American Women Vs European Women
My friends who married american, well, their wives never let them go out, and they never show up to be social. They complain about there wives, with their tight tolerances for correct feminist behavior.

The Game
Happiness, love, fulfillment, gratitude, and peace are all created in the mind and can be experienced whenever you choose. It?s just that ppl construct specific rules before they will allow themselves to experience these feelings.

The Game
I think the problem is that Americans are too focused on control and attempt to manipulate all situations (like the women who try to create the perfect test-tube baby in one of DC?s other posts). Down here, the Amazon covers half of the country, and people understand that major forces are out of their control.

Secret Message Mulan
Tight pussies. I can?t *believe* nobody mentioned this! If Asian men have smaller penises, Asian women have tigher pussies. It?s a nice bonus.

Secret Message Mulan
We know why you hate us, *ahem* because you?re jealous of us. We somehow intimated you white girls. Because deep down you know if we want your white men, we can easily steal them from you. Haha!


  1. Joe

    Newhus and Eddy nailed it. How can we broadcast their comments to every straight guy in DC?

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