1. “I know I’m hot.” Arrogant.

2. “I think doggy style is demeaning.” Easily influenced by magazine articles. Bad in bed.

3. “I don’t like going on the pill.” Selfish.

4. “My favorite show is Sex and the City.” Promiscuous.

5. “My mouth is too small for that.” Selfish.

6. “I don’t like to read books.” Watches too much TV.

7. “It’s not that important if you orgasm or not.” Unbelievably selfish.

8. “I’d like to get married within three years.” Desperate.

9. “I think you should shave off your soul patch.” Bossy.

10. “I love country music.” White trash.

All of which I have heard.


  1. Anonymous

    I dont think i have ever met a woman that DIDNT say “Sex and the City” is my favorite show”…

  2. Aja

    1. ?I know I?m hot.? Would you speaking to her if she wasn’t?

    2. ?I think doggy style is demeaning.? Only if you shove her face into the pilow or continue bumping her head into the wall or chair arm.

    3. ?I don?t like going on the pill.? Try taking a pill every damn day and not forget or then forget and overdose on three then feel like crap. Use a rubber or withdraw.

    4. ?My favorite show is Sex and the City.? Eh, didn’t care for it. Like Six Feet=complex.

    5. ?My mouth is too small for that.? If you are like monster girth, length is adjustable, a little at a time, atta a girl.

    6. agree

    7. absofuckinglutely!!! Who says that?

    8. Have no comment, I am against marriage until you are 48; maybe.

    9. ?I think you should shave off your soul patch.? Is she allergic? Facial hair can tear our skin up.

    10. no comment

    At 30, I am not listening anymore. Just getting what I need. I have no list for men. This what I need to know: yes, that’s cool, on my way.


  3. sara

    According to DCB, I am promiscuous, bossy and white trash… damn it.

    Well none are really true (except bossy… I can be that sometimes… 😉 )

  4. TheMaDDAsiAN

    My ex said 1 out of 9 of those things. Makes me think she could have been the perfect girl? Hmm.
    Makes me sad she left me. “:sad:”

  5. Muffin

    “I think doggy style is demeaning.”

    Never, ever, ever date this woman. Women who like antiseptic sex are useless and boring. Sex is an animal thing – the lest cognative the better.

    Personally I work hard in bed. I think women are naturally lazy when it comes to the bedroom, “I let him do me, now I just have to lie here and be beautiful.”

  6. nabeel

    are you making #7 up? i don’t know a single woman who has said that… and i intend to keep it that way.

  7. Chase

    Wow…you’ve met some interesting women. Perhaps you attract these women because you are the one that is selfish, arrogant, bossy, promiscuous, and desperate. I mean, I don’t know you,, but reading your blog leads me to believe that you either are: 1.)just fucking with people to get a response or 2.) you don’t like women very much.
    Besides, I enjoy some country and believe me when I say…I am the furthest from white trash as one can get.

  8. inSOMnia


  9. Underused

    Re: #1, I think for every girl who says that out of arrogance there’s one that says it out of insecurity. People who know they’re attractive don’t need to announce it.

  10. no name

    what about women who say about doggie style, “not many people can make that feel intimate” — thus APPEARING to compliment your skills in bed but basically saying they think doggie style is demeaning?

  11. AsianMistress

    1. ?I know I?m hot.? Then why do you have to tell someone you are?

    2. ?I think doggy style is demeaning.? Only if you get donkey punched. But that’s a whole other story.

    3. ?I don?t like going on the pill.? It’s a pain, but combine with condoms and everyone’s a winner.

    4. ?My favorite show is Sex and the City.? Living vicariously through TV

    5. ?My mouth is too small for that.? Live & learn…baby steps, baby steps…

    6. ?I don?t like to read books.? What do you read then, cereal box?

    7. ?It?s not that important if you orgasm or not.? What girl says that to a guy? Is she talking about the guy?

    8. ?I?d like to get married within three years.? No timeline. Say 10 years at least.

    9. ?I think you should shave off your soul patch.? Yeah, well I think you should shave off everything else! (Hah)

    10. ?I love country music.? I love rock and roll…it’s my pregoative…. (Hah again)

  12. DCB Post author

    I wish I was exagerating in number 7. I quoted her verbatim.

    “because you are the one that is selfish, arrogant, bossy, promiscuous, and desperate”

    If i’m not calling girls who want to bang me how am I being desperate? I could be the others, but everyone is certain things at certain times.

