…now that you’re back here, and you wanted to come back here some points of your trip? maybe you won’t knock America and fantasize of other parts around the world as paradise full of obedient women who are willing to be your maid when you marry them.

This is an obvious troll comment. I do respect many things about this country, such as the comfortable lifestyle and relative ease of making money, but my recent travel has only validated my bashings that most women native this country are cold and distant. It’s not entirely their fault, but the fault of a culture that puts ahead objects and celebrities.

Do you ever get really horny when you travel?

No, maybe a little less because my mind is preoccupied with other things, like survival.

Damn, are those pics from your digital camera? What kind are you using? They are really sharp and the color is amazing.

All the pictures were taken with the Canon SD200, a 3.2 megapixel camera. I bought this camera intially to take photos in clubs, but I hardly use it for that anymore as I think close-up photos taken with a flash make people appear harsh and unnatural. Last time I checked, you can get the SD200 for under $200. I don’t believe in spending much for your point-and-shoot camera because chances are you will just share them on the internet or print regular sized prints. In the Venezuela and Italy photos, there was some post-production editing with lighting levels.

Later this year I plan on getting more into photography with the purchase of a digital SLR that I intend to take with me when I travel, solidifying my tourist status in the eyes of the locals.

Other than the horror stories, do you regret this experience (going there alone)?

No regrets. There are pros and cons to traveling alone or with a group, and as long as you don’t mind yourself as your main source of company, traveling alone can be challenging and exciting. This is assuming you are not shy and don’t mind talking with the locals. Shy people or introverts would not do well with independent travel.

You should write the first interesting guide book for single men.

I have been giving this some serious thought since my return. It would involve at least one year of nonstop travel and a large amount of money, something I can’t do right now. But who knows, maybe this is the beginning of such a book. I would focus in Eastern Europe and South America, since I believe the poorer the country is, the more likely an American like myself would get love. Thank God for the American passport.

However, men are snobby too. I might be ‘bangable,’ but unless I’m drop dead gorgeous is he ever really going to call me?


Are you one of those dudes that tells people, ‘I’m trying to find myself’ or are you just one of those dudes that says, ‘fuck it.’ ?


What is about the vn. girl’s ass that makes it so special? Size, roundness, no cellulite. We need details.

It’s hard to explain perfection. They are just big and round. And they know how to move it on the dance floor, preferring and up-and-down motion as opposed to the American side-to-side grind technique.

Venezuela Table of Contents

1. Venezuela: Urban Hell
2. Venezuela: Escape From Caracas
3. Venezuela: Water Beach
4. Venezuela: A Reggaeton Christmas
5. Venezuela: Russo Does Not Respect Me
6. Venezuela: Question and Answer
7. Venezeula: Sabana Grande


  1. O-Face

    DCB, here’s my recommendation list for travel.
    1. San Juan–PR beautiful weather, the birthplace of puerto rican hotness. Women are fine. Cheap and easy to get too. Plus we own the frickin island.
    2. Trinidad Tobabgo– hot women of all shades. Some of the prettiest women on the f-ing planet.
    3. Brazil–can be expensive and dangerous, but its f-ing brazil.
    4. Vancouver, Canada- Just a beautiful city. Very diverse offering of women. I would move here in a heartbeat. You got the mountains, ocean, and kodak bear.
    5. Israel- outside of the suicide bombers and jihadists, this is a hot place to visit. Just beautiful women.
    6. Iceland–man the chicks are fire. Models.. Plus you can check out the glaciers and fijords…but its expensive as hell.

  2. o-face

    Wait for it…………………………………………………….


    Remember the name…..O!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Vancouver is beautiful, so what if the clubs suck. DC clubs suck.. Recycled pretentious trash is the club scence DC is I say. But seriousily,where else can you get mauled by a Kodak bear on this planet earthlings???

  3. Aja

    I agree with O-Face on T&T and PR. This goes for male and female alike. Some of the most exotic looking folks in T&T!

  4. nabeel

    troll comment? please. from what I’ve read on your blog, I guess our views on women have diverged over the past couple of years. so okay we’ll have to agree to disagree then

  5. nabeel

    by the way, you say most women in this country are cold and distant. I disagree. where have you been meeting women these days? clubs are the WORST place to meet women, IMHO.

    yes, there are SOME, but if you find woman cold and distant, then she isn’t worth your time… don’t waste another SECOND on her… and don’t even give it another THOUGHT. walk out on her if you have to! delete her number. that’s what I do.

    keep a positive attitude and before you know it, you’ll be around fun and nice women who have good attitudes. Believe me, they are out there.

  6. The Virginian

    out of curiousity, I’m about to head to Costa Rica alone. would you have been able to do anything in venezuela without knowing spanish? since i already bought my plane ticket, i’m hoping the answer is yes.

  7. DCB Post author

    Yeah but things would have taken longer and with more frustration. Just get the Berlitz Spanish phrase book and study ten common phrases you will use… “I want a room for the night”, “How much to..”, “Where is?”. And study the numbers to lessen your chance of getting ripped off when buying things.

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