It’s Friday night and a single girl is getting ready to go out with her girlfriends. She hops out of the shower and first works on her hair, making it nice and pretty for the horny club guys. Then she sits in front of the mirror for one hour to do make-up (hopefully not too much to bring back circus memories of my childhood). After that she starts looking through her closet for that perfect summer outfit, settling on a cute tank top and skirt – an ensemble that is sure to arouse most guys. She’s looking good, and now it’s time for the shoes. She looks in her closet through the hundreds of pairs she has, thinking, debating, finally deciding on… flip flops. :huh:

Flip flop abuse has to stop… now. This is no joke ladies: you DO NOT look good in flip flops… EVER. Absolutely no guy thinks you look good in them, and please don’t say you “don’t care” what guys think. You know you care and we know you care, or else you’d be going out everyday in something that is actually comfortable (granny panties and a moo-moo).

And now there is news that girls wore flip flops to see the President. If seeing the President isn’t a good reason to wear shoes, then there is no hope for these girls ever.


  1. Anonymous

    As an addendum, even the fashion folks say FLIP FLOPS are a FASHION NO NO!

    So why aren’t you listening?

  2. Anonymous

    Baloney! Girls look very sexy in flip-flops. Wearing flip-flops for girls gives them an “I have freedom” oulook which is very sexy. They can just slip them on and off when they want–very nice. Many, many guys like to see girls wear flip-flops. I’m sorry if you’re not one of them.

  3. zelda pinwheel

    It’s October and I still see people wearing flip-flops. Christ, I know it’s been kind of warm lately, but come on.

    Only in D.C., otherwise known as “the least fashionable city on the East Coast.”

  4. The Raz man

    Gotta Say, I agree with all those who think chicks in flip flops are sexy. Down here in Australia, girls get around in them 365 days of the year, its a great summery look… especially it she is hot!!

  5. Sydney

    I have to agree that flip-flops need to stay on the beach and at the park. Not in restaurants, grocery stores OR in Drs. offices.
    I’m sorry, but not all sandal or flip-flop wearers don pedicures. And when wearing sandals or flip-flops your feet do get dirty from the street debris. I have seen women in dining areas that the bottom of their feet were dirty! Ugh. Enough to turn my stomach and ruin my dinner.
    And the same with grocery shopping. I want sanitary conditions folks when I am buying food.
    I remember a time flip-flops were trashy…what happened?

  6. Tati


  7. Bernardo

    It entirely depends who is wearing them. – It is truly disgusting to see an ugly or fat or old woman wearing flip flops… but if she is young and slim and attractive and has nice feet then she will look fantastic in flip flops wherever she is and what ever the outfit. – More power to hot chicks in flip flops !

  8. Jeff

    To me, women wearing flip flops shows a sign of glamour and sexiness, regardless of the occasion. It’s always a plus when I see a pretty woman with pretty feet wearing them.

  9. Gary

    No woman over 30 should ever wear flip flops. – For kids and young women they are fine.

  10. flip flop fanatic

    Flip flops are the sexiest things a chick can wear on her feet. They enhance every foot and make a girl’s feet look irresistibly sexy, especially when she dangles her feet precariously from her flip flops. The older the flip flops and the thinner and more worn-out, the sexier they are. I like it when girls let their flip flops become paper-thin and it seems like their soles are resting on the ground…also when their long thin toes spill over the front of the flip flop. As for the flip flopping sound…the louder the better… flip flops seem to say “I don’t give a shit and wear what I want…look at my sexy soles and toes and enjoy them!” Sexy feet become even sexier in flip flops…Long live the flip flop!


    I’ve seen far too many women with some knarly feet that were YOUNG, personally I do not like Flip Flops, Sandals or barefeet on ANY woman, no matter her age. Give me the old days when women dressed professionally and LOOKED DIGNIFIED, now they look like some damn trailer-trash slob or Jerry Springer Reject in the clothes and shoes they wear.

    It’s a reat treat when I see a young or even older woman dressed in heels, a nice dress and looks more professional than most of the slobs I see today.

    It’s just sickening to some of us that grew up and worked in a time where dressing very nicely or professionally was normal.

    Now most offices I visit, even law offices, the women look nasty, have on Flip Flops and “dirty” feet, not very conducive to that type of (what I thought was) a professional environment.

    We definitely NEED to bring back CLASS today, but sadly it looks like the NO CLASS/SLOVENLY LOOK is what we’re stuck with. How sad.

    Flip Flops are fine for a beach or maybe a walk in a park, but that IS the ONLY PLACES they should be worn period!

  12. Rolloffle

    You’re a retard.

