One of the reasons I stopped reading magazines like FHM and Maxim – other than turning 23 – is because the photos of women do not look real. I remember I came across this photographer’s website a couple years ago that reminded me to question what I see in print. Here’s another one. If you own photoshop, there are even tutorials out there so you can do the same to your ugly girlfriend: here and here.

The before and after photos of recent Playboy cover girl Vida Guerras are now online for everyone to see. Vida is the girl who got famous after Stuff discovered her humongous ass. Unfortunately, she looks a little scary in some photos. I’d be a man and still hit it, cottage cheese ass and all:

:hump: :puke: :hump: :puke: :hump:

More scary photos.

24 thoughts on “VIDA’S ASS

  1. Jada

    ” :whoa: ” Getting that part of her airbrushed was a very good idea. I think the majority of all nude or semi-nude celebrity pics are airbrushed. ” :wideeyes: ” Oh DCB, I do enjoy your writing but sometimes I forget how crass you can be.

  2. Mike

    Maybe I’m weird, but I don’t really have a problem with a little cheese. With so much meat you have to expect it to be a little sloppy. It’s all worth it when you see it set in motion at the moment of impact :hump:

  3. oface

    I love VIDA….sigh…I wish more women could rock an ass like her. Honestly the first photo doesn’t bother me at all because its real, plus she is “bangin” from head to toe…..But this only shows the stupidity of plastic surgery because all these chicks are airbrushed..Surgeons just laughing after buying a new 7 series BMW because some low self esteem chick wants to look like a photoshopped/airbrushed celebrity…

  4. .

    Yes. Multiple photos please.

    You realize that the few people who took you seriously before, will not, until you post those pictures. Make sure to put “DCB” in lipstick/marker/whatever on your ass, as well as the date to give stronger proof that they’re really you.

  5. Twoste

    Porportions aren’t important. It’s what’s on the inside that counts…can’t you people see…
    *sob sob weep weep cry cry*

  6. hedonistic

    They’re all airbrushed in the women’s magazines too. Plus, the images are “stretched” so their legs look longer, their necks look longer, etc. Some of the fashion models in Vogue look like visitors from another planet.

    I heard this story about 10 years ago: A woman told Cindy Crawford “I wish I looked like you.” Cindy replied something to the effect of: “I wish I looked like Cindy Crawford too.”

  7. Army of Mom

    I love beautiful women and a little jiggle doesn’t make a gal ugly (at least I hope not because I jiggle more now – after popping out three kiddos – than I did years ago).

    What I find disconcerting about the airbrushing is that it makes everyday women feel inadequate. I know women who will skip eating or make their portions so small that they can barely make it through the day – all so they will be thin. I think it is sad that we strive to achieve unreal standards.

    Thanks for posting it. My honey would hit the jiggly ass, too. I don’t blame him. It is a still a really nice butt, just not what you expect to see in Playboy.

  8. DCB Post author

    1. Her ass looks A LOT smaller

    2. There is no cottage cheese.

    I don’t know what to believe.

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