It’s Friday night and you are thinking of drunk dialing the guy you dated six months ago. Don’t. Put down your phone. He doesn’t want to talk to you… at all. If he wanted to talk to you, he would call you. That means he has moved on with his life. Why haven’t you moved on with yours?

Let me tell you what happens when we get a drunk dial. We look at our phone, see your name, and tell whomever is with us all about how we had sex with you and then got disinterested. We add all the embarrassing details to make the story interesting, and sometimes we throw in some simulated hip thrusts for our friends amusement.

For some reason girls thinks that calling while drunk and leaving a slurred message will somehow get him interested again. It doesn’t. These girls don’t call him while sober because they know he won’t answer. Do you know why shoot-outs in the old West were always done next to saloons? Alcohol. It makes you do stupid things.

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  1. Aja

    Drunk dialing is dangerous. I mean yeah you can get an answer, get laid or get an answer get his wife or girlfriend (o shit!!) or you can get an answer, get laid, but it the wrong recipient of the original drunk dial. Some dials end in tears and sloppy I love yous. Just make sure to lock your keys and remember friends do not let friends drunk dial. What we do when we see your number at an odd time, honestly, answer, we are curious, yeah we know why you are calling, but while you work that, we work answers out of you, what have you been up to, who have you been with, why didn?t things work out (this is usual for short romances). As for those once in a blue moon call, after a long a relationship, you are calling because you realized you fucked up, regardless of who broke-up with who, you are confessing it is your fault, you usually cry on this call and want another chance, even if the voice on the other line is married with children or the voice is that of her husband or current.

  2. Liz

    You make it sound like it’s only females who pull that shit. I’ve had many a guy do that to me. I’ve also had people just call me at 3-4-5am just to “talk” when they know damn well I have to be at work in the morning.

    That said, I agree, drunk dialing ex’s is lame. I call FRIENDS when I’m out and shitfaced, but only to get them to come out and have fun too.

  3. holiday

    I suddenly feel cured of drunk dialing. Thank you DCB. So I’m curious about Liz’s point? Like guys don’t drunk dial? Actually when I think about it, they only drunk dial/text for booty.

  4. Anonymous

    There is no cure for drunk dialing. It is one of the most humiliating things one can do, but at the time, you really believe that it will make you seem seductive and exciting. What’s worse is when you actually hook up with someone because of your drunk dialing, but then realize the next day that you neglected to brush your teeth before going over their house and couldn’t even perform in bed because you were so drunk. Now that’s embarassing.

  5. sara

    I am a big drunk dialer… friends, exes… but the next morning, I always try to convince myself that if I left messages they must have come across as ‘cute’ and I laugh them off… I know, I know… I’m wrong.

  6. Anonymous

    Most cellphone companies now have a drunk dialing package where you can program what numbers to not be able to call at “drunken hours”

  7. V

    Right on.
    Oh, I hate waking up the next morning and checking the call log…it’s almost as bad as the hang over.
    Drunk texting is also pretty painful because you have proof of exactly what you said…ouch.

  8. Chase

    I’ve been on the receiving end of drunk dialing/texting as well as done the dialing/texting. I think we’ve all done it at least once. We may blame the alcohol, but the urge to call the ex has always been there…alcohol just makes us brave (and stupid).

  9. Sudamericana

    I can usually resist the temptation to drunk dial an ex. However, I think my major weakness is pathetically hoping and waiting for the opposite to happen: that one day he drunk dials me and I can rejoice at his following day?s humiliation. Unfortunately, I must confess I do not often have that pleasure.

  10. CruelHazel

    I actually don’t drunk dial. Sometimes I drunk IM, but never exes, just friends.

    The most hilarious thing is when an ex drunk dials you while you’re drunk. It was the most interesting conversation.

  11. Anonymous

    Although – I had a guy drunk dial me (from the past) for about 3 months. They started as friendly late nighters and turned into he loves me. I gave him a shot – he turned out to be as big of a loser round 2 as round 1. The calls made me give him a chance though (they were so pathetic I thought he must really care). Wrong I was – just a drunkdialaholic.

  12. RCR

    Great post. So true – I would look at the display and roll my eyes, then show it to my friend and he would roll his eyes. Then he says “don’t answer that” and I say “don’t worry, I won’t.” So there you go: at least two people are sitting there thinking you’re a loser b/c it’s 2am and you haven’t met anyone to hook up with yet. Friends don’t let friends drink and dial.

  13. AsianMistress

    I prefer to drunk text for some reason. However – I have this weird thing that no matter what embarrassing thing I might do, or who I might contact – there are just some people that no matter HOW drunk I am – it still would NEVER cross my mind to call them (thank God)…I think that something just holds me back. I guess I’m just lucky like that.

    Everyone has drunk dialed at some point, and everyone has been on the other end smirking and laughing. Don’t deny it. Just don’t dwell on it.

