The new phase that clubs are entering is where it’s all about the tables and bottle service. With a table you are treated well and get free cover. Otherwise you have to get on the list and wait in line like the poor sheep that you are. What’s happening is that these clubs are discouraging the casual club-goer like me from spending money in a place where I’m obviously going to be treated like a second-class customer. I guess I understand why some of you go to dive bars, vomit smell and all.

But what’s up with the guys who pose in pictures with their bottle of Grey Goose, holding it up as a display of wealth to impress the ladies?

“I just spent $200 on something I can buy for $30… score!”

(Yes I know it’s a bottle of Belvedere. Close enough.)

But you know what, the display works. That says a lot about the kind of girls that frequent places like K Street Lounge, Spank, Indebleu, etc.

26 thoughts on “TABLE SERVICE OR BUST

  1. jessa j

    Dive bars are where it’s at: join me in the good fight against places like Indespew.

    Next time I’m in D.C. you are I are going swimming in vomit – and you’re going to like it.

  2. holiday

    That’s why I get my bottle service at places like Dan’s Cafe. Who pays $200 for a bottle of vodka only to have to serve it yourself?

  3. RCR

    Isn’t buying VIP status the same as paying people to be in your entourage? If you want girls that will sleep with you just because you have money, there are other girls on K st. (though mostly on L) happy to do just that. But beware of the trannies.

  4. Aja

    ha, who is the guy in the back pointing like “yo, that is my man!!”. k street is just wack and I only go there when I am completely hammered and just about ready to go home (i live down the block).

  5. Windy

    I have been waiting a long time for this post, about time DCB! 😆

    Have to disagree with this though:

    “But you know what, the display works. That says a lot about the kind of girls that frequent places like K Street Lounge, Spank, Indebleu, etc”.

    It DOES NOT work, infact guys like the one in the picture are total suckers! Girls pretend they are impressed so they can get a free drink and have no intentions of anything futher especially with a guy who feels the need to announce he has a table and takes a picture with his bottle.

    Very few people who get tables can actually afford them and you can spot those tables who can afford because they are not handing out free drinks to random bar flys. They are having drinks with their friends and merely do no wish to wait in line at the bar.

    Having been a former patron of all places mentioned I must say that I am enjoying exploring Dive Bars these days … went to Dan’s for the first time just recently, place is just wrong but super fun and super cheap – no pretentions. Can’t decide if I am growing up or reverting to my college days …

  6. Vicky_Valencourt

    When I see a poser like that at a club, and I’m in the mood for a free drink, I’ll go over and compliment his watch. He then hooks me up with a free drink. I then get a fun story to tell my friends…or better yet, I bring them over and we drain the bottle.

    I take the Grey-Goose-raise as a signifier for a sucker.

  7. Ed

    Amen on this post … I used to live in Dallas, which is Capital City for “That Guy” like the one in your picture. A friend dragged me to K Street… oh god, it is everything that is soulless and wrong about the club scene. I left Dallas to get away from that shit.

    Give me Quarry House Tavern any day over that crap.

  8. Aja

    I love it when Jesus represents on Blogs.

    Yeah, I can see where you would get this twisted Anonymous, well dressed brown folks looting alcohol. Real fucking close kid.

  9. Anonymous

    He might have snatched and grabbed those clothes too. Plus his shirts not tucked in, that was the first noticed here.

  10. Liz

    and people wonder why i’m still a raver.

    fuck paying hundreds of dollars for a bottle of liquor that has a retail value of $40-50.

  11. Jesus Christ

    Liz aren’t you a little too old to rave. Raves are for people between the ages of 18-23. Come join the grown and sexy and have a holy party earthling.

  12. Muffin

    I’d like to edit your post a little, oh holy mesopotamian carpenter who lives in outer space:

    “Raves are for” geeks “between the ages of 18-23.”

  13. Anonymous

    Ridiculous. I hope that those jokers drove home safely to mom’s place in Laurel or Glen Burnie after their “Big Night in the City”….

  14. DC_Cookie

    This man is going to be the lucky guy who goes home with the ‘grenade’ (aka, the nottie, aka, the ugly friend) because after the hot girls have milked him for his free beverages, they go home with the smooth guy in the corner who can actually dance.


  15. dcdramagrrls

    Your advantage of the table and the $200 btls is that all the buy-me-a-drink girls come right to you, if thats who youre looking for. Whenever i get a table with my guy friends, we spend more time fighting off people looking to piggyback on the seats and the booze.

    To me, avoiding these annoying, cheap girls is another big reason NOT to get the tables.

  16. Liz

    “Liz aren?t you a little too old to rave. Raves are for people between the ages of 18-23. Come join the grown and sexy and have a holy party earthling.”

    I am 23, ass.

  17. Amer

    Good topic.. i happened to see this discussion and wanted to add my two cents. I do frequent alot of the mentioned clubs/lounges, and often I do get a table. I simply do this to avoid the lines, relax with my friends and have an intimate place to sit,drink, and enjoy the evening. To the girls who leech off guys at tables, more power to them for finding a fool who falls for them.

    Personally i don’t invite girls to my table because i already come with a good group to enjoy the evening..


  18. DC S-GIRL

    I agree with Amer — I too get tables with my party to avoid the lines and have a place to get away from all those gropy drunk guys and girls…it can be expensive — but you are paying for more than just the bottle. Plus, bar tabs can run high — and lines just plain suck — outside or at the bar. I’d rather pay a few extra bucks, and enjoy my night without the drama….

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