On Friday Insomnia and I went to the beach FOB style, bringing sandwiches, drinks, alcohol, and other snacks. We had the biggest cooler.

Two guys + lots of skin = homoerotic photography.

This flying disc has brought me more happiness than any woman I’ve been with. It’s always left in my car in case someone wants to play.

I found a couple creepy metal detector guys. This duo seemed to be a father and son effort.

On the boardwalk we played the Bull Game, where you squeeze two metal bull horns together to get a strength rating. I beat Insomnia the first time we played when I got a Macho over his Trucker. But like an idiot I challenged him again, and our ratings reversed. So overall we’re tied. I couldn’t leave my victory well enough alone.

Vodka Boy’s bar is looking pretty damn nice.

And finally, my new roommate has arrived.

9 thoughts on “THE BULL GAME

  1. Anonymous

    I think the homo-erotic nature of the picture is compounded by the rainbow umbrella. Nice touch.

  2. inSOMnia

    Epila laser and Nair for men. My life story. The umbrella is rainbow colored!!!!!!!!!!! it totally slipped my mind shit.

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