Let’s take an average adult man with average game and estimate how much it costs him to get a notch. I am using very conservative estimates:

Average cost per date: $50
Number of dates until he hits: 4

So that is $200 for sex, which is all he wanted anyway unless he’s a beta. Do you know how much an escort will charge for one hour of sex? About $200. And I’m not even including the miscellaneous costs of getting laid, such as clothing, alcohol, gas, club cover charges, STD clinic visits, parking tickets, etc. And what does the girl have to put in? Nothing. She just has to take a break from watching television to get a free dinner, paid for by your hard work. What did she do to deserve that? The way I see it, a girl should bring a gift to every date: homemade cookies, a knitted sweater, a magazine subscription… I don’t care – SOMETHING. Something to show she is not a complete sponge. Women have decided to destroy traditional courtship by playing us and dating multiple guys, so I don’t understand why they still expect princess treatment.

I’m not quite ready to stop dating, but I know I’m too old to waste energy trying to get in a girl’s pants. If I meet a girl, and she’s serious about wanting me, then she should be unable to control herself. She has to want to go crazy and jump my bones from the first night we meet. I believe that if a girl can hold back having sex with you then she isn’t all that into you in the first place. You are just her source of attention and validation. If you are a little girl who is afraid of “looking like a slut,” then you are not for me: I want a girl who loves the cock. All the sexually timid girls can date a friend of mine who doesn’t mind taking a girl out seven times to finally get her in bed ($350) – to make her feel nice and fuzzy inside that she is so very different and special.

It’s not worth putting time and energy into a woman who can be terrible in bed. The reason why food companies give out free samples is because they want to hook you, they want to let you know that you are about to make a wise purchase. Some women don’t get this idea and want you to buy the store’s entire stock based on the box picture. Only an idiot would do that. Can you believe that there are men out there right now that are marrying women before having sex with them?

My new dating rule: You only get two dates. On the first date I will take you to a very nice place, give you the best of what my personality has to offer, and reward you with sex if you look good and stimulate me intellectually. If you decline the favor, that is fine, but the next date will be a little different. I will take you to a very cheap bar and show up unshaven in clothes I picked up off the floor. If you don’t somehow impress me or make it clear that you are a sexual monster, you are cut. I refuse to invest in someone of unproven value.

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