It’s Friday night and a single girl is getting ready to go out with her girlfriends. She hops out of the shower and first works on her hair, making it nice and pretty for the horny club guys. Then she sits in front of the mirror for one hour to do make-up (hopefully not too much to bring back circus memories of my childhood). After that she starts looking through her closet for that perfect summer outfit, settling on a cute tank top and skirt – an ensemble that is sure to arouse most guys. She’s looking good, and now it’s time for the shoes. She looks in her closet through the hundreds of pairs she has, thinking, debating, finally deciding on… flip flops. :huh:

Flip flop abuse has to stop… now. This is no joke ladies: you DO NOT look good in flip flops… EVER. Absolutely no guy thinks you look good in them, and please don’t say you “don’t care” what guys think. You know you care and we know you care, or else you’d be going out everyday in something that is actually comfortable (granny panties and a moo-moo).

And now there is news that girls wore flip flops to see the President. If seeing the President isn’t a good reason to wear shoes, then there is no hope for these girls ever.


  1. Liz

    I take it you are just referring to when a girl goes out wearing something nice and not in general, right?

    If you are just referring to when we girls go to a club, bar, etc. then I agree with you. It is tacky to be dressed in something really nice and then be wearing your 2 for $5 Old Navy flip flops.

    However, I see nothing wrong with wearing them casually, such as to class, to the grocery store, or to the beach. My Reef flip flops are the softest most comfortable things ever, and I’ll wear them places where they are appropriate, such as the places I have mentioned above.

  2. J.P.

    I am sorry, this has got to be the most ridiculous thing ever. CPMC wrote something about this a while back that made them sound like grown up versions of catty junior high kids saying what is cool and what is not.

    I simply cannot believe that this matters to you. What is happening to men in this country when WOMEN’S FOOTWEAR will play a definitive roll in what men find attractive.

  3. michelle

    If you are looking at the girl’s feet and not her face, then you have a problem (and if she doesn’t have a pleasant face, what makes you think her feet will be nicer?). :p

    I wear flip flops when I go out. But that’s like going out to a bar just chilling and dancing (and my flip flops have some kind of flair to it, not just plain cheapie ones), not out out where I’m all dressed up. The way I see it, I would much rather go out in comfortable shoes than complain and bitch all night about how my heels are killing me. Which would guys prefer: comfort or bitching about shoes?

  4. Liz

    I NEVER wear heels to a club, for the very reason that Michelle stated. That and I’m more of the raver type than the clubber type, so I try to stick to places with no dress code. I have more fun when I can dance freely. I personally cannot dance in flip flops, it’s just hard for me. I just wear them out to the store or to class (when I was in school).

    Michelle, you also bring up another good point. If a person wears NICE flip flops out (and there is such a thing as a nice pair of flip flops) and not the plain cheap looking rubber ones, that’s cool too.

    I still stand by my statement that I think it’s tacky when I see someone with a really nice outfit and cheap flip flops on. But it’s their choice.

    It’s whatever really. I guess some of us are more shallow than others.

  5. CrazyGirl

    I was having a discussion about flip flops the other day. My take? They are here to stay. Think about it. Flip flops became very “trendy” a few years back. Obviously though, they aren’t just a trend since they’ve managed to hang around for so long. Flip flops are going to be comparable to jeans. Jeans came around as a trend and never went away. IMO, same with flip flops.

    Although I don’t know about wearing them to a club unless they are the “nice flip flops”, I think you’ll have to get used to the gals wearing them DCB.

  6. sara

    dcb, i see what you’re saying but if i’m going to be honest here, i have to say that i’m not going to stop wearing them 🙂

    i love my rainbows, they became an addiction in college (i have four pairs) and i certainly wear them out sometimes – if it’s just a jeans & baby t kinda night…

    also, how about taking down the extremely unflattering picture? (please!) :shy:

  7. Anonymous

    flip-flops make you look like nasty white-trash rednecks with or without the rhinestones. stop wearing them. no one thinks they look good but you.

  8. DC Cookie

    DCB – did this pic inspire you for this post? Those flip-flops were loaned to me from a very nice lady since I didn’t realize there was a hiking portion to our adventure that day and i was wearing cute little lime green wedges – not so good for hiking.

    You sure it’s really flip-flops you don’t like, or feet in general?

  9. J.P.

    Listen, it’s not even about them being “here to stay” I mean- from a male point of view there is only a negligible distinction between the actual construction “shoes” women wear and flip-flops in the first place. IT’S NOT A BIG DEAL.

  10. The Senator

    Flip-flops are not like wearing a backpack on the Metro…
    And, for the record, I think it was Capo who discussed MEN wearing flip-flops, to which most of us disagreed with him. However, we do not think MEN should be wearing Adidas flops unless they play soccer…for a living.

