I’m taking a break but I’m not taking a break.

The forum is off to a good start. There’s over 50 registered users and a couple dozen topics going.

I finally decided on the slogan for the new shirt. It’s something that hasn’t been mentioned. At first I wanted these shirts to make a statement like Pump and Dump, but now I think I’m feeling more of a humor angle. This printing is 12 shirts.

I dropped off the blanks to my new t-shirt guy last week and while he was loading up the file I looked on the wall and saw a picture of his two super hot daughters. He laughs at the graphic and says, “I’m glad I don’t have this problem. My wife is still very thin.” Then he points to what I thought was his older daughter. What a pimp. :bow:

21 thoughts on “UPDATE

  1. hedonistic

    “The fatter a woman gets, the shorter her hair. Why?”

    Maybe she ate it?

    Just kidding. I really do think a little sympathy toward the American female is in order. Our culture has done a disservice to them by treating them like pack mules, depriving them of sleep, and then lying to them about what they ought to eat. No woman WANTS to be fat, and the ones that are are bewildered and frustrated by what seems to be their bodies’ betrayal. But that’s a rant for my own blog. Later, gators.

  2. KassyK

    Can these shirts be worn ironically? Like the husband who gets fat (most of the time) and the wife who stays thin. My mom is 5’7 and under 120 lbs naturally–has had FOUR children and works a full time job yet still manages to be the “mom” in all the traditional senses. My dad is awesome too but c’mon now…Do you guys not watch sitcoms anymore?

    The new American standard? Mom is hot…dad is fat and bald. Welcome to America.

  3. KassyK

    Although my dad isn’t fat or bald…but then again he isn’t an American male. He’s foreign. So it goes both ways men. Enjoy!!

  4. Sweatpants

    I really don’t give a fuck what happens to men’s bodies after they get married because I’m never going to marry a man.

  5. KassyK

    Sweatpants-That was angry…wow. Well I am going to marry a man so I do care…A LOT. I am aware that this is mostly a blog for guys…but I gotta interject here and there and the reality is that a lot of guys get super gross as they age. Hair coming out of their noses and ears. Big huge beer bellies and no hair.

    I’ll keep myself looking good and you guys do the same…fair?

  6. TC the Terrible

    “The new American standard? Mom is hot?dad is fat and bald. Welcome to America.

    Thank God for TV! I’m headed to fat and bald faster than I can down a double stack of pancakes at IHOP. The new American standard may be my only saving grace.

  7. Stephen

    I?ll keep myself looking good and you guys do the same?fair?

    Fair. Both myself and my GF exercise together for said purpose.

  8. raincouver

    Stephen… are you from vancouver? hahahaaa… yeah, yeah the vanity. But here’s it’s common amongst the urban families to stay in shape. Even the little rugrats go on hikes or bike or do soccer or something to keep ’em active.

    I trust my fiancee 100%, but why tempt fate if you look like a fat troll and she’s still looking hot? She’ll dump your ass and call you her “starter” marriage.

    If I have daughters and DCB and VK are still lurking around, I am moving to Polynesia. HIDE YOUR CHILDREN!!!! Hahahaaaa! 🙂

  9. Sweatpants

    Not angry, just flippant. Posting in a text-only format can have that effect on perception.

  10. Irina

    Older women cut their hair shorter because it’s easier to manage and it looks better with all those wrinkles. Too bad that short hair makes a fat face look even fatter.

  11. Anonymous

    5ft7 and under 120 for a woman over 40 is rare. Saw this one woman definitely 50+, maybe 60, that’s skinny and puts 20-somethings to shame, but she’s an anomoly.

    Most women eventually look like their mothers. When I see a skinny girl standing next to her portly mom, the die has been cast.

  12. hedonistic

    At least once a week I thank the stars that my mother, now in her 60s, is still smokin’ HOT. Mind you, it’s not because she thinks she OWES the male half of the human race it’s eye candy, but because she takes care of her health, and it shows. :bow:

  13. Roissy

    if your mother is in her 60s, no matter how thin, odds are she is not “smokin’ HOT”. most likely, she is well past her expiration date and has left a sizable crater on the wall she hit 15 years ago, your filial blindspot to the contrary notwithstanding.

    it’s become something of a parlor game to find that elusive mother-daughter pair walking around town where the mother >= daughter’s hotness. i am batting near zero. there was one case where the mother, 45ish, had a down syndrome daughter. for the thousands of other pairings, the daughter was unquestionably light years hotter than her mom. the big tragedy of living is not that god is dead or barry bonds’ records are shams; it’s the devastating toll 20 years takes on a woman’s beauty.

  14. hedonistic

    Unfortunately, I cannot prove you wrong without invading her privacy, and since the blogosphere’s opinion on her fuckability is irrelevant in any case . . . I’ll leave you with this, though: recently a very handsome, established VP (who could have had any 20/30-year-old sexbot he wanted) married HER instead, so that imaginary “wall” you speak of? HEH. And she’s never had plastic surgery, either.

    But enough about my mother. Bottom line is that age doesn’t necessarily erode a woman’s beauty, but LIFE? It’s a killer! Ask any 22 year old woman saddled with 2 or 3 kids, 50 extra pounds and a husband who treats her like the maid and she will tell you that AGE has nothing to do with it.

  15. Anonymous

    I saw this waifish 50-60 year old woman in a gym whose thinness and ass are very close to the most petite photo in the ass contest. Guessing she’s 5ft5 and 110lbs. Nice face to boot. But her good genes are powerless to control skin wrinkles that are inevitable with age, so she hardly ever wears shorts.

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