For a Haters’ Happy Hour, it surely was a non-hatredy evening.

Science Club is an excellent venue and it comes highly recommended by me. Additionally, can we always have these things on Fridays? Because being hungover is much, much easier to be on my couch than in the office.

All the usual suspects were in attendance – DCB, Kathryn, I-66, KAC, KassyK, Virgle Kent, Jeff of And I’m Not Lying, For Real; Barzelay apparently made an appearance but I did not see him, Guy Whose Name I Forget (Blame the Gin and Tonics) from goodatdrinkingbadatlife, Mike Grass formerly of DCist and currently of WaPo Express, Circle V, Big Head Rob and Wife, Chase of the Complacency, and last but not least my Intern Sidekick. Oh, and the blogger groupie girls, who are too funny and I promise not to reveal your identities. And probably some other people that I did not meet but now you know who I am so let’s meet next time!

Afterward some of us continued to Dragonfly – I wasn’t as impressed – where:
-V and I tried to leave (DCB bribed us into staying with drinks…suckaaaa),
-the air freshener in the bathroom made me cry,
-I stepped next door for empanadas and V spilled salsa verde on my dress,
-I came out of bathroom and saw Virgle Kent *grinding* with Girl Who is Nice and I Forget Her Name,
-at 12:30 am I got in a cab after realizing I was drunk, tired, and grouchy.

But dammit I had a great time and we should really do these more often. Bloggers, what say you?

15 thoughts on “TRIPLE-H

  1. KassyK

    Damn, next time I need to get empanadas to protect my fragile stomach from one too many shots…great to see everyone–Oh no I left Dragonfly before VKent got some? Dammmmmit….This is GREAT juice…

  2. Aja

    Goodtimes! Can’t wait for the shirts. KassyK- crap fucking luck about the camera!

  3. Sally

    HOLY SHIT, Mr. Anthrope, I just checked out your blog for the first time and that snake fucking TERRIFIED me. I’m the girl who used to staple together pages in my science book so I would never accidentally open to the reptile chapters.

    OMG seriously I have to go change my pants now.

  4. virglekent

    Virgle Kent could not be reached for comment on the mentioned ?grinding?. He?s representatives and PR staff did have this to say.

    ?Cocaine is a hell of a drug. Also sometimes VK has been known to take a shot of Tequila or two and dance kind of provocative. Who the hell are we kidding; he dances like a slutty freshman at her first frat party. But let the record also show he wasn?t the only person participating in such events. Also at least it was a fucking girl this time?

    That?s all that?s been leaked to the press. It is rumored that since the HHH VK has been on a three day Oxycodone, Tequila, and midget porn bender.

  5. Kathryn

    Oh, there’s another one coming! And if you guys want Friday nights, then Friday nights they shall be.

    Announcement later…

  6. etcetera

    sally and dcb, pleasure to meet you both. you make a wonderful couple. mazel tov!
    (am i considered one of those “blogger groupie girls”? so embarrassing.)

  7. V

    Oy. Sorry about the salsa–the fact that I now owe you dry cleaning means we have taken our relationship to the next level.

  8. Bad at Life

    By the end of the night I think even I had forgotten my own name. Great meeting you and DCB…but where were the blogger groupies? How in the hell did I miss that?

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