


  13. DCB

    “She is personally responsible for DCB?s launch”

    whoa now simmer down. you may want to consult my blogiversary post for more accurate information

  14. Anonymous

    Windy, I’m surprised you and KAC aren’t still friends. You both so looooooove the drama.

    Now go sleep with someone else’s boyfriend. Again.

  15. Anonymous

    note that kac’s response, if you want to call it that, did indeed have a stock photo

  16. Angry Dwarf

    When I walked out the door this morning I noticed a feeling of tension in the air…a feeling that something was coming…now I know what that feeling was…but I was sure it was going to be DCB hammering the “senator’s” newish blog!!!

  17. TC the Terrible

    Man, I have got to spend less time working (is that even possible?) and more time reading the comments on DCB. This stuff is better than a high school drama-mama fest.


  18. Jesus Christ

    ps- i meant amen and thanh heaven for ms. sally. i seen photos of both gals and sally is definitely hotter. move over old guard- here comes the new and fresher…it’s kind of like Beta vs VHS vs CDs vs I-Pod.

  19. Anonymous

    I also think Sally is a better writer than KAC (not that it’s hard to beat her), but ultimately what it comes down to is who is younger and prettier. Therfore, Sally automatically wins.

  20. AUA

    Nice to see another anon who doesn’t know shit about shit proving my “broken record” theory. You fucking pussy 🙂

  21. M

    What’s the deal with the “broken record” theory?

    Who slept with who’s boyfriend?

    Is DCB’s statcounter going nuts today?

  22. Days of Broken Arrows

    The KAC I’ve experienced has been helpful,, friendly and quite different than the one being described. This sounds like jealousy to me. KAC established her own blog, identity and scene without having to jump someone else’s train to get “popular.”

    When will DCB get back to being about bachelors? This is getting like when the TV show “Blossom” forgot what its focus should be and started to focus on Joey Lawrence. Sally is no Joey Lawrence.

  23. Anonymous

    Instead, KAC tries to get popular by going after people like Tara Reid and Jeff Gannon. Like the saying goes, what better way to get attention for yourself than by going after the people who already have it. LAME.

  24. Kathryn

    Broken Arrows – actually, I have heard Sally do the most convincing Joey Lawrence-type “whoa!” you have ever heard in your life, completely impromptu.

    So there goes that comparison.

  25. Anonymous

    Committed One: Nice farewell post:
    Really? Did girl really get a new pattern? It still seems to me that girl is starting drama and spreading lies, ruining the relationships of others. I hope for girl’s sake that girl has changed and gotten a new life not based on creating drama everywhere girl goes, but I remain unconvinced. Best of luck to you, Windy.

  26. Charlotte

    I don’t know KAC as a human being, but i’ve stopped wasting my time with her stupid blog. Is it supposed to be funny or interesting? I don’t get it.

    I also disliked the troll hair, but my male friend thought it was hot. He’s very BCBG so maybe that counts for something.

  27. hedonistic

    Oh dear, 49 responses to this one? Seems everyone loves a cat fight. What a waste of precious energy!!!!

    Women should band together and refuse to cat fight in public, even if they don’t like each other. Unless you’re being paid, of course. 😀 If guys want to watch women scratching each others eyes out, they can go pay to watch wrestling or roller derby.

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