A girl’s best body shape is her weight right before she stops having her monthly period.

POSTSCRIPT: Excuse my laziness. It has happened where I have dated girls who were so skinny that they didn’t get their period anymore. I would strongly urge them to eat, and in my head I’d think that if they gained enough weight to at least get their period back, they would be both healthy and sexy.

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  1. Kathryn

    So you’d recommend that women lose weight until their periods stop, then put a few pounds on to get it back, then maintain that weight indefinitely?


  2. Sudamericana

    I was about to ask the same question Sara posed?

    I am not sure if DCB has scientific facts to back up his statement, but I think he might be right. However, a girl?s best face is definitely not the one she has at the end of her period. But maybe guys don?t care about that as much.

  3. Dating Hell Diarist

    I think the weight level you’re referring to is also known as “emaciated” – women have to be pretty anorexic to stop having periods. So um … that’s pretty horrible for you to be encouraging eating disorders.

  4. Aja

    Uh, I believe he is encouraging women to eat and not be so damn skinny that they do not have a period.

    There is a “period” between beginning and end, where the body is just perfect. Hard to explain, but it happens.

  5. Sudamericana

    ? Now I get it. I initially thought you were speaking about the day before her period ended every month.

    A girl is both psychologically and physically ill when she reaches the point you talk about, so rather than optimal, I find that state very sad. Bullimia and Anorexia are really serious disorders, and I do not think it is easy for a guy to deal with them if he cares at least a little about the girl. Rather than sexy, if I were the guy, I am sure I would find it disturbing and worrisome.

  6. the matt

    there is a great book called “My year of Meats” that deals with all this, one of the main characters starves herself so that she remains infertile…

  7. Sudamericana

    Yeah, another ?advantage? of the anorexic way of life? useful info, just as I was considering alternatives to the pill that would not make me gain weight.

  8. The Senator

    Well thats not very gentlemanly of you now is it DCB. When a girl is on her period I like to bring them flowers and a Advil. You should treat them like delicate flowers that need extra care. But when the roofie I slip into the glass of water coupled with the advil kicks in, I feel like I am banging a Virgin with all the blood. Cherio

  9. Liz

    “The picture of the Dove girl?taken the day after her period ended. Coincidence?”

    Why in the hell did I read “dove girl” as “tubgirl???” I really need to get some sleep…

  10. the_dutchess

    I have to admit DCB is onto somthing. Not sure how scientific this is.. but, I know that’s my skinny time – I even plan beach vacation that week for this reason. And, those other weeks I’ll be eating enough to have my period again!

    As far as sex during this time.. only after I have showered and rinsed all (if you know what I mean here)

  11. Anonymous

    You’re all missing the point. He’s not saying the ideal weight is achieved during the cycle at some point, he’s saying it’s achieved a touch over the point when you get so thin you stop having a cycle altogether.

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