    But, DCB, Aja up above makes a good point. Flops on girls are ok for casual stuff and walking to work. But, you are right, probably not that cool to go out AT NIGHT TO A CLUB with them on…for either sex.

  11. J.P.

    Forgive me for not realizing the context of your site’s previous remarks with regards to flip-flops as well as the authorship.

    As for as the back pack thing– the two situations are not exactly parallel, you are right. I’ll admit I don’t completely agree with you- but I will stay on topic for this site and make my comments on your post on your site.

  12. J.P.

    For the record– I agree that if you are wearing flip flops to a night club, you’re probably pretty lazy.

  13. Chase

    Why is everyone anti-flip flops? Jeez…
    Not all flip flops are cheap K-Mart ones! There are some really nice well-made ones as well.
    If it goes with her outfit or even if she feels confident and attractive in them…you should let it be. I mean, are you seriously kidding me with this? They are shoes!
    If you don’t want to date a girl because she chooses to wear flip flops on a date with you…she is clearly better off!
    I seriously doubt that everytime you walk out the house you are setting fashion trends, my friend.

  14. Muffin

    Flip flops are fine at a party, stupid out on the town.

    Platform flip flops (ie, anything thicker than a half inch) are never, ever ok. You are a clueless mall rat nitwit if you wear these abominations.

    Oh yeah – to the person above who said something stupid like “are we still in high school?” – well. Apparently you’re dressing like we are, yes.

  15. Muffin

    Oh yeah – and whoever said they look at a girl’s face not her shoes; A woman’s style indicates her taste and sensibility. If a total model is dressed like an asshole – well. It’s no wonder she had made the unfourtunate choice of going home with you, is it?

  16. Andy

    Flip-flops are comparable to heels. My ex constantly complained about how much her feet hurt from wearing flip-flops constantly, yet would never put on a pair of sneakers.

    On a brighter side though, this post reminded me of a funny scene from “it’s All Gone Pete Tong.”

    “I could stare at a flip-flop for hours.” 😛

  17. deadlink

    Give me a break. Get over your social conditioning people. OMG SHES NOT WEARING THE RIGHT SHOES SO SHE MUST BE LAZY/HOMELY/SLUTY

  18. mass

    I wouldn’t wear flipflops to a club because I don’t like my toes scuffed or broken and I know I would stub my own friggin toe.

  19. L

    DCB- try to shove your calloused feet into a pair of kitten heels for ONE HOUR and your ass will be running to Old Navy to buy a pair of flip flops in every color.

    They HURT. Walking 5 blocks in them = immense pain. Hence the flops.

  20. Muffin

    “Give me a break. Get over your social conditioning people. OMG SHES NOT WEARING THE RIGHT SHOES SO SHE MUST BE LAZY/HOMELY/SLUTY”

    Whoa, you’re blowing my mind with your anti-establishment attitude. Come back later when you’ve got a job, hippie.

  21. nabeel

    are we really talking about flip-flops? that’s not part of my criteria for finding a woman attractive.

  22. Anonymous

    I agree, Flip Flops are not flattering when out on a date with anyone. And when I was single (now married for over 15 years) I always checked out a woman from HEAD TO FOOT. If she was wearing flip flops it was most often a turn off from this guys standpoint. And don’t get me wrong, Flip Flops have their place, at the beach or maybe even a walk in the park, but not for restaurants or other establishments and I concur that they DEFINITELY SHOULD NOT BE WORN TO HIGH SOCIETY type fumctions or MEETING THE PRESIDENT! Nor should they be worn to job interviews and I’ve seen many a woman wear flip flops to job interviews, definitely NOT a smart move if you are really striving for the particular position. And flip flops have no business in the work place, especially in restaurants and I’ve seen waitresses believe it or not wearing flip flops or sandals, when I encounter this I turn around and exit the establishment.

    Again, flip flops are fine for the beach, a walk in the park or walking the dog in my opinion, but not for everywhere else.

    A Native Floridian in Florida where flip flops are more the normal shoe than anything else.

  23. Ray

    There are lots of women with cute feet that do and should wear flip flops – absolutely nothing wrong with it. It says something about a girl being carefree. Many women know they have cute feet and purposely attract attention to them by slapping their flip flops around!

  24. Flip Flop Dude

    Well I too am a Native Floridian and Flip Flops seem to be the major shoe of choice in Florida both woman and guys wear them everywhere, bar scenes, clubs, movies, dining, meetings, even at work. I know my current employer allows flip flops to be worn to work, any type of shoe you want to wear and I, myself find them more comfortable than shoving me feet into a fully closed and cramped shoe for 10 hours a day!

    So yes, I also wear flip flops everywhere I go and it IS NOT a matter of being lazy as some want to think, it is a “Matter of CHOICE” and I’ll choose a pair of Flip Flops, cheap or otherwise over any other type of shoe because they are more comfortable thany any other type of shoes out there.