    Girls DO looks hot in flip-flops, as long as they have cute feet.

    I’m a guy.

  13. A cool (and cute) guy

    Ladies, if you are going to listen to one of these many different opinions on flip-flops, you may as well listen to a cool, cute guy’s opinion.

    First of all, flip-flops make you look comfortable, and carefree, and relaxed, and that is a good thing. They are basically the symbol of being comfortable and not caring. It is pleasing to the eye to see people comfortable and enjoying themselves, especially good looking women. When I see girls/women in flip flops, I think how nice that she is comfortable and carefree and enjoying herself. As far as I am concerned, women should wear them all the time if they want to.

    Wearing flip flops shows that you do not care what other people think, which also sends out a cool, relaxed vibe. Not to mention, they feel great. They look good, they are convenient, inexpensive, and fun, enjoyable, sexy and popular. After all, what would a goddess wear, but the most comfortable shoe imaginable? What could be sexier than being a goddess in heavenly comfort not caring what any guy or the rest of the world thinks? You are, after all, getting away with wearing naked footwear.

    Except for a few wierdos or people who are up-tight, women can wear flip flops and get away with them scott-free.

    You should just enjoy. Besides, every time you wear them you are showing everyone how little you care what their opinion is.

    If someone doesnt like flip flops, maybe that is not the type of guy you are interested, so you can enjoy being in your carefree cool world with people who agree with you. You cant please everyone in this world, but if you are wearing flip flops and are carefree, who cares? Those shallow people’s narrow opinions are not your problem.

    As women, you have a right to enjoy, and if you want to, you can live in them and wear them every day. Go for it.

    If you want to know which kinds I prefer, I like the thin ones on women, cheap ones, ones that look very comfortable. Why not have the people around you comforable and happy and enjoying themselves. It is a very classy move.

  14. desert dweller

    Unlike another person who posted, possibly one of the reasons I am single is because I seem to have bad luck finding a girl who wears flip flops nearly all the time. One of the reasons I moved from the Northeast to the Phoenix area was to increase my chances. But I’ve still historically drawn women who aren’t into the flip flop thing, unfortunately. But there is always hope. Overall, my true opinion is that many guys think flip flops are hot and sexy, especially if the woman has reasonably nice looking feet.

  15. amsolish

    I`m a man and totally agree with the “cool (and cute) guy” opinion. Flip flops have been around for ages, they look so sexy on nice girls that there are no other shoes that would compete. And yes, the simply,thin flip flops are the sexiest. Nice feet are a must of course and at the same time, when a girl with beautiful feet wears flip flops it`s exactly the type of shoe that shows the most of these feet and atracts attention. I hate when girls wear closed shoes or pantyhose when it`s warm out there. Sure,some people have a different opinion, but the majority would confirm that flip flops rule!

  16. Anonymous

    Lol, you’re all pretty stupid to think this. Guys don’t say it but there are studies that the Foot Fetish, is the most common fetish, more common in guys, and so yes a lot of guys love when girls wear flip flops. About 7/10 guys. The other 3/10 find feet ugly and that’s why they don’t appreciate it. It’s understandable but you can’t just make an assumption based on yourself. As long as a girl has good looking feet, it’s a turn on. Also though I agree women over 30 shouldn’t wear flip flops. Feet are ugly, but only young girls can make feet look good.

  17. Mr.Know it All

    Haha, Mr.or Mrs. Anonymous is right that everyone makes assumptions based on his personal preferences. On the other hand you are crazy enough to think that all women above 30 must have ugly feet etc. Well, maybe you are a 13-yr old girl and don`t understand it, but look e.g. at some Granny Award show and tell me if the stars do not wear open sandals barefoot showing off their sexy feet. Well, you can hop around wearing sneakers if you wish, but all the sane people understand, that some girl can have ugly feet at age 15 while some women still have sexy feet at age 45.

  18. Robert

    Flip flops have to be the most butt ugly footwear ever invented by man. Women look much better in either high heeled sandals, flat strappy sandals or even sneakers than in those crappy shower shoes that seem to be so fashionable nowadays. I guess flip flops are okay at the beach, but anywhere else they look like the shoes of choice of some trailer trash slob. I don’t know what’s more trashy nowadays…flip flops or this obsession with tattoos. But it’s a close race.

  19. Anonymous

    I love flip flops but I don’t buy the cheap rubber ones because I wear them almost everyday. I purchase the brand name or with rhinestone like BCBG, Bebe, and I have Havaianas which cost more than BCBG & Bebe. The brand names last a lot longer than the cheap rubber flip flops from Old Navy.

