Issue tearing up my insides right now: to keep or dump the Why I Hate DC link on my blogroll.

As you already know, the Why I Hate DC guy is leaving for a more exciting life in… Seattle. Instead of closing his page, he is passing it to a random guy named Rusty who applied through email. Now I got nothing against Rusty, but the page was all about personality, and I don’t know if the Rustmeister has it. Besides, he links to dceiver, which offers definitive proof that he doesn’t know what humor is.

Dceiver: “Hey I’ll use really big words and confuse my readers into laughter. Only it will be the restrained laughter like in The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, but only drier, and no one will really laugh. ”

Well thanks anyway James F, for your humorous rantings. I will enjoy watching the destruction of your blog, which will help me into DC blog greatness through sheer attrition.

10 thoughts on “UP OR DOWN VOTE

  1. Hate DC

    I am willing to give Rusty a week or two. However, I was disturbed that he linked to the dceiver. I don’t know the guy, but he seems like he is exactly the type of pompous asshole that makes D.C. such a miserable place to live.

  2. DC Area Local...MD side

    I have been giving this kid a chance for a few days now…I was on the fence for a while…but I think I’m out after yesterday?s entry
    1st he re-typed an entry from a previous post instead of just linking it…to refresh our memories…from a post he made last Thursday and his 1st entry
    2nd he crapped on the UMD B-ball because the UMD guys decided (I agree that it was very short notice) to renege on him moving in…after they hung out with him no less
    3rd he used the word “backsies”
    4th he wonders why UMD ball is rated higher then American…enough said
    5th it?s his “lifelong dream of being a Maryland commuter” then shits on UMD and Maryland
    Isn?t this the i.hate.dc blog? So far 2 of his 4 entries have blasted MD and VA (Richmond, VA local state gov)
    Hmmm…Dont think I?m on the fence anymore

  3. jessa j

    anyone who knocks UMD basketball can eat Ryan Randles GIGANTIC pitch-black cock.

    yes, i would know.

    and dcb: no, you’re interesting. i miss ya buddy bear.

  4. James F was wrong

    James F. just couldn’t see that D.C. is the greatest city in the world. I am sure he will love living in that third rate shithole.

  5. O-face

    The Deceiver? The Dennis Miller of blogdom, but without the humor. I’ll give this dude a chance, he’s young and fresh, let him green out a bit.

    Jessa—Um, I hope you were fucking playing around about Randle, because if thats true, you have no standards of descency, and I’m all for girls who are like that.

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