Calling a new girl to take her out on a date is very risky these days. It takes time, mental energy, and money. That’s a lot of commitment for someone you talked to for 30 minutes under very dim lighting.

Look how hot I look when the lights are low.

The new date isn’t a date at all. You hang with your boys, do your thing, and then send a text message asking where she’s at. If she’s nearby, you go meet and hang out while her friends look on disapprovingly. Cell phones and text messaging have killed making plans several days in advance. The only guy I know who still makes that Tuesday call for a Saturday date is also the oldest guy I know.

7 thoughts on “THE NEW DATING GAME

  1. CruelHazel

    Awww, you look hot even in good lighting.

    At least there’s some previous intent. One time I went out to pizza with a friend and her brother and as we were pulling into the parking lot, her brother said “How about we make this a date?”
    I mean, what do I do? Say no?
    Awkward, but at least I got free pizza.

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