A few years ago in Baltimore I met an FOB Russian girl who could really dance. I wasn’t interested enough to try but I would have definitely banged it out under the right circumstances. A few months later I run into her at a DC club. This time she is with her new boyfriend, and he was gigantic; at least 100 pounds overweight. Any interest I had in her disappeared instantly.

What does it say about me if a girl that likes me also likes a grotesque specimen of a man? It’s nice that she can see through his physical flaws to search deep for the human being inside, but it still makes me wonder about what she thinks is quality. Dating her would put me on the same level as the monster man, and I feel uneasy about that.

Girls are less shallow in this regard. They don’t seem to care if you’ve been with a fat or ugly girl. Still, if you’re a girl who has dated ugly, please don’t let me know.

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  1. KassyK

    Must disagree on this one. Lots of girls care. Bc like you say constantly…guys are looking for a hot girl or a notch or possibly both…and when just looking for a notch its not too common that the girl is super hot–just super slutty.

    To find out a guy you have been seeing has no standards makes you feel equally like a troll. It 100% goes both ways.

  2. i hate pubes

    A female friend of mine in college was dating this guy and eventually got to looking through some photos with him. He started pointing out friends, ex-girlfriends, etc. After around the third ex-gf was pointed out, she began to cry. All the ex-gfs were clearly fat. At this point, she too, relized that she was a chubby.

    I’m not sure what the point here is, but I think that if you’re bf/gf has dated ugly guys frequently in the past, and you are currently dating them. Well…

  3. TC the Terrible

    James banged it on the head. Porker had cash and women lower their standards very quickly for a man with deep pockets. They know they can have the hot-body-boy-toy on the side all day and still keep the fat boy’s wallet.

    Having the gash let’s a girl have her cake and eat it too. DCB should be wise enough to know this by now.

    And never judge yourself by what the ex is now with. That’s unfair to both you and him.

  4. Josh

    Bullshit. . .who cares what, or who she has banged.

    As long as she appeals to my taste, and she is herp free, game on.

  5. hedonistic

    I dated two men who gained massive amounts of weight AFTER we started dating. By then I was emotionally attached to them, so it was too late for me to turn shallow. I was in “luv.”

    However, their excess weight made it easier for me to break up with their unworthy asses once the lightbulb finally went on in my head that they were not good long-term prospects.

    Perhaps this will be the Russian girl’s story too, someday.

  6. holiday

    I disagree. Girls will totally do the same thing, and it’s initially such a blow to the ego.

    However, there is actually nothing more gratifying than realizing that your ex has found himself a shoddy melted fatter version of yourself. Like I’ve said before, I don’t like to date guys with Asian fetish, but inevitably run into them with some larger, not pretty asian girl. It makes for a really awkward moment.

    I also had a friend who got dumped by a girl named Lori with long beautiful curly brown hair. The next week, he met a girl named Laura with the same hairdo Less pretty.

    DCB, maybe you can comfort yourself by thinking that she found herself the larger, maybe more sensitive version of you.

  7. TC the Terrible

    If it is after you, why does it bother you. It’s not like you are going back for a repeat performance so let her bang the new thing and move on. If she was that hot you would have held on to her longer/better.

    Or, look at it this way. You are fine and you broke her down emotionally when you put her ass on the curb. Now she’s after the polar opposite in hopes that he won’t hurt her in the same way.

  8. Days of Broken Arrows

    Don’t women usually go for younger versions of their dads? Maybe her dad is a porker.

  9. Wendy

    he probably was svelt when they met and gained weight taking her to nice restaurants. Or, maybe, just maybe, she is complex enough to see beyond the physical and the guy was super intelligent and fun to be with.

  10. O-face

    Dude you look at fellow competitors based on looks. Women look at men based on money and power. He might of been overweight but I bet his networth was around 2 million….

  11. Roissy

    russian girls are drawn to displays of male dominance (and this includes vast wealth) more than most.

    it is a survival mechanism borne of growing up dirt poor in backwater russia. they understand their beauty holds more currency here in the US than it did in the barbarian motherland, and they intend to leverage their power to avoid ever returning to that horrid past again.

    american male readers of this blog should know: if you want to bang and keep a russian hottie, go caveman on her after the initial flurry of subtle flirtation. it will press those buttons that her old russian BFs used to press so successfully. be warned — if you show even a moment of weakness she will eat you for breakfast, twice on sunday.

  12. Anonymous

    Having lived with 2 very well educated (Nuclear Engineering PhDs from good schools) Russians, I believe them when they say to stay away from Russian women.

    Conversely, they said it is something to try, but something to be very careful with. It almost seemed like an addiction..

    According to these guys, Russian women are very manipulative and will stoop to any depth to get what they want.

  13. Roissy

    yes, they are addictive and it is testament to their manipulative skills.

    i’ve yet to meet another woman from any part of the world who will coyly ask on the 4th date if i’d like to fvck her in the ass and then berate me the next day that i have nothing to offer her…

    all while being married to some other guy.

  14. Anonymous

    Maybe the monster man is more of a man than you’ll ever be, to her? I mean, he’s got size… and he might have SIZE (you know, the “baby’s arm” you like to talk about). He might also be insanely rich and generous to her. He will treat her like a queen because she is gorgeous in comparison to him.

    This is in stark comparison to having someone who might want her to starve herself to just above anorexic weight, or put her down for various tendencies.

    Quality, indeed. Depends on the point of view.

  15. mary

    Not that I advocate fat men, but the best lay I’ve ever had (& I’m not fat) was 6’4″ 330 lbs. The man had great hands and attention to detail.

  16. DarthMall

    Well, you what they say about fat guys. Theyve got big wallets, small dicks. That means the Russian gal can buy anything she wants and doesnt have to worry about working overtime in bed. She probably would need a flashlight and a crowbar to find porky’s penis under all of that human blubber.

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