I’m sure many girls are confused about the shallow male pursuit of the notch. There is a perfectly good reason why we put forth our mental energy, money, and time into a meaningless number:

95% of women, by their very nature, are worthless as potential girlfriends. Their worth lies in a number that boosts our ego and gives us something to brag about.

We don’t want to turn gay, but we still want to have sexual relations, so we invent this elaborate notch game to make chasing you worthwhile. You whine too much. You try to change us. You packed on the freshman twenty and never quite lost it. There is no real reason to date for the sake of dating anymore. Talk to a quality man and he is completely content with banging away, because he knows the benefits of a relationship with a 2006 woman is just not worth it. Hopefully the next cultural shift brings a new wave of woman, who knows how to save money, cook, forgo materialistic goals, and satisfy their man without just thinking of themselves. I write this with a heavy heart, for our whole generation is screwed and in the end not many of us will be happy (except for the guys who have lots of notches).


  1. Eugenius

    Oh how true this rings……Unfortunately for us we are so used to the 95% and play in that pool so much that one day we end up with one.

    This game is dangerous in that you might not find that someone from that measly 5% and instead be left in a constant hunt. Though if “a woman” understands a notch hunter and why he is doing what he is doing, she will see that he hunts only because he expects and wants the best from his partner. The bragging and story telling is great times, but if the right one comes along….the hunt is over….for the time being..

    For now we keep hunting, for the notch is a good temporary replacement, and in our minds …we know there is that pool of 5% out there.

  2. Andy

    Have y’all ever seen this sweet 16 party show on MTV? Haha, the 95% are getting new recruits before they can even drive.

    I completely agree with this post and Eugenius’ comment. A great man has got standards… a bar that must be met. He can entertain himself in the pool of losers until the exceptional woman comes along.
    Women do the exact same thing, entertaining themselves with losers but always looking for that elusively exceptional guy. I wonder what the percentage breakdown of good guys is to loser guys?

    So the question is… if you’re the person getting abused/pump&dumped/etc., then wake up and realize that you’ve got to make some changes.

  3. Days of Broken Arrows

    I think when you’re over 30 a post-notch mentality sets in. There have been too many weird women, and it gets like a minefield. Sex buddies are a good alternative — preferably two of ’em.

    Plus, there is an hilarious unintended consequence to not having to get a woman in bed: If you think they get pissed when you don’t call them the next day, you should see how pissed they get when you can’t even be bothered to put any effort into sexing them up.

    And I recommended nurses as sex buddies. They always seem to know lots of weird sh*t and nothing seems too gross or too out-there. Anyone else find this? How about a post where we all can tell sex-with-a-nurse stories DCB?

  4. Cock Diesel

    Yes, 95% of females in the U.S. are completely worthless, save for any physical beauty they possess and/or sexual skills they?ve acquired.

    I ALREADY feel 100% fulfilled and because of my social circle of close friends and family, I don?t rely on whores for feelings of love and support.

    That?s why I find this game so satisfying, because all I expect from a chick is temporary use of her PUSSY, ASS, and MOUTH. :eviler: Nothing else.

    I, for one, don?t judge these whores too harshly; after all, there wouldn?t be whores without whore-mongers. To me, it?s a fair exchange; I give her some attention, personality, and wit, while she gives me unlimited use of her body.

    …just like those old NBA commercials used to say,?I LOVE THIS GAME!? :thumbup:

  5. jessa j

    it will hardly be a “new wave of women” who knows the secret to a great relationship –

    keep the cave clean. men want the cave tidy and spotless. air-conditioned.

    keep the kitchen fire burning always.

    sharpen his spear, and stick it in his hand when he goes out in the morning to spear that bear; and when the bear chases him, console him when he comes home at night, and tell him what a big man he is.

    and then hide the spear so he doesn’t fall over it and stab himself…

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