I really hope the whole effort by conservatives to keep Terry Schiavo “alive” is a patethic attempt to divert our eyes from the many other ways we’re getting fucked. If not, and they are concerned enough about this brain dead woman to enact questionable legislation, then I must say they really got their priorities in order. It would be like me calling in sick for three days to organize my massive porn collection.

17 thoughts on “THE CULTURE OF LIFE

  1. nabeel

    i have to laugh at the irony… save schiavo’s life (despite the fact that she will never recover), while bombing the crap out of a hundred thousand in iraq.

  2. J.P.

    Well, even if you take away the Iraq issue, I am having an incredibly hard time understanding the people supporting the parents of Shiavo. This woman is essentially dead and has no chance of recovering any semblance of life, but for some reason we are keeping her alive like frankenstein. I have an INCREDIBLY hard time believing anyone would WANT to live like this. I can sympathize with her parents’ emotions, but I am inclined to believe her husband knew her wishes best since he has fought for her life for 15 friggin years expending emotions, money, and energy trying experimental treatments etc. At this point, you’ve got to say– let Terri die in peace.

  3. James

    What gets overlooked is how this has gone on for like 15 years so far…and the courts have consistently found in favour of the husband.

    There are more pressing matters to the world than this vegetable, and I can’t believe how much time has been spent on this matter.

  4. Mel

    I appreciate how you draw pictures to illustrate the severity of the issue. It really breaks down the issue to the heart of the matter. Also, why is the US Government spending so much money trying to put Bobby Fischer in jail? They let out convicted rapists and pedophiles everyday.

  5. nabeel

    let’s face it. the crazies is in control of the government, especially with tom delay in there

  6. greg

    I think you’d hear a lot less from the right if she were to die in a humane way. I really could care less about who actually wins out, the parents or the husband, and that is something for the courts to decide. However, it’s disgusting that the supposedly “compassionate” thing to do is starve her to death. Why can’t a doctor just administer a lethal does or something?

  7. James

    greg: I do agree that she should die in a less humane way. But the “supporters” of the parents can’t even fathom that idea. Imagine trying to tell them you’re not only pulling out the tube, but injecting her with something.

    You wouldn’t hear less from the right; you’d hear more and more, especially about how we want to kill her, et cetera… The “culture of life” does not wish to promote death, even in a humane way.

  8. Liz

    The Terry Scaivo case is the exact reason why everyone should have an ADVANCE DIRECTIVE. That way, there would be absolutely no question as to what should be done. It would already be legally in writing.

  9. Matt

    Does anyone else see a problem with this statement by James.

    “I do agree that she should die in a less humane way”

  10. Anonymous

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