Three years ago I met a Brazilian girl on the waterfront. Her exotic look and accent was refreshing to me, even though she was very Americanized. She was feisty on our date, but there was some arousing playful banter – arousing to me at least. It was on.

After a couple hours the check came and she offered to pay. “Oh cool,” I thought. I wasn’t experienced enough to realize that that was a standard date-fake-offer, where girls have absolutely no intention of paying but will offer anyway. I was so naive. She paid a little less than half, and in an instant she went ice-cold on me and wanted to immediately go home. I cost myself some action because of $15… with a Brazilian girl.

This story typifies my experiences meeting girls at the waterfront. At 26 years of age, I have been unable to close the deal with any girl I have met there. And neither can my friends. It’s pathetic.

We figured out a long time ago that girls who hang in the Dupont area bars and clubs like us the most, so we only head to the waterfront every
few months to see if the tide turns in our favor. It never does. And after reading this article, the only logical reason for many nights with is because none of us own a boat.

He described the scene as a “second fraternity house in life; it brings you into an elite.”

“It’s a babe magnet,” he said of his yacht. “The bigger the boat, the more people cling to you.”

Until I do get a boat, I’m never going to the waterfront again. It’s like a gay man going to the Miss USA pageant pre-party. What’s the point?

Two waterfront girls I didn’t seal the deal with.

23 thoughts on “THE WATERFRONT

  1. The Senator

    Why would you want to with these? Just wait for the good ones to approach you down there. It worked for me.

    It’s all crap down there. We guys all know this. It’s a game. Just be yourself and the right one will come along.

  2. holiday

    Let me give you a clue why you got shafted by these girls. The Blonde on the left is sporting a pretty nice engagement ring. As charming as I’m sure you are, you’ve got nothing on diamonds.

  3. CatCiao

    Maybe you need to dock your ship at the other “waterfront” – if it be Brazilian or Latina beauties yee want, go to h20 on Friday nights…most of them just want a green card or a man with a j-o-b and can salsa circles around you.

  4. Sudamericana

    CatCiao, let me clarify some points, since it seems that after your last comment, the time has come to defend Latina women from excessive generalization, just as American women have defended themselves after previous posts.

    -Not all Latinas are interested in the green cards you American guys have to offer.

    -The most beautiful and classy Latin girls ? there are plenty in this city- are most often professional career women who do not give a damn about visa issues, since they are capable enough of obtaining them for themselves. Girls you meet at the Waterfront are likely to fall within this category.

    -In fact, most of the Latin girls I know (and believe me, that means many) are NOT EVEN SLIGHTLY interested in dating American men, and I can say that the majority of them even try to avoid them. Contrary to your assumptions, you are not one of the best regarded nationalities in Latin American women circles, at least not in mine.

  5. CatCiao

    😉 I know I know, just felt like being controversial for once. 😀

    I have several mestisos and my ex is driving me crazy this week.

  6. Sudamericana

    No problem… same here, just felt like responding to a controversial statement for once 😉 =

  7. nabeel

    i’m starting to wonder whether the “battle of the sexes” (through excessive generalizations) are continueing because either some people got burned by a mere ONE person of THAT nationality that they constantly grouse about, OR we are just bored and wanna start a controversy. hmm, just a thought

  8. Cruella DeVille

    Sudamericana :

    Who the hell would want a professional brazilian, we want big booty hoes! Typical professional slut mentality

  9. Aja

    Latinas rock! Though I am mixed. So mixed Latina/Carribean/Native American chicks rock. As for my preference in men, I believe the future Mr. Aja is European/Latino of South/Central America/ Carribean. American men believe in big boobs, size zero, no butts, trophy looking women and are willing to accept thier louziness in bed and go onto find some exotic woman to fulfill thier needs.

    Women at the waterfront are pussy whipping your wallet by allowing you to think you have scored because you have just roped a habor chick. As soon as you do not offer to pay or show some kind of pull or status you are done. You might as well roll into Sequoias with a canoe.

  10. Anonymous

    The one on the left is real cute, too bad you didn’t get her number…Better luck next time

  11. Jack Mehoff

    Hey Asshole. I heard you posted this girls picture three years after you met her. That makes you sound like a real winner. I bet you jerk off to the squirrels cherping outside your window, and the laundry ladies that wash your clothes with bunyons on thier asses. Hey man, to each his own. I feel bad that you have such a lowly existance. I bet that if Morphus emailed you, you would ejaculate in your pants, and have cold sweats for a week, you fuckin weird ass computer geek.

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