  13. the_dutchess

    Don’t get me wrong I love this post (& loathe county music) but, I want to make sure I have this straight… we should be on the pill, love oral and doggystyle, don’t want to get married, but, if we like Sex in the City we are just a bit too naughty?

  14. Cali girl

    Sweetness! Welcome to the real world!!! and wake up! please! No, I take it back, stay exactly the way you are, I will by-pass you a lot quicker that way.

    1. ?I know I?m hot.? Arrogant. – true, and how many guys do you know who say this?

    2. ?I think doggy style is demeaning.? Easily influenced by magazine articles. Bad in bed. – just preference – she might like S&M, did you ask?

    3. ?I don?t like going on the pill.? Selfish. – yes you are. just because you can’t be bothered to buy something with your own money or put it on yourself – darling, you are the one who gets the most pleasure out of not using a condom

    4. ?My favorite show is Sex and the City.? Promiscuous. – isn’t that what you are looking for?

    5. ?My mouth is too small for that.? Selfish. – just because yours is thin doesn’t mean all the guys are thin – have you ever tried to fit a golf ball in your mouth? how was it?

    6. ?I don?t like to read books.? Watches too much TV. – I don’t understand this one – so! maybe she’s dyslexic or has a photographic memory – did ya ask?

    7. ?It?s not that important if you orgasm or not.? Unbelievably selfish. – that one was said just to make you leave, and I have to give her props for that one!

    8. ?I?d like to get married within three years.? Desperate. – yeah, 3 years is a really short time – ya better run now…

    9. ?I think you should shave off your soul patch.? Bossy. – opinion

    10. ?I love country music.? White trash. – opinion

    All of which I have heard. – ya need to get out more – there are tons better ones!

  15. fanman

    For anyone hating on #3 theres no real reason for your girl not to be on birth control since the shot and the patch are now readily availiable if she doesnt like pills. And it feels better for the girl too so I don’t see why we just don’t add it into the water system or something. That said I use a rubber every time unless I know the girl really well.

  16. Anonymous

    #3 – I’m sorry I don’t want to suffer through fucking shooting pain in my leg just so you can get your rocks off. Who’s selfish now?

    News flash: The pill/patch/hormones can actually be a risk to some women’s health.

    It doesn’t take that much off you to put on some latex. Plus it protects you from most of the goodies carried by the nasty whores you like to bang.

  17. Some Woman in DC Metro Area

    1. ?I know I?m hot.? ok, so some women who say this are arrogant – most though are insecure! so they say it to get guys to assure them that they are. Also, we could say the same about men! if a man said “i know i’m hot” = arrogance! what women would want to talk to him?

    2. ?I think doggy style is demeaning.? ok if a woman says this, it does not mean she’s bad in bed. it means she’s either conservative, hasn’t experienced a man who ACTUALLY knew what he was doing or she simply prefers face to face sex because it is more intimate – and that’s what she likes. she could be awesome in bed when its face to face! you never know!

    3. ?I don?t like going on the pill.? the pill isn’t for every woman. some women can bleed constantly if they go on the pill. some women’s hormones go psycho if they take it. what’s wrong with the guy using a condom?? hello!! STDs! the pill doesn’t stop STD’s only condoms do that! DUH!

    4. ?My favorite show is Sex and the City.? i love Sex and the City and I am FAR from promiscuous! its a fun show for women! most women can relate to one of the characters on there minus the promiscuity. i also love Charmed – that doesn’t mean i’m going to go out and start hunting and believing in demons and magic! what about watching football? i could say that men who watch football are secretly gay because they’re watching men grab each other’s asses.

    5. ?My mouth is too small for that.? you know, some guys have really thick dicks, and our mouths can only open so much. you should take it as a compliment. if a woman says you’re too big – be happy they didnt’ say “is that it??” or “where is it?” also, some women don’t like giving head. deal with it! just because you want it doesn’t mean she likes it. she may be good elsewhere in the “bedroom” or did you think about maybe going down on her to get her in the mood? try that and see what she does. if a guy gives me great head, then i definately want to show him the same pleasure. but honestly, if you’re too big, then you’re just too big. deal with it.

