A friend of mine pointed me to the picture gallery at (a DC promotions group that throws parties at the cheesiest clubs in town) to show me this girl he’s lost attraction to. Apparently she has gained 20 pounds, rounding out facial features that didn’t need to be rounded out. Massive weight gain like this is a perfectly acceptable reason to stop liking a girl because by gaining weight she morphs into a different person, deceiving the poor man in the process. I looked through all the pictures and found two I’d like to share.

I see this guy EVERYWHERE. It doesn’t matter if I’m at 1223, Eyebar, or Dragonfly; he seems to be everywhere that I am. Who are you, spiky hair club guy?

Guy on the left: “I wonder if the logo is big enough. I want these hot bitches to know that I’m willing to drop $50 on a t-shirt.”
Guy in the middle: “Thank God it’s warm enough to show the chest hair that ladies love. Grrrr.”
Guy on the right: “I should hit the bench to better round out my manly chest.”

21 thoughts on “TAX DAY HATERATION

  1. Anonymous

    i see him everywhere too….his name is Nate and he’s a promoter in DC area…seems like a pretty cool guy….now homos in the tight shirts on the other hand….WTF, i mean, WTF?

  2. Liz

    If you’ll notice the guy on the left, on his shirt it says “dance & groove” under the D&G, not Dolce & Gabbana. So maybe he didn’t drop a rack of $$$ on it? Although I could be wrong. He also looks like a deer in the headlights. Not trying to hate, just observing.

  3. Anonymous

    does the guy on the right have a mullet or is that a shadow? also, what is he wearing on his head? i mean, who wears a bulls-eye on their head? why make it easier for the psychos out there?

  4. duh

    Hey LIZ. the shirt is dolce & gabbana and their line of t’s has different D&G phrases below.. for example “Diamonds & Glamour” “Dance & Groove” etc.

    for this uneducated response you lose your credibility. The shirt was $120 for sure.

    clueless you are. I googled and found this page so don’t bash me, but DC blows and so do all of you.

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