  14. Liz

    I accidentally dialed my parent’s number one time. It was about 5am, and I was fucked up on alcohol and God knows what else. Luckily I hung up before the call went through.

  15. DCB Post author

    “What about drunk-dialing current crushes?”

    Gray area… depends on if he likes you or not. If he does, he probably thinks it’s “cute”

  16. Anonymous

    What if you drunk dial the same guy every time, and he always answers and wants to see you, and he’s really hot? But you’re cheating on your boyfriend with him when you do this. This happens several times each year. How could this guy still be interested in a repeat drunk dialing woman after all this time?

  17. the_dutchess

    Or, worse yet… I recently drunk dialed my ex (completely over looking why I broke up with him) I was probably looking for more of a comfort booty call.

    He tells me how happy he was to hear from me & how we should have never broke up. Now he keeps calling… back to square 1.

    Point on the story – happy or not to get your call, NEVER a good idea.

  18. Texas Cutie

    I rarely drunk dial but I sure do seem to be a victim of it quite frequently. I only answer if it’s one of my close girl friends.

  19. christine

    This is damn funny. And too true.

    In the past, I allowed myself one drunk dial after each significant relationship. I’m typically a good breaker-upper, but nobody’s perfect, and I figure my rep can handle one episode of dumbass behavior. 🙂 I’ll warn the guy, “just so you know, i allow myself one drunk dial after a breakup. feel free to make fun of me afterward.” These calls have typically been of the “you suck” variety, not the “i still love you” variety. I have some pride. 🙂

    These days, I have a couple of guy friends with whom I have a drunk dial/text relationship. it’ll be 2:00 a.m. and i’ll get a text with a funny observation about some loser who proposed to his girlfriend on the Jumbotron at a game. (she said no.) drunk-texting friends seems like a good way to get the drunk-text out of your system without debasing yourself with an ex or wrecking things with a new luv.

  20. mirabella

    i’ve been on the receiving end of drunk-dials/txt/booty calls, “uhh, haven’t spoken to you in months but wanted to check up on who you have/haven’t been shackin’ up with”, and the occassional stalker txt from the guy you’ve dumped before you even started dating, etc. i just don’t get it. after a certain period of time (usually a week) of no correspondence, isn’t it clear that it’s pretty much over, whatever “it” may have been. and when it’s over, it’s freakin’ over, why is it so hard for people to get it, let go and move on? hey, i’ve been there too (the letting go issue), but it still baffles me, especially since on a logical level i get it!

  21. Anonymous

    I’m so glad I found this website!! I spent all day depressed that I texted my ex/ called last night- and have done so regularly for two years, at least quarterly. I told him loved him which was awful!! He never responds and must be getting the biggest ego boost ever. I have decided to make a promise not to do it hereonin, if it can be helped. So easy to be disinhibited under the influence, and long for some1. But its not good for your self- esteem, and yr ex is loving it. In fact his new girlf probably wants to knock yr block off. Maybe sometimes its a defence, alcohol and druunk dialling to maintain that contact. But anyone reading this should make a directive not to EVER do it again. RIGHT NOW RIGHT HERE…

  22. Anonymous

    here here, I agree. We all need to take control and its destructive- I also make a statement not to do it EVER AGAIN>

  23. Andria

    I was with my ex, long story short he ended things still loving me now knowing what he wanted. After 3 weeks of trying to figure something out I took his things to his work to finalize it. That morning he showed up at my door at 4:00 a.m. He slept on my floor and I woke him up for work. Then the next nighthe drunk dialed me, we talked for a min. and then he called me 16 more times.. 20 in all. On message saying he was dieing with out me, missed me, blah blah…. but in the sober hours i get NOTHING!!!! is there anything to this? or just more bullshit!

  24. girlgirl

    Whenever it is saturday a guy named H always drunk texts me and he would send me round 3- 8 text messages, if I don’t answer he would text me empty messages (perhaps 2 or 3). We had had a sexual relationship before, however whenever I ask him if he wants to meet up for sex he would say no and then he would say he doesn’t want to meet. I get really disappointed since I would want to have sex with him. But still the following week he asks me to go meet him in town at 1 am at night to “talk” or just ” meet”, I haven’t agreed to do that yet. I suspect that he likes me, but I am not sure. I used to be in love with this guy, but he was not in love and then we moved to separate places. Now we are in the same town again and he would text me every weekend and also weekdays. He began for about 8 months ago and every weekend I would definitely get at least one text from him. What the hell does he want anyway? sex or what? Is he just weird?

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  27. So Confused!

