You’re at the club talking to some broad. She seems a little stiff but that’s no problem because you have a sharp sense of humor. Unfortunately, she takes your anal sex joke the wrong way. She asks you to apologize and you refuse. Next thing you know, the bouncer is dragging you out of the club. And you weren’t even hitting on her.

Once a girl points you out to a bouncer, you are out. This happened to a friend of mine two weeks ago after some girl made up a story that involved a roofie. The artificial environment of a club is unique in that the natural distribution of gender power is disrupted. Meathead bouncers will always take a girl’s word over a man’s. Some girls realize this and use it to their advantage, forcing many players to tone their game down. But I don’t want to bastardize my game simply because girls are overly sensitive.

I rather hit the streets.

Street game is one of the purest forms of game because it involves moving targets. You have to hit a girl with the tightest of the tight to get her to stop walking to her predetermined destination. It takes a lot of practice to find what works and what doesn’t, but it’s worth it when you can get closes without having to physically go inside buildings. While street game offers me this challenge, among others benefits, the main reason I do it is simple: I can say whatever the fuck I want. It may be crude or offensive, but I don’t care because my buddy is over there dying of laughter and we’re all having a good time.

Most girls are cool when you bust out with the raw material. They’ll laugh and you will have a little conversation that may or may not lead to more. But girls who take themselves too seriously tend to get really pissed. These are the girls who used to make a scene in a club, snapping their fingers in your face. But now we’re outside. The gender power distribution is back to what it should be. I’m the bear with the big claws so either she laughs at my joke or hops away. I will not hesitate to defend myself against a violent woman. If someone is getting dropped I know it won’t be me.

You may get to the point where the street game before or after visiting the main event is the highlight of your night. The street is not an artificial environment that you have to adjust to. It’s real. You can hit the extremes and test the limits of your game, taking note on emotional reactions of women when you say things they’ve never heard before. You can be more creative. Do that for a while and you feel almost handcuffed once you are in a club, a place that is designed to bitch men into supplicating to women. “Can I buy you a drink?”

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  1. KassyK

    True but the game has to be REALLY tight,the girls really drunk or the guy obscenely hot. We just had some guys try their “street game” on us on Monday night. One guy even said “Can I come home to sleep with you?” (They were French). My friend says “No, thank you-I already have a pillow” and the guy proceeds to keep going with “But I can do things pillows cannot”.

    Um-who are you? What is your name…where the hell did you come from?

    Street game can work but its ALL about timing. That or become a construction worker–you’ll learn all the right sayings really fast.

  2. hedonistic

    DCB: “The gender power distribution is back to what it should be. I?m the bear with the big claws so either she laughs at my joke or hops away. I will not hesitate to defend myself against a violent woman. If someone is getting dropped I know it won?t be me.”

    Um, yeah. The age-old construction-worker approach, that’s so sexy. And really effective, too. (rolls eyes) Let us know how it works for you.

    I’d love to see what other guys say about “street game.

    Ah, back to lurking.

    (For what it’s worth ladies, crude behavior on the street is not designed to impress you; it’s calculated to put you in your “place.” Think about THAT and remember this post next time it happens to you. DCB is correct in that it’s all about power dynamics; I just disagree that things are the way “they should be” on the street: With all women subordinate to all men due to the subliminal fear of male violence (the ultimate expression of which is, of course, rape). The actual rapists take care of the Shock and Awe, and the rest of the guys like DCB do little things on the street to remind you that no matter what you wear, no matter where you go, you’re accountable and subordinate to whatever men dish out. OH, YAY.)

  3. Mike

    Catching the let-out of a club almost always eclipses the actual club experience. I would much rather post out on the strip and pick off targets Duck Hunt-style than shout over bass-heavy music in a hot, stank sweatbox….which I had to pay money to get into. Then only disadvantage is that by then the girls are tired and frustrated from being humped on and hollered at all night, and with so many guys all trying to find something (anything) to take home for the night, the whole scene quickly devolves into a piranha feeding frenzy. You’re right, though, the fact that you can say pretty much anything makes for great comedy even if no cheeks are to be had.

  4. Days of Broken Arrows

    Hedonistic – I see your point about the male/female power dynamic, but in life, the strongest do win, and women tend to always side with the strongest male. So it’s hard to have sympathy on women when they are victims of the very males they empower!

  5. Virglekent

    “I will not hesitate to defend myself against a violent woman. If someone is getting dropped I know it won?t be me.”

    HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The best line ever!

    But what you know about the Chipotle game???

  6. The Captain

    “I?m the bear with the big claws so either she laughs at my joke or hops away.”

    I appreciate the Swingers reference. Great movie.

  7. Anonymous

    Blah blah freaking blah. No one cares about how your gender power distribution was disrupted. Get some, don’t: the sun still rises for the rest of us tomorrow.

