Am I the only person who thinks the Pope is already dead?

Pope John Paul II is getting nutrition from a tube in his nose […] Vatican spokesman Joaquin Navarro-Valls said the step was taken to “improve the pope’s calorie intake”

NAME A NEW POPE ALREADY. Seriously, why are they dragging this half-dead man around.

And in related death news, I took a visit to Terri Schiavo’s Blog and laughed for a good 30 seconds. My favorite entry was the second post of March 25. There is no doubt to where I’m going after I die.

– DCB: The Culture Of Life

– Edit: Pope now has a high fever. And Terry Schiavo died.

11 thoughts on “STAYIN’ ALIVE

  1. MobyDickless

    Say two hail mary’s, do an eight ball, French kiss a priest and call me in the morning, my son.

  2. DCB Post author

    vb: i spend almost as much time drawing for this site now than i do writing. sometimes pictures just convey a message better than a long, boring essay

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