Doing all that Paint artwork has gotten me into drawing again. I was at Starbucks Saturday when I saw an Asian girl focusing on her studies. I had my memo book with me so I did a sketch. The fuzzy figure in the background is the subject.

I wasn’t going to keep the drawing so on the way out I gave it to her. Insomnia said I’m a stalker, but I think it would be flattering if someone drew me. Plus I made her skinnier than she really is.

9 thoughts on “STALKER ARTIST

  1. O-FACE

    No, i think your a stalker. You should have told her you can smell her cunt. Totally went silence of the Lambs on her. I would have paid a million dollars to see that.

  2. CruelHazel

    I don’t know how I would feel. I can see how it’d be sketchy, but I think I’d be a bit flattered. If you show up with a months worth of drawings, like ones with her sleeping in her bed and stuff… well, that’d be waaaay creepy.
    Cute sketch though. 🙂

  3. Kanan

    OK i have done an approach doing something like this..only thing i drew stick figures and titled my drawing “cute girl with friends” and gave it to her and asked her to write down her name next to her stick figure followed by her number..she cracked up when she saw the drawing wrote her number though.

  4. Eric

    it’s not stalkerish at all, and who cares if she thinks it is? if you were interested in her, you would have hit on her instead of drawing her a picture.

  5. James

    I don’t think it’s stalkerish at all. Actions are always interpreted differently based on the perceptions. She obviously thought you were a smooth operator so she probably thought it was coo.

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