  8. holiday

    My friends and I were discussing cat calls or your so-called “street game” and we were kind of wondering what was the point. Do you do it for the validation of your friends around you and the tightness of your game or do you really expect to meet girls that way?

  9. Eugenius

    All those jokers who think you cant get ass simply but hitting girls on the street have obviously been americanized to the point where their social environment simply cannot accept this normal occurance.

    Since the rest of the world is much more open-minded and their social environment is filled with meeting and socializing with people outside of clubs/bars, this is an every day occurance.

    When approaching European women for example, and I mean those that have not been tainted by US bullshit, you can right away determine that they dont think “hmmm is the guy a rapist, a loser, weirdo” because they know that it is normal to socialize, thats how the rest of the world opearates!!!

    Shit every girl here got embedded in her head that every guy approaching is either a rapist or a loser, its so pathetic that anything a bit creative or that requires taking a chance is socially unacceptable here.

    Wake up people, get out of your shoeboxes!!!!!

  10. Virglekent

    Hedonistic ?

    I was raised by a single mom along with two sisters. So please believe me when I say this?. You?re a dumb fucking cunt! Did you really just equate street game or picking up women on the streets to violence and rape? What the fuck are you talking about! Maybe you where molested as a child by your father or have some serious sexual issues but NO WOMAN in their right mind can view getting hit on as a precursor to getting raped. The power dynamic on the street is just equal that?s all. If a guy says something to a girl she might like it or not. If she does she?ll talk to the guy a little longer, if she doesn?t like the guy she usually makes fun of him and keeps walking.

    ??With all women subordinate to all men due to the subliminal fear of male violence (the ultimate expression of which is, of course, rape).?

    Yeah guys like DCB get numbers and notches by threatening women with violence. THAT MAKES TOTAL SENSE! ?Give me your number bitch or I?ll punch you in your grill piece? works for me every time I go out. Are you serious?

    I?m pretty sure women that take time out and respond to street game are subordinate to the men because of a subliminal hope of getting laid. What about the times girls actually use street game on guys? I guess that never happens right? It?s funny because if Brad Pit used the ?age old construction worker approach? I?m sure most women wouldn?t complain let alone care what he said. This comment is way too long. What I really wanted to say is that you?re a fucking idiot and you really should go back to lurking instead of trying to scare women into thinking if I guy hits on you on the street he?s really trying to rape you. Do us all a favor and get help.

    I?m going to go back to what I do hollarin at chicks I mean using subliminal fear of violence to sleep with women. Sometimes when I finish I like to punch them in the face too.

  11. hedonistic

    Virgil, there’s a ton of difference between a catcall, a crude come-on , and a genuine attempt to respectfully socialize with women on the street. There’s respectful “Game” and then there’s what DCB is proposing. You think women are too stupid too know the diff?

    And if you didn’t catch the veiled violence in DCB’s post you’re high. I absolutely do equate the two . . . behind the strut there’s the promise of “I’m bigger than you, when push comes to shove on the street I can always take you out.”

    I’ve never been abused, either. Actually, the only women who respond to disrespectful street game ARE women who are used to abuse.

    (BTW, nothing says “hostile, bitter BETA” than a man who treats women more disrespectfully on the street than he would in a club or anywhere else.)

    ok I’m outta here

  12. hedonistic

    Whoops, bad choice of words. When I’m wrong I’m wrong. I don’t EQUATE the two. I associate the two. One is the pale shadow of the other.

  13. KassyK

    WOW what a heated post–I love these. This will be long-bear with me here.

    Eugenius–As usual I am going to take offense at the “everyone” here that you love to say about us female commentators. We do not all think the same way…I have my own opinions and they do not involve thinking a guy is a rapist or loser if he tries to pick me up on the street.

    Guys trying to pick up girls on the street or late night happens every weekend. It depends the state of mind of the girl that is going to get picked up. No there is no diff picking up a girl in a bar or on the street…the diff is the approach. Girls tend to feel more comfortable in a bar setting getting picked up—blame it on American culture…but thats what we are…American.

    When I go to other countries…I find the guys different as well in a more positive way. They are more attentive and want to get into your pants but at least take the time to flatter you to get you there.

    They know the drill-we know the drill (no pun intended) and its more fun to have a guy be complimentary in seducing your undies off instead of standoffish and then annoyed when you won’t fuck them…but then again-to each their own.

  14. Virglekent

    Oh yeah, how did I miss that?

    “I will not hesitate to defend myself against a violent woman”…. Obviously means I love going up to women and punching them in the face. My fault

    You people have to be fucking kidding me right? This is what blogging and commenting has come to? This is what the game is about?

  15. Sally

    …”So please believe me when I say this?. You?re a dumb fucking cunt!”


