You’ll notice that I only link to three DC blogs. There are a lot of local pages that are on the verge of being good, but many writers do too much personal writing that only their friends would enjoy reading regularly.

So today I was surprised to find a pretty funny analysis of part of the DC blog scene. The author compared us to high schoolers:

DC Bachelor– The jackass: He’s got the anarchist shirt, makes-out on overnight speech tournament trips, has several girls with dyed black hair into him, but he’s banging a cheerleader, he’s like, totally complicated.

100% correct! Overall I felt like she was being nicer than she really felt, to not offend the sites she wouldn’t mind getting linked from. I’m not as nice: the hammer is coming down on DCist very soon.

DC Blog Clog via Circle V

8 thoughts on “TOY HAMMER

  1. V

    So it’s all DCB that I have to thank for pushing people to my shitty blog…here I was going to go down on Socialite Reporter, geez, that would have been embarrassing.

    Seriously, when time allows, you should rate/describe other blogs in DC that you read and think are on the cusp of good or whatever…feel free to also take the High School analogy too far.

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