A new DC blog on the scene is The Butterfly Network. I got interested the first time I read the description:

The Butterfly Network documents the life and styles of two young professional women in the Washington D.C. area who love to comment on gossip, political buzz, humor, and hot spots – all for your personal enjoyment.

Upon closer inspections I’ve noticed it to be mostly celebrity gossip. Where’s the nightlife photos, stories of getting hit on by some lame dude, and dating reports?

The girls with Senator. Caught the one on the right in an awkward pose haha.

Here’s how to make me a daily reader…

Do less of this:
Mainstream stuff that is posted everywhere else.

Do more of this:
Private information that is sure to get you in trouble.
Pictures of your friends in the bar/club with sexy poses (or pictures at the beach).
“Realizations” that make you question whether life is really worth living.
Essays of how everyone really sucks and no one is keeping it real.
References to me and my crew.

I got a chance to briefly talk to the duo behind the site at the HHH, and they asked a question about my content. I remember saying, “Some of the stuff I put up may be on the extreme side, but I mean everything I write. That way if you get attacked, you can stand by your words.” This prevents the “It was a joke” syndrome that a lot of other fake haters are guilty of.


  1. Lil DC Diva

    Oh, Mr. Bachelor. I think you already are a daily reader. 😉

    We’re in the process of getting up some pics ~ maybe even some beach ones per your recommendation. But for now, the above pic with our cheesy smiles and akward poses will have to do.

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