– Scared of his own desires
– Does not like his reflection in the mirror.
– Unable to go after what he wants.
– Passive in bed.
– Waits for permission.
– Pushover.
– Looks for the nearest TV when you say the word “game.”
– Does not like to lead. Follower.
– Seeks identity in his career and not his masculinity.
– Afraid of taking risks.
– Qualifies his weaknesses.
– Worries about a girls’s pleasure before his own.
– Loves eating a girl out.
– Not a real man.

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55 thoughts on “TRAITS OF A BETA MALE

  1. ribald

    except for #13 (which i love to do to a girl, it’s just one of my quirks), awesome list, especially #7 — god bless you!

  2. spcwby

    Reposted from my comment over on ‘American vs Euro’….

    “Correctomundo, while American men have quite effectively been neutered and their spine(s) turned to jelly. I believe the term is ?eunuch? , being deemed by the feminist as the desired defacto standard for American men.”

    Thought on #13: As per the Bible (Thank you Lord) that “….it is better to give than receive.”

    Another view: “There was once a man who was considered quite mad. Though the more he gave (inferred wealth), the more he had”

    Then again, your results maybe different:)

  3. Oface

    Yeah that pretty much describes me…

    What you lookin’ at? You all a bunch of fuckin’ assholes. You know why? You don’t have the guts to be what you wanna be? You need people like me. You need people like me so you can point your fuckin’ fingers and say, “That’s the bad guy.” So… what that make you? Good? You’re not good. You just know how to hide, how to lie. Me, I don’t have that problem. Me, I always tell the truth. Even when I lie. So say good night to the bad guy! Come on. The last time you gonna see a bad guy like this again, let me tell you. Come on. Make way for the bad guy. There’s a bad guy comin’ through! Better get outta his way!

  4. sean

    Isn’t it obvious that one day this DCB character will be the most pussy whipped man on earth?

  5. Roissy

    13 needs some beta-tizing qualification:

    “feels obligated to eat a girl out and never gets reciprocal BJs in equal or greater number.”

  6. fanman

    I rarely eat girls out anymore.. I’m not even that interested in sex so most of the time I just pretty much lay there and let the girl do her thing. I think doggy style is really the only time I still get into it. Its tough being alpha 😎

  7. Anonymous

    remember, his #13 says LOVES eating a girl out.

    that’s vastly different than WILLING to eat a girl out… i think some of you were seeing it as an absolute (e.g. any eating out of a girl makes you beta)- because in practice, all good alphas know a lil’ muff diving every now and then is worth it if it lands you Grade A quality ass for the future.

  8. Days of Broken Arrows

    I’m starting not to buy into this Alpha Male stuff anymore. The reason is because that term is mostly used to define a guy in terms of what females want (or think they want). Any man who defines himself interms of a woman’s wushes is not an Alpha Male — if such a thing even exists.

    Also, why should men be compared to beasts in the animal kingdom, when women get to play roles not encoded in their biology? Isn’t this limiting?

  9. curious

    Days of Broken Arrows: explain what you mean by women playing roles not encoded in their biology.

    I have an idea where you’re going on this, but am curious as to your thoughts. (also if post in the forum I’m sure other people would join in the discussion)

  10. SN

    12 and 13 are dumb. If you have *your* girl then be a real man and take care of her, if she deserves it.

  11. mhm

    You make a good point. In this day and age of ADD 14 points is just to many. Did God need more than 10? Hell no.

    ps…blogging is so beta…real men don’t blog

  12. dmt

    I’ve recently started lifting and running pretty hardcore, and I can say that the mirror one is totally true. The better you look in the mirror, the more man you feel.

  13. Anonymous

    Alpha/Beta is one of those things you just know when you see it, simple as that. Most alphas are really betas in small ponds that lack the transcending/larger than life presence of the real deal, so jockey for the top spot on their local totem pole(s).

  14. Anonymous

    #13 isn’t beta… enjoyment or not of a specific sex act is personal preference. What’s beta is performing an act for anything other than your own enjoyment. Men that perform oral sex on women despite not enjoying it because they expect that it will “earn” them a blow job or some other reward are beta.

    “Nice guys” and beta males are not the same, though beta men have adopted the nice guy banner as camoflage for passive-aggressive manipulation. It’s more common for alpha males (not to be confused with jerks) to be genuinely nice people because they don’t resort to the same emotional blackmail tactics. They don’t have to. (I get the feeling that DC Bachelor is not as alpha as he’d like us to believe, btw, so don’t base your concept of alpha men solely on what he says.)

  15. Anon

    Oral is absolutely an alpha move. Want to take it to the next level? A true alpha isn’t afraid of OTA or red wings. Step up, playahs!

  16. slade

    most americans and a lot of english are now the wimps u call beta males,get back to the good old days i say and grow some balls u cowardly shits

  17. Jonathan

    To X. The guys on the site are one big moron family.

    I wouldn’t discribe them as wussies, but maybe the only reason why they seem confident is because they’re together, and having the same stupid hairlook. A real alpha-male chooses his own clothes and is willing to go out allone.

    A romantic wuss may be better of than such a loser.

  18. John

    #13) Eats out non-virgins.

    I would only eat out a virgin. There’s no way I’m sticking my tongue where some other guy’s schtang has left his residue. Only a virgin deserves to be eaten out, so go as young as your state allows men.

  19. Daniel

    Is there some device that can make objective measure of this alpha-beta distinction.

    If not and until there is, may I suggest ?or perhaps it?s best to declare with masculine authority that these are false categories, puerile arbitrary self-referential opinion, conceived in the vain image of the beholder.

    Prove me wrong?. you bloated jerks

  20. anon

    #13 is a little controversial. I’d say it’s an essential skill for a guy to have. The enjoyment is not in the act itself but in experiencing her reaction to it 🙂

  21. deep

    u know to much about beta male , its either u have
    been one,are one or aspire to be one. Now thats fresh, i call it dirty deeping#101.

  22. Joe

    Sadly, I guess I am a beta male, though I don’t think I entirely believe in these terms. An alpha type can’t be an alpha in every situation and a beta can’t be a beta in every situation. What about when two alphas clash? Wouldn’t one of them get their way? Would that mean one of them becomes a beta all of a sudden? Or vice cersa with betas? I don’t think it’s genetic either. A lot of people have confidence issues and they can work on them.

    But where did you get the mirror thing? I have issues with my reflection, which is weird because I’m good looking. Girls dig me. I have been chosen by girls over my more boisterous friends all my life. It’s caused problems with those friendships, but whatever. It just happens that every girlfriend I’ve had initiated the relationship first and I kind of like that. I think if a girl is attracted to a guy, then that’s all that matters. I don’t believe in having to work so hard to get laid or have a relationship. If a girl isn’t initially into me, then I move on. Compatibility doesn’t depend on silly alpha-beta concepts.

  23. Joe

    The Beta and Alpha concepts apply little to us evolved humans. Nothing is clear cut and easily categorized like this. We mine as well be discussing astrology.

  24. Will

    #13 needs clarification. I enjoy going down on women for one reason only: to control their sexual pleasure, not to give them sexual pleasure.

    Women want it, and I give it to them the way I want to (which, coincidentally, is the way they want it done, too).

  25. Joe

    So long as it’s reciprocal, what’s the big deal? Or so long as both parties get pleasure out of it, then it should be fine. No power trips needed.

  26. Paidwell

    Good post and all valid points. However I know some guys that aren’t beta who’s mood goes up and down with their finances.

    I really Like a couple- specifically “Worries about a girls?s pleasure before his own.”

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