It’s Friday night and you are thinking of drunk dialing the guy you dated six months ago. Don’t. Put down your phone. He doesn’t want to talk to you… at all. If he wanted to talk to you, he would call you. That means he has moved on with his life. Why haven’t you moved on with yours?

Let me tell you what happens when we get a drunk dial. We look at our phone, see your name, and tell whomever is with us all about how we had sex with you and then got disinterested. We add all the embarrassing details to make the story interesting, and sometimes we throw in some simulated hip thrusts for our friends amusement.

For some reason girls thinks that calling while drunk and leaving a slurred message will somehow get him interested again. It doesn’t. These girls don’t call him while sober because they know he won’t answer. Do you know why shoot-outs in the old West were always done next to saloons? Alcohol. It makes you do stupid things.

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  2. RiddleMeThis?

    Advice Required:

    My GF’s best friend, who happens to be a dude that she’s know for many years and once long ago expressed feelings for her – which she rejected, moved away to the otherside of the world. He sends her texts and calls her at “drunk dialing” hours of the night his time (normal daytime/evening hours our time). Is he still in love with her? I try to think about it in his prospective and in my opinion – if it were me in his shoes – I would say he still has feeling for her (am i crazy?). I have made a few round-about comments about it to her and she’s very much of the opinion that they are just friends. I’ve noticed a patern that they only seem to talk when he’s drunk and sends her mulitple message. Maybe i’m just paranoid, but i can’t help to question: Does this mean anything?

    Advice/opinions are welcome.

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  5. Michelle

    My husband drunk dialed two women while I was out of town!!! Ouch… what the hell is that supposed to mean???

  6. Mariah

    Oh God! I have had sex with this certain guy a few times… and I have drunk texted him twice. The last time, I texted him I told him straight up that I did want to have sex and last night when it happened, I was rambling and my friend was texting him and a bunch of other ppl everything I was saying. So I looked at my phone this morning HORRIFIED and texted him to let him know it wasn’t met. I mean, yes I was horny and I was talking about him to my friends but I didn’t think someone would send the messages! Honestly I do find the situation hilarious though and for whatever reason this fool may not like me anyway, so guess it doesn’t matter (which I don’t know why, HE SHOULD like me :p)

    Anyway, I probably ruined things even more I’m assuming…? Opinions on this would be great

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