    I’m pretty sure that DCB is not referring to “crude behavior on the street” because even he does not have the juevos for that.

  16. hedonistic

    Actually, I’m more apt to be picked up “on the street” than anywhere else because 1)I’m there more often than alone in a nightclub, and 2) I’m good about sussing out the intentions of the people in front of me (on Teh Internets, not so much). That said, NONE of those men ever scored by saying something that would get them handcuffed and/or kicked out of a bar. Don’t you get it? The bouncer IS the equalizing force.

    I’m actually agreeing with DCB – – he gets it. The power dynamic on the street is NOT equal. He’s recommending exploiting this lopsided power dynamic. Go back and read it. The “I can say anything and she has to suck it up, take it or leave it” attitude is hostile.

    Creative street game is a good thing. Unfortunately, 9 times out of 10, (in my personal experience) approaches from men on the street are designed to intimidate and embarrass women (thereby demonstrating the eternal male dominance), NOT compliment or engage them in meaningful ways. 9 times out of 10 is enough to turn any woman into a paranoid cynic! Therefore, my suggestion is that if a DECENT man really wants to score on the street, he should be MORE polite, not less, than he is in a more controlled social situation. That means no butt sex jokes, dudes.

    My question to DCB was simple: I’d like to know if saying things to a woman on the street that would get him kicked out of a bar actually WORKS for him. Honest, I really DO want to know. This is fascinating. And, after all, this IS his blog.

    (I dream of the day when “cunt” is a term of endearment instead of an insult. I’ve got one, yeah, and it’s really cute! But since you’ll never see it, what’s you’re point? Oh, that’s right, to intimidate and establish dominance! How could I forget? Sweeeet.)

  17. Guitar Wolf

    I think a DECENT man has less of a chance of scoring on the street, or anywhere, than one who has put his decency to the side to play the game. Unfortunately for me, I can’t compromise myself that way, but I see why others do.

    There is a lot of hostility in this post though, I would think that someone who has such great luck with women would be less misogynistic.

  18. Charlotte

    I have to come down on the side of our resident screechy feminist here. DCB is saying that the power dynamic is skewed on the street and he’s using that to his advantage.

    BUT – there is a difference between something cute and creative said to me on the street and the much more frequent demeaning and yucky things said to me in this city.

    For example, once i was coming back from a formal event with a date and looked quite smashing in my ball gown. A guy on the street said to me “If you weren’t with him, I’d marry you.” Cute. Non-threatening. Complimentary.

    This is totally different that the “hey baby” “nice ass” “you look hot” etc. said to me by most men on the street.

    I’m probably going to regret wading into these waters here but whatever — I also feel that the comments and cat-calls with a more negative tone tend to come from minorities (at least in my neighborhood). I’ve been thinking about this a lot and I’m not sure if a pre-existing bias on my part makes me perceive them as more threatening or if repeated yucky comments are coloring my broad perceptions even about those men who are not cat-calling me.

  19. Wendy

    oh brother. Give me a break.(I shouldn’t say that being that you have big bear claws) How do these thoughts permeate your brain?

  20. Wendy

    oh, and I have been bounced from my share of clubs. The bouncers usually bounce the one causing the trouble. Gender be damned.

    ok, maybe some girls play the system…I will give you that.

  21. Jewcano

    Many, many advantages of street game.

    If you strike out, the girl walks off. She doesn’t hang out to screw up your game and ward off other chicks.

    If you you do well, you get digits and the girl leaves, so you can hunt more, or ideally she’s already heading home and now you’re going there too. No loitering in the club waiting for her to lose the mood or watch you talk to other girls.

    On the street, generally, you can see. There are, you know, lights. And you can hear what the chick is saying, and she can hear you. Trouble with the club is, for a chick to hear your lines, you have to be all smack up on her already, and a lot of girls don’t like that invasion of space by a stranger and are preemptively hostile.

    Speaking of space, you have space on the street. You don’t have to uncomfortable wedge yourself in between two wierdos to talk to the chick on the other side. If you want to walk around a group and dodgie fatties to hit on the hot chick on the other side, you can, it’s not a grueling maneuver through the crowd. You can also just holler across the fats to the cute one.

    Women coming out of a club have already either spent their own money or some dude’s money getting boozed up. You don’t have to pay to loosen them up.

    And, to some degree, DCB is right. On the street you can call a stuck up, ugly skank bitch exactly what she is, and she can’t just eject you from the street for it. And hey, she’s walking away anyway.

  22. hedonistic

    Hey, sometimes bouncers make bad decisions. But they ARE there to equalize the power dynamic.

    Maybe I’ll change the subtitle of my home blog “Resident Screechy Feminist” 😀

    (BTW the lack of air conditioning in my office is causing these frequent online visits. Who can work in this gddmd soup?)

