If you are a man who has had sex without a condom, you probably have wondered why the vagina feels so good. The reason is because the vagina has evolved millions of years for one reason only: to please men. And to please men so consistently that they’ll do almost anything simply to experience friction in a mucus-lubricated organ. You don’t need to look very far to see these men acting like idiots for a shot at one of evolution’s brilliant pieces of engineering. (I’m sure you know a man who has signed a legally-binding contract surrendering his freedom primarily to ensure he will have access to a vagina for the rest of his life.)

Since the human sex act is not over until the man is done, it’s easy to conclude that sex has evolved for men only. Men get theirs every time, women… sometimes.

32 thoughts on “SWEET MUCUS

  1. KassyK

    LOL—Yes, nature has made it that way for men…but the sex toy industry has hooked it up for us females right back-Yeah it took awhile but there are catalogs for us to choose from now and VOILA–No mess!!

    Vibrators are to females what condomless sex is to men. Glorious.

  2. V

    This is an interesting point about how sex has evolved/is evolving to accommodate both partners (if the sex is worth having) and how our generation, and maybe a couple previous, is actually getting the benefits of a much more sexually fulfilling time. We?re really witness to the Lebron James era of sex.

  3. holiday

    If your other posts haven’t blocked you at the DOJ, this should probably do it.

  4. Sally

    I stick to my original argument, that sex has not truly evolved for men until they can get/keep it up well into old age without ED drugs.

  5. TC the Terrible


    As a “. . . man who has signed a legally-binding contract surrendering his freedom primarily to ensure he will have access to a vagina. . .” I agree with you whole – heartedly. Nothing feels better to a man and there is nothing he would or would not do to keep the one that feels best.


  6. Alg8tor

    Thanks to that sweet mucus more men have dug their graves with their penises than with shovels.

  7. Ayla

    Maybe it’s just your women who don’t finish every time, DCB. That’s not a problem for me and my boyfriend…

    Poor Judy.

  8. Peter North

    Rouche, ma’man, since you’re on my turf now, lemme tell ya something: the vagina has evolved like this so as to not hurt the baby on the way out. And don’t tell me that the egg comes first. Knowing you, you would likely be shoving in your rusty tool even if the box had sandpaper walls. Penetration is the sizzle to the steak of the act.

  9. DCB Post author

    Peter north: You are 100% wrong. there is no baby if it’s not conceived in the first place. For conception to occur there has to be incentive for men to have sex with women.

    1st priority: making it feel good for man
    2nd: proper vehicle for birth

  10. DC_Cookie

    “Since the human sex act is not over until the man is done…”

    The reason women get theirs only sometimes is because for most men, the completion occurs in less than 2 minutes.

  11. Peter North

    …see I knew you’d tell me the egg comes first.
    So you think the Bartholin glands appeared to make YOU feel better and not just to aid your semen? I hope you’re bluffing.

  12. The BLS

    I love how this post has turned into an argument similar to that of the “Chicken vs. Egg” issue. Peter North raises the scientific part of the argument… without the proper vehicle for birth, birth would not occur.

    However, all creatures are animals with animalistic instincts… I think DCB has a point. If the act of sex didn’t feel good (for both parties), there would be no incentive to do it. Come on… don’t we all know at least one couple who is married with no sex life… and no children from the marriage, either? Don’t you think those are related somehow?

    Just my thoughts.

  13. B

    Damn it. I was all ready to agree til KassyK’s post.

    Damn those machines. Then again, we don’t shock you in the shower. (unless you’ve been a ‘bad’ girl)

    Men 1, Vibrators 0

  14. DCB Post author

    So you think Bartholin glands appeared to make a baby come out of a vagina instead of making sex something that is actually POSSIBLE? I hope you’re trolling :laugh:

  15. Peter North

    hehe…well, in case you are bluffing, I am trolling, of course.
    but if you get serious for a moment, you will realize that evolutionary biology does not support the crux of your argument. the vagina did not evolve to make sex more pleasurable for men. It evolved to make penetration smoother, semen faster, and birth easier.

  16. Wendy

    being multi orgasmic, I believe sex is for ME not just man.

    When was the last time any guy you know came multiple times in a vagina or otherwise?

    Yep, that is what I thought…

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