The Post reported on the death of Christopher Reeve’s wife today:

A vibrant and voluptuous woman, Dana Reeve gradually resumed her acting career on television, acting in commercials and in small-theater productions.

vo?lup?tu?ous, adj.

Giving, characterized by, or suggesting ample, unrestrained pleasure to the senses: voluptuous sculptural forms; a voluptuous ripe fruit; a full, voluptuous figure.

Curious, I click the picture of her in the article and immediately notice two very erect nipples. So with words and images the Post wants to remind us that Dana Reeve is bangable. I’m convinced.

Postscript: The Post has removed the voluptuous comment from the article. The nipple picture remains. (Thanks Greg.)

11 thoughts on “VOLUPTUOUS INDEED

  1. jessa j

    when i die a horrible and timely death i would like to be remembered with a boobilicious picture in the paper.

    and then i want my big boobies described for the world as crazy volumptuous.

    then i want to be turned into a big fat diamond.

    fo sho.

  2. Anonymous

    So you are progressing from misogyny to necrophilia now? Is this what Jessa is doing to you?

  3. holiday

    Woman sadly dies from lung cancer, and you celebrate her voluptuousness. There is always a silver lining, huh?

  4. DCB Post author

    Correction: The washington post was celebrating her volutuousness. I was merely nodding my head in agreement after looking at THEIR visual evidence

  5. Anonymous

    A little on the tasteless side DC — but hey you can’t be on it everyday.

    Their poor son has had his dad die and mother pass away from cancer in the last 3 years and you are talking about her rack.

    only you —

  6. Vicky_Valencourt


    What do you expect from DCB? If you are looking for gentle, cultured, polite writing, please look elsewhere.

    I’m not saying this post was defendable or tasteful, I’m just saying…what do you expect from DCB?

  7. 0-face

    She was kind of hot. I would have kicked it with her, plus theirs something about a woman who can stay by the side of a man who is quadro, even though he was f-ing superman and rich.

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