    6. ?I don?t like to read books.? i don’t think this means she watches too much tv. i’m not a huge book reader. but i also am not a huge tv watcher. i like a few tv shows, i also will read a good book if it comes my way. depends on my mood. frankly i read so much in university and high school that it burned me out on reading for pleasure constantly. i was reading more than anything else. i need a break. give her time, introduce her to a great book or authur – then see what she says. just because she doesn’t read books doesn’t make her stupid or any less intelligent. give her a chance and find out from getting to know her – STOP JUDGING!

    7. ?It?s not that important if you orgasm or not.? ok what girl has EVER said that?? and how many guys have said that or at least thought that??? i bet you 80% of the women you’ve slept with have faked orgasms on account of your selfishness for wanting to get off. maybe if you spend time on her and get her turned on and actually make her cum during sex you’ll orgasm from feeling her throb against your dick. oddly enough that will make a guy cum unless he wants to be nice and make her cum again and again – but let’s face it there aren’t many guys out there who would want to see the girl happy before themselves because they’re too damn selfish. only reason i can think of a woman saying that is because you didn’t get her off and she made you think you did and you suck in bed so she’s helping your ego by saying it was awesome – when it really wasn’t so since she got none – neither are you.

    8. ?I?d like to get married within three years.? this is the only thing i can think of that is somewhat true. but think about it, if you’re with someone for 3 years and the guy hasn’t proposed, something is probably wrong and either the relationship is dyeing or the guy is chicken shit. 3 years seems reasonable to me. but not something a woman should volunteerly say unless asked. why ask if you don’t want to hear the answer?

    9. ?I think you should shave off your soul patch.? well that usually causes us women to get a rash, and it usually hurts us. especially if its stubble. that stubble has made me not want to do anything with my guy before until he shaved. maybe if you pay attention to how red the woman gets after 10 minutes of making out you’d offer to shave. then if you shave, maybe she’ll pay attention to how you’re uncomfortable with her having hair in certain places and she’ll shave or wax that area for you. besides that, women shave their legs before getting with a guy typically – what’s wrong with guys shaving their soul patch and the rest of their beard area for us?? guys don’t like hair on a woman’s legs or under arms or private areas – what makes you think women like hair on the guy’s face? if its not stubble its usually ok, but stubble hurts our skin. stop being an ass and think about someone else for a change. we don’t ask too much of you guys.

    10. ?I love country music.? i’m FAR from white trash! and i like some country music. not all, but some. that’s like saying someone who loves rap and r&b and hip hop is ghetto. or someone who listens to pop is prissy and girly. or someone who listens to punk is a freak. just because someone loves country music does not by any means translate to them being white trash.

    DCB – i think there is a reason you are a Bachelor. sounds to me like you are the selfish one who is bad in bed and doesn’t care enough about your partner to get them off. try getting in touch with your emotions a little bit, stop judging and maybe spend a night or two simply pleasing your partner, make her cum so hard she begs you to put your dick inside her. i bet if you did that to a woman who was opposed to doggy style – she’d give in and do doggy after you pleased her so much. you should try it – it may surprise you.

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  19. Anonymous

    Ok help me out here. I’ve been guilty of saying #1 in my own words. Usually something like ‘Why can’t I walk around without being harassed all the time just because I’m pretty.’ Or ‘that person is only talking /being nice to me because I’m pretty.’ I get frustrated by not being able to trust guys because of this, and I do bring it up from time to time. Its like the problem of the rich guy, you never know if she’s talking to you because of your wealth. Being pretty is like that for me.

    But guys friends, usually older ones, have given me attitude for saying it. Doesn’t it seem like a double standard to expect women to be as gorgeous as possible but never refer to it as fact? She clearly has to know what beauty is to be able to enhance her own. So she certainly will know if she’s successful. Why then, is a girl automatically vain if she says anything that admits to this? (aside from those moments when her tone tells you that she’s into herself in a big way)

  20. V

    For the frustrated ladies who are getting hot under the collar about this post, all it really demonstrates is:

    1) Men want everything.

    2) So do women.

    And sadly, after spending a good few years mulling over the general “problem” of men and women combined, I would conclude that most issues really boil down to this.

    The trick is finding someone who’s everything corresponds to your everything. Or, if you like manipulation, finding someone you can convince to like your everything. Or, if he/she is worth living a lie (and many people do, believe me), finding someone you can convince your everything corresponds with.

    But seriously fellow ladies, wanting a lady in the street and a ho in the bedroom is hardly news.

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