  20. Anonymous

    In addition, I wear the wedge flip flops with 1-2 inches heel so it doesn’t look like I am going to the beach everyday.

  21. oohsarahhh

    I agree with dealink
    I’m a dancer.
    I wear slaps everywhere.
    If I didn’t, I wouldn’t shut up, my feet would be dead.
    This is rediculous.
    unless you’re going to a 5 star restaraunt on a special occasion, slaps are fine.
    and even then, slaps can be workable.
    I mean, be classy and get a pair of heels for your wedding.
    other than that.
    stfuuuuu about it.

  22. Anonymous

    Flip flops are absolutely the seciest thing a woman can wear on her feet. Especially in jeans.

  23. KG

    Number one, i love how men always LOVE to speak for all men (“Absolutely no guy thinks you look good in them”) even though in these comments there are tons of guys who think otherwise. Number two, guys like this also love to make blanket statements about how shallow women are (“and please don’t say you “don’t care” what guys think. You know you care and we know you care”). So apparently women should just always aspire to look as hot as possible because it’s all we have to offer anyway right? Moron. See this is the same guy who earlier in the article criticized women for spending too much time on getting ready (makeup, hair etc). We spend too much time to try to look good, we’re shallow and stupid. We try to wear something comfortable and take care of ourselves, and we’re just fooling ourselves because deep down all women are just an empty shell of a person. Gosh DCB, I am so sorry that some women take their own comfort in to consideration once in awhile instead of trying their hardest to make you pop a boner every time you see one.

    And all that blatant sexism and plain ignorance aside… flip flops? Really? Of all the things you could gripe about.

    Oh yeah and good job trying to imitate Maddox ( ). See the difference between you and him is, what he writes has comedic value and makes sense.

  24. KING

    Are you guys for real? No wonder there are soo many dissatisfied women in the world.

    First thing, there is nothing sexier than a woman with lovley feet (I luv the long slender shapley toes personally).
    These feet in flip flops just drive me crazy with passion. Something about the reckless abandon and in your face feet that is soooo goood!!

    Seriously, I mourn the loss of bare feet when winter approaches and the ladies cover up one of their greatest assets.

    Trust me, I will never flip flop on this one…

  25. brannon

    I cant believe people actually make an issue about something as small and meaningless as flip flops. Come on people, there are other things in the world to be anal and concerned about….Economy, war, famine, gas prices, etc….

  26. Love/Hate philosopher

    If you’ve noticed , some flip flops now don’t make that obnoxious noise anymore. I can stand them better now, without that noise. That noise even pissed the girls off.

    That being said, there is a duality to this issue, and I can barely bring myself to touch it. Us men hate womens’ feet , but love them at the same time. Sure, flip flops or slaps are always tacky, but girls who wear them are going for a certain kind of attention, or are just assholes.

    Pretty feet are one thing I wish for in a woman, and if my next woman has pretty feet , I would orally copulate those feet in a New York Minute, if she wished , and most of them do. But a lot of feet are ugly as sin. Feet remind people of sex and personally , I don’t like being reminded that I ‘can’t have sex with that attractive woman who is wearing flip flops’ – seems like just something she should be sharing with her boyfriend, not the general public.

    That being said , I also wouldn’t want to date a woman who didn’t have tough, calloused feet from walking barefoot in public all her life, and well pedicured. There’s a time and a place for everything. Society is constantly evolving, and devolving, trying to figure out what makes everybody happy , to get along with the rest, personally I would rather pretty women never wore shoes – just seems more honestly what they want to do.

    Maybe we should leave the widespread foot fetish popularity to the girls to decide. Its not our bodies, its the females bodies – like abortion , men should have no say in how a woman takes care of her own health. Men wouldn’t like if people told us how to dress….oh…but they do…men are not allowed to go barefoot…but thats for the best, at this current juncture in human history-How awful and grotesque would that be?

    To recap: I don’t really care for flip flops, but depends on what mood I’m in, and who’s wearing them (Brooke Burke, intelligent, beautiful, and wise Model/actress, once said ,”If a man doesn’t like a woman’s feet, he just doesn’t like her.” I find that true.) I would prefer dress slippers(but even that gets old after awhile), but I love a barefoot girl…and it’s none of my business anyway.

    Plus, I need to get laid.

  27. Love/Hate philosopher

    also , for Aquatic cultures like Florida, I would practice what I preach , and just be barefoot everywhere , even though I am a man(albeit and attractive man , with ankle bracelets and toe rings) , but no other man can pull off what I pull off. Its different when you are a drop-dead Gorgeous human:)

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