    Will someone please reply to this on the message board…I don’t want to list my e-mail…I broke up with my boyfriend about 6 months ago b/c he was paying more attention to his friends than me. I think he wanted to break up too, we weren’t sure what we wanted, etc. Now I want to get back together and he doesn’t, and he very rarely contacts me sober, but last weekend he drunk dialed/texted both nights and he even does it sometimes during the week We both have to be at work early in the morning). I don’t answer, but does this mean he’s thinking about me and struggling with whether he wants me back or not, still secretly in love with me, or just wants to get some? Please help me, especially guys–what is on his mind?? And how can I get him back? Thank you!!

  28. Cristale

    I broke up with my ex 6 mths ago. I drunk dialed him and did the whole drive-by thing for a couple of months. He never answered and never called me. So 6 mths later, he calls me at 2am. I missed the call and he didn’t leave a message! I would have loved to answer that call and heard what he had to say because I’m sure it was a drunk dial. But I have the same question! Why now, after 6 mths and I’ve pretty much forgotten about him!

  29. BG

    To “So Confused!”
    He wants ass. If he’s calling drunk late at night, that means he tried to get some at the club, couldn’t, so he’s dialing you. I know the truth hurts sometimes, but you’re his last resort. Now I’m not saying all hope is lost. You can always answer the phone, drunk fuck him, and then try to weasel your way back into a relationship. The choice is yours.

  30. Anonymous

    I do drunk dial on a regular basis… or well drunk-text later, but no exes or current dates, basically I pick up random people from my phonebook and just annoy them with texts only to realize when I read their answer after I fall asleep, that I do not even remember what I wrote them… that’s awful!

  31. ashley

    So I dated this guy a couple months ago. We’ve known of each other for about 3 years, he’s 2 years older. He hired me at my first job. We didn’t really talk the whole year I worked there. Then I ran into him about a year after I quit, both drunk for 4th of july. He was hitting on me, I wasn’t interested. We ran into each other again a couple months ago and he asked me out, I accepted. We dated about 3-4 weeks – things went great – crazy about me. Then one day he just stops talking/calling/making plans.
    So after about a month of no talking, he starts drunk dialing me on 4th of july, and has almost every weekend since. He wants to “hang out” when he calls .. he’ll once in a while call sober, but never asks to “hang out” when sober, haha.
    WHAT is thisss?? I know it seems like a booty call but I can’t really tell with the way he’s up and down about things.


    Please help! So, my ex and I broke up about 3 yrs ago but have been friends for about 7 yrs. We just met up a couple weekends ago and after we meet up, I didnt hear from him. Until last Friday. He drunk texted me and said “would be nice to wake up next to you and watch a movie. last chance?” WTF?!?!?! Is this liquor courage?? Or,am I just a booty call?? Also, back to when we met up, totally sober, I asked him if he could see us in a relationship again and he said “no comment”…WTF?! What does this guy want?? And, when I drunk texted him the Friday after he contact me, HE NEVER ANSWERED. Is this guy a player or what???

  33. Justine moser

    How often is it that the truth actually comes out when someone drunk dials you? My ex boyfriend called my last wednesday and was talking to his friend who is also my friend and told him that he’s still deeply in love w/ me. lol. I know. Stupid post.

  34. Anonymous

    i drunk txted a boy i have a massive crush on last night.. i was wasted at a party he was at.. and he payed me zero attention.. shall i say sorry 4 the text or not?

  35. Anonymous

    ok. i know your talking about drunk dialing, but i have a different question? what if you and this guy work together make plans that never seem to transpire, and he tells you what times he will be home so you can can call him, but he never calls you. excuse: he says he is bad about dialing, yet we talk for quite a while fluently after i call. he speaks his mind quite well, so i do not understand. i have never been the persuer, and its quite uncomfotable

  36. mims

    listen up girls,
    guys dont like to be chased, its desperate, easy, and unexciting. to a guy, a dream girl is tantalizingly just out of reach, confident in herself (she isnt reaching out in desperation), and doesnt need a man to make her feel sexy. in some kind of way i think guys like to feel like they are not good enough for you, and then be surprised when you flash them a smile. but nothing more.
    so the drunk dialing surely makes you look sloppy. desperate. and insecure. secure women let the men call her, and she only answeres if he’s worth her time. so dont answere the damn drunken dialers either. see the call at 1 am and block it with distaste that a desperate loser thinks he can use the bare minimum of swindling manipulation just for his own selfish pleasure. ewe.
    we want guys who put a qualified effort into winning our attention. the bar flies who will drunk dial a million girls just to fuck are reserved only for the girls who buy into their bullshit and accept with a desperate hope.
    its always a guy looking to fuck, and a girl looking to feel special/pretty/wanted. dont ever forget that, no matter what a man might say to get you in bed!!!

  37. mims

    always make a guy call you. never accept calls after 10pm from a new guy. let him leave a message before you answer a call from a guy. its best to not get so drunk that you cant control your own actions, especialy those so fragiley correlated to relationships.
    guys dont think drunk dialing is cute. they think its intoxication.

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