The first time I met Jessa was under very emotional circumstances. She was one of several people who offered to take my cat Furball when I could no longer keep him. I thought she was messing around at first, but then one day she rolls by with her friend to take Furb away from me forever. It was a sad day. Let’s have a moment of love for that furry bastard.

Under such stress, the last thing on my mind is to ‘check out’ some crazy redhead that is about to take away a family member. I met her, but not really. So you better believe that I checked out everything when I had bubble tea with her on Friday, including a facial inspection from multiple angles, complete body analysis, and neuro-linguistic recognition of personality features. In other words, I couldn’t stop looking at her chest. :thumbup:

I expected her to have some kind of masculine vibe, to be one of those girls who acts all guy-like and watches sports and reminisces about her tomboy days (while joking about coat-hanger abortions). I expected her to be “one of the guys.” Well, she wasn’t at all. She’s very feminine and much cuter in person.

A girl like Jessa is extremely seductive because she’s a walking contradiction: her edgy humor doesn’t match her delicate, womanly aura. It’s our nature to be drawn into someone who is mysterious and hard to describe. In conclusion, the essence of a woman can be determined by biological, cultural, and environmental factors that slk dj lsfdsad..s.df.. :hump: :hump: :hump: :hump: :hump: :hump: :hump: :hump: :hump: :hump:


  1. Kathryn

    Does everyone realize what a huge compliment it is to Jessa that an ass-man like you was so taken in by her breasts?

    Nice work, girl!

  2. V

    From her blog, I’ve always thought she’s pretty, but her sense of humor is really outstanding–

  3. Cock Diesel

    Titties are an inexplicable force of nature wielding a power that has crippled multitudes of men.

    With that said, if you start to water down your blog, we know why. :suspicious:

  4. Ayla

    DCB hasn’t “lost his edge,” Stephen…he’s just been temporarily lulled into that blissful post-smiley-humpy guy Happy Place. Give the man a moment.

    Jessa’s a cool chica.

  5. jessa j


    my favorite part of our date was when you offered me some of your food and i ate off your chopsticks and drank some of your bubble tea from your straw.

    …turns out your saliva is the very best tasting saliva in the world.

  6. O-face

    so is his semen.—- “jessa”

    Ok!!!!! Remind me to wash my hands if we should ever meet and greet. But you got some nice Breast-ah-ists. You got skim milk in those babies??

  7. Sally

    Hey, whatever happened to that cat? He looks fluffy, and I like touching fluffy things.

    And, when do I get to meet the luminous Miss Jeffries?

  8. Muffin


    I’ll be interested when Jessa posts a webcam shot of DCB penetration. Redhead / hairy man sex – not pretty, but entertaining.

  9. Marc

    Jessa needs to be cloned – for real. I’m with you DCB, half given the chance, I’d hump her leg too.

    I mean, rock her world – yes, that’s it.

  10. Joe

    Jessa, you should post that Playboy pic at an appointed time on your blog, like DCB did with Sally the Intern. Then remove it and piss all the guys off.

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