  23. Jewcano

    BTW, I’ve only been thrown out of a club once. And that was because Donnie Wahlberg said I assaulted him. But that’s another story altogether.

  24. TC the Terrible

    In smaller towns there is less foot traffic, so the chance of working on ‘street game’ is greatly reduced. In those places guys tend to ‘shout game’ from moving cars. The degree of difficulty is greatly increased as the targets are always moving.

  25. hedonistic

    I love the “shout game” from fast-moving semis on the highways. WTF? Does this work for them? I always wondered . . . :huh:

    Of course, I’m sure this is not what DCB had in mind.

  26. imstilldreaming

    ooooh god, I can’t believe I’m getting into this but I just have to put my two cents in.

    I understand what hedonistic is saying. If I am going home from a night out and a guy is yelling things at me across the street, (especially anything about anal sex, to use DCB’s example) yes, it is going to scare me. Not necessary because I’m automatically going to assume that he wants to hurt me in any way, just the reminder that he could. In a club, that possibility is far lower. That’s the simple explanation.

  27. TC the Terrible


    The ‘shout game’ is more about women in a car that is on the same road/street as the men shouting from the car. And yeah, it can work but it takes supreme skill and not involve anal in any way. The trick is to keep pace with the car you are shouting to and pray for a favorable traffic light.

    And no, DCB did not have this in mind. Of that I am quite sure.

  28. b

    So you mean, “Can I come to your place and stick my balls on your chin?” doesn’t work?

    And here I was gonna try my ‘game’ out tonight. Now I gotta go back and spend another few hours figuring out somethin’ else.

  29. DC Rookie

    What? All this talk about street game and no mention of the masters of street game, black men?! Black guys set the standard when it comes to street game, particularly guys who come from the streets or lower -income communities. They know exactly how and when to use humor, insults, and sexual innuendo to intrigue a woman. Mexicans and Puerto Ricans have mad street game, too. I think if you come from a community where everyone knows each other and everyone practices on each other, you are going to develop tight street game (this goes for men and women).

  30. The King Ad Rock

    Does anyone actually have any stories of “street game” actually working?

  31. Roissy

    effete, limp-wristed, pantywaist metrosexuals who drop compliments in their street game will not get laid.

    unpolished bitterboy cavemen who come on blatantly enough to send showers of acrid spittle will not get laid.

    find the middle way. it’s usually found under the radar.

    as for the gender power dynamic, in general men, and women, will be much happier, despite themselves, if they accept that the best scenario has the man in a moderately dominant position vis-a-vis the woman. let’s say 60-40, or 70-30. skew the ratio too low and she loses respect, and vaginal lubrication, for him. too high, and she becomes just another number.

    this power does not necessarily have to mean money, though it often does. fame, social agility, charm, accomplishment, looks, height, impenetrable aloofness, creativity, and GAME all telegraph the right things to a woman. some of these can be taught, others not. some require years of diligent study, some only the gift of fortunate DNA combinations. men at least have the option to improve their sexual market value; women not so much. but this is a double-edged sword that men wield — they can climb higher, but they can also fall a lot harder.

  32. nabeel

    “Does anyone actually have any stories of ?street game? actually working?”

    Still waiting on a story about this one! I’ve witnessed street game and even tried it myself (albeit not so crude) – while it can be entertaining, it rarely results in getting a phone number or going home together. Mainly because there’s so little time.

  33. Eugenius

    Stories of street game?……I have proof from last weekend….Roosh and a “friend” 🙂 after a few rejections, pulled a two bagger by spitting mad game, remarkably ending up in their crib and…..

    As the Lebron James ad says……..

    “I am a witness”

  34. DCB Post author

    1. Avoid tired girls by hitting the streets earlier, like around 12-1am when they are in between venues. Pick them up when they are in transition or unsure about where to go next.

    2. it seems that most girls think street game is whistles, cat calls, horn honking, and “hey baby lets fuck”. Street game has evolved to become much more than the garbage that I see every weekend. When I mean crude, I mean blunt and no-filter, not creepy and slimey. I leave “nice ass” to the drunk white boys. Conversation is necessary for this to work, and you won’t get far if you blatantly offend the girl.

    3. While I did learn street game from black guys, any night in Adams Morgan shows that many have slipped. Their lines are lame and it is very rare that they can hold attention. They haven’t kept up with the times and it shows..

  35. hedonistic

    DCB, as for #2, that’s because nine times out of ten “nice ass” is what we get!

    On the street, men can generally take their dignity for granted. Women can’t, unfortunately (and taking advantage of this vulnerability is still pretty low, in my opinion).

    But conversation, however blunt? As long as it doesn’t frighten or offend you’re good to go.

  36. Anonymous

    lol, what a silly post.
    This is EXACTLY why you’re still a “bachelor”.

    haha, fool.

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