    Flip Flops are definitely here to stay and stay they will. They are just far too popular to just wither and die off as many “fashion trends” have done in the past and will do so in the future.

    So if you don’t like them, that’s your choice, but not the choice of those of us that enjoy the freedom of being as close to barefeet as we can get. Hell, I’ll bet most of the folks that wear Flip Flops would actually prefer barefeet than the shoes, I know I would, but society seems to think we need to wear shoes when we shop for groceries, clothes, etc. So Flip Flops allow us the convience and comfort of being as close to being in our barefeet as possible with all the rules and regulation hype.

    ’nuff said!

    Flip Flop Dude in Florida

  25. Randy

    What is with DCB? There is nothing wrong with girls wearing flip flops any time or any place. You don’t worry that thier a hands are bare and they are body parts just like the feet.
    I think a female feet are sexy and should be viewed by the public. If you don’t like it don’t look. That’s a freedom of choice you have. So give the women freedom of choice to wear flip flops if they wish. I know I always enjoy seeing a girls cute feet in flip flops. DCB is a rude prude with a bare feet phobia. Get over it dude.

  26. BeachGuy

    People seem to forget that prolonged use of wearing flips flops tend to make their feet calloused and gross…especially the heel area. So if you don’t mind your feet aging and looking close to what your grandparents have, wear them all you want!

  27. jules

    there is nothing wrong with “girls wearing flip-flops” …some guys are just so idiots

  28. Anonymous girl

    After reading through all of the opinions of these people, I still can’t understand why so many people find flip-flops attractive. I mean, how come people didn’t think it fit to wear them everywhere just five years ago? And now society accepts them. I understand that people don’t want to wear sneakers in the summertime, and that’s fine. So why the heck do people not wear sandals anymore? A lot of them are comfortable, and they keep your feet just as cool as flip-flops, but they look classier.
    It’s unfortunate if flip-flops are here to stay, because people don’t look intelligent when you can hear their heels smacking around in pool shoes all day long.
    If you are going to spend $75 on a pedicure, then wear some cute sandals– flip-flops are universally unflattering.

  29. Anonymous

    I completely agree with DCB and the previous poster.

    I’m a 29-year-old single guy, and part of the reason I’m single is because I simply won’t date a woman who wears flip-flops. They look “young” to me–as in “high school.” My time and my money are better spent on a girl with maturity and class.

    Not surprisingly, many of these classy girls are already taken. This leads me to believe that most guys are not big fans of the flip-flop craze, but stay silent because in the dating game, girls hold all the cards, and if you want to get some action, you better not criticize anything she wears, no matter how asinine she looks.

    Flip-flops were specially invented for the soft sand of the beach. They were never meant to be worn on concrete. There is no give on concrete, no room to shuffle your feet for small distances.
    As a result, those who wear flip-flops as everyday shoes risk significant tendon, heel, and ankle damage.

    How flip-flops have replaced sandals (and indeed shoes) as non-winter footwear is mind-blowing, but I suspect it is an outgrowth of the sloppy, lazy, and indifferent turn our country has taken.

    I know flip-flop lovers will care little what I think and consider me an aberration in our flip-flop loving culture. But you still look like a bunch of slobs.

  30. Anonymous

    I work in a super center (grocery/retail) store as a stock person and all I ever see anyone wear are DISGUSTING FLIP FLOPS while shopping for whatever.

    Personally I think restaurants and stores should DISALLOW anyone from entering their establishments wearing FLIP FLOPS, they ARE NOT for shopping or going out on the town.

    We had an incident not too long ago at where I work and a lady got her foot cut when a glass bottle that SHE KNOCKED OFF the shelf fell and shattered, several shards bounced right onto her foot, if she had been wearing CLOSED SHOES or a classier type sandal she would not have gotten her foot all cut up and probably needed stitches.

    This is why FLIP FLOPS SHOULD NOT BE WORN for shopping in ANY SHOPS! Nor should they be worn in restaurants where HOT FOODS could fall on ones foot.

    FLIP FLOPS allow TOO MUCH of your foot to be exposed and can create medical problems as a couple other posters have posted here, not to mention your foot has absolutely NO PROTECTION from the above type mishaps.

    Oh, the lady tried to sue the store for her medical but she lost the case, the store video showed that #1. she knocked the bottle off the shelf and #2. they WOULD have PAID her medical claims if she would have been wearing shoes that more protected and covered her foot.

    It’s just downright STUPID to go out shopping in a store in FLIP FLOPS period. To me this puts you into one of my favorite comedians (Carlos Mencia’s) videos – You’re a DEE DEE DEE! If you don’t know it means STUPID!

    And wearing FLIP FLIPS anywhere other than the beach is